TRUTH AND LIES Episode 40 – 43


Episode 40

Written by Faith Lucky.

Mico’s Pov:
I found it difficult falling asleep since the previous night as Alyssa kept occupying my mind.
I was really disturbed and felt I needed to explain things to her.

The next day was weekend and since I was less busy, I decided to spend some time with her.

So, I went over to her apartment, clouded with a lot of heavy thoughts.

I knocked on the gate and it didn’t take her long to open up for me.

“Nigel!” She called excitedly.
She kind of looked free today, compared to the previous night.

“Hi” I replied, rubbing my palms together.

She was putting on a short and a black top and allowed her hair fall freely on her back.
She was just too pretty.

“You’re just in time, Nigel. Come in” she told me and I followed her into the house.

She took me to the sitting room and there I found some basket of clothes on the floor.
I should have expected this.

“Uh…how’re you feeling now, Alyssa?” I asked, taking a seat.
“Oh, I’m a lot better now. Thanks” she replied with a smile as she took up a piece of cloth and began dusting the table.

This is the time. I need to tell her about it now.

“Uhm…Alyssa,” I called and she looked at me.
“About last night…”

“You don’t have to worry about it, Nigel. I understand. You were just probably worried about me.
Remember, BFF, right?” She asked and it took me sometime before nodding.

I sighed and bent my head.
Well, I she’s trying to make it easier for me.

Don’t worry, Alyssa. Wait for my mask to be taken off so you get to know I’m Mico.
And then, I’d treat you the way you truly deserve.

“The prom king and Queen was awarded to Jeremy and Alexa” she said with a little sad expression as she cleanedcleaned the shelf.
Well, that’s their business.
They both suit each other – prom fools.

“In the group chat, the students are saying if Mico hadn’t walked away during the prom, he was supposed to be the prom king while I would’ve been the queen.
He just ruined everything for me” she added dolfully and I smiled.

Don’t worry, Alyssa. The prom title is nothing.
I’m going to make you a real queen.

“By the way, his birthday will be coming up this Saturday.” She continued.
“I really can’t wait, Nigel. It’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see the face behind the mask.
Will you be there?” She asked and I chuckled.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it” I replied and she smiled satisfactorily.

“I think you should try coming on time so we can go together.
I heard it’s going to be strictly on invitation. But, as a student of Mico High, we have the free privilege of going.
So, if you come with me, I can tell the securities you’re my brother and they might let you in”.

I looked at her and smiled.

But how’s she going to feel when she finds I’m actually Mico? What would her reaction be?

Oh, God.
It’s really giving me a lot of concern.
Or am I supposed to tell her before the birthday?
But how?

How do I even start?
How do I bring it up to her?

No, I don’t think I can.
She might just have to find out herself.

Besides, it’s coming up in week.
“I heard a lot of dignitaries will be coming to the party.” She continued enthusiastically.
“I also heard Samantha will be coming as well, together with other students from different cities. It’s going to be damn hot.
I can’t wait to see Samantha. Sandy had told me she was the deadlier than the Alexa.

She had actually said if Alexa was to be called the devil’s daughter, then Samantha was actually the devil’s queen.
But Mrs Houston is really nice. I wonder why Samantha sounds so dangerous.
Sandy had actually told me she was suspecting Samantha not to be Mrs Houston’s daughter”.

She paused and laughed.
Well, Samantha is really dangerous as I’ve heard.
I just hope she doesn’t get to know Alyssa.

“By the way, Mico” she called.
“How did you get a car to pick me up last night?” She asked and I gulped nervously.

“it. ..It wasn’t my car. I…I just had to lend it from someone since I felt you were in trouble.
I was actually…helping someone out with a car wash” I replied and she looked at me in a way I couldn’t understand.

Gosh; please, I hope she’s not suspecting me.

She rounded up the cleaning and took the baskets from the floor.
“Okay, Nigel; I’m through. Let’s go” she told me as she handed one of the baskets to me and I stood up and collected it.
Alyssa’s pov:
This Nigel of a guy is kind of mysterious, I must say.
We’ve been friends for some time now, yet, I don’t know a thing about him.
Each time I ask him about his family, he always looks for a way to change the topic.
He has refused to take me to his residence.

Right! I think I’ve had enough already.
It’s high time I get to unveil the truth.

So today, when he’s going home, I’ll sneak up on him.
Yes, I’ll follow him.

Mico’s Pov:
We delivered the baskets of clothes to the people it belonged to and continued on our way home.

She kept talking about the prom and it was obvious she was still upset about how it had gone.
I wish I could make it up to her.
Too bad, I can’t.


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