TRUTH AND LIES (He’s Cute but Dangerous) Episode 10,11&12

(He’s cute but dangerous)

Episode 10

Written by Faith Lucky.

“You’re on my seat!” She said churlishly and I blinked severally.
Oh! No wonder it was empty when I came.
But how was I supposed to know?

“I think she’s new here” one if the ladies beside her said.
“Obviously” the other added.

I didn’t say anything but only took my bag and book and left the seat.
Pretty but rude.

I looked for another empty seat behind and sat on it. All these enemies of progress.
The three girls sat together in the front seat and the one in the middle brought out her phone and they started giggling into it.
I looked around and that was when I noticed almost all the students in the class were making use of their big android phones.
Hm. Poor me.

Three other students walked in again and I noticed the one in the middle exchanged an angry stare with that rude chewing gum lady before going to her seat.
Hm. It seems they were having issues.

Three students walked in again and surprisingly, the one in the middle still exchanged angry stares with the chewing gum lady and the other lady.
Wow! It seems there was fire on the mountain live in the class

Two other ladies walked in again and although, they didn’t look at the other three chewing gum ladies, but the other three ladies rolled their eyes as they walked pass them.
Hm-hm. Serious drama.

The class became filled up and the next people that walked in were two women.
One was putting on medicated glasses while the other just held some big books.

“Good morning, Mrs Beatrice” some of the students greeted and I think they were referring to the one with big books.
“Good morning. And how was your weekend?” She replied and asked genially.
“It was fine, ma’am”.
I just kept looking like a log of wood.

There was a big table in front of the class and she kept her books on the table while the other one with glasses stood behind her.

“Take out the gum, Alexa” she said to the rude chewing gum lady.
Oh! So her name was Alexa?

She frowned and reluctantly took out the gum and threw it to the back and hell! It landed on me.
Oh, God! What have I done to this lady?

One of the other ladies looked at her and sniggered and the anger on her face became more pronounced.
serves her right.

“So we’re having a new student in class goday” the woman continued and looked at me.
Oh, God!
I’m not ready for an introduction.

“Could you stand up and introduce yourself, miss?” She said and I could feel my head heating up.

I quietly stood up and walked to the front of the class. At that moment, it felt like the whole world was staring at me.

“My name is Alyssa…Alyssa Ramos” I replied shyly, staring at the floor.
“And so?” A lady at the back muttered and the few students around her giggled.

“Okay, Alyssa. Welcome to Mico High. You can have your seat” the woman said and I nodded and returned to where I was seated.

Just then , another pretty looking lady walked in, operating her phone.
“You’re late Daisy” Mrs Beatrice said.
“I know Mrs Beatrice. I’m sorry. Got hooked up with something.” The lady replied, still fixing her gaze on her phone.
Gosh! Her skirt was too short.
How can she feel comfortable in something like this?

She walked up to where I was a and occupied the vacant seat next to me.
Oh! She sat beside me.

She turned off her phone the moment she settled down and I stylishly looked at her.
She had three holes in her ears and she was putting about four dazzling rings on her fingers.
Hm. Classic.

“Okay. So today, as you all know, you’ll be having a special English class which will be taken by Mrs Houston over here. So I’d advise you give her your best because this is a rare opportunity” Mrs Beatrice said and turned to the woman with glasses who was probably the Mrs Houston.
“The floor is open” she said to her and Mrs Houston came up while Mrs Beatrice left the class.

“Good morning students” she said genially.
She was a pretty young woman.
“Good morning ma’am.” The class replied chorusly.

“As you all have been told, I’ll be taking you in English today and it’s a pleasure, I must say, to be here.
“Once again, Alyssa. Welcome to Mico high.”

My eyes widened.
Did she just talk to me?

I smiled and nodded shyly.

She took up the white board marker and wrote on the board:
“The Branches Of English Language’.

“So,” she said as she turned back to the class.
“How many branches English language do we have?”
The Alexa girl quickly rose up her hand and was pointed.

“Six” she replied smartly.
“Yes. That’s correct. And they include..”
“Composition writing”
“Vocabulary development”
“Oral English”

All the pretty ladies kept answering smartly and I was amused. They were quite intelligent.

Mrs Houston went on to explain some of the branches and I must say she’s a great lecturer.

I took out my note and started jolting.

“What branch of English deals with the use of punctuation marks and their correct use in sentences?” She asked after a while and nobody made an attempt to answer.
They all kept quiet.
“Anyone?” She asked but there was still no attempt.

She smiled and was about turning around when I rose my hand.

“Alyssa, you have something to say?” She asked and I nodded and stood up.
“Mechanical accuracy” I replied and her eyes beamed.
The whole class looked at me.

“Wow! Impressive” she said happily and I smiled and took my seat.

“Wow wow wow! Alyssa is just a new student and it seems she’s already ahead of the class. Thumbs up, Alyssa” she said to me and my small head was beginning to enlarge.

The Alexa girl turned back and shut me a glare like she wanted to eat me up.
Is it a crime to answer a question in class?
Even the Daisy girl sitting beside me also turned and stared at me.
Oh, God! All these ladies.

Mrs Houston went on teaching and soon she was done.
I really enjoyed her class.
Then we had two more subjects and the bell went off for break.

Oh, break! What am I going to do with mine?

I remained in my seat and watched as students started trooping out of the class, mostly in pairs.
I felt so alone.

I arranged my books on the table and fixed them into my bag and was about standing up when two ladies walked up to me and I became paranoid.
What have I done again?

“Hey newbie” the first one said to me.
“Hi” the other one also said.

She was kind of short, plump and had bulgy eyes. She also looked flirty.

“H…Hi” I replied nervously as I finally stood on my feet and faced them.
“So you’re Alyssa, huh? The only student on scholarship.
“Anyway, I’m Sandy and this is…”
“Pia” the short one chipped in, doing the introduction herself.

“How were you able to answer the difficult question in class?” Sandy asked.
She was slim and kind of pretty.

“I uhm…I study ahead” I replied, beginning to ease up a little.
“Obviously. Anyway, since you’re new here, why don’t I show you around?” Sandy asked and my eyes beamed.
How can someone like her show me around?

“What re you talking about sandy? I thought we agreed to have lunch together?” Pia asked.
“Well yes. We can do that when we’re done showing her around” sandy replied.
“Not ‘we’ but ‘you’. I’m out of here.” Pia said and rolled her big eyes before walking out.
Hm. Spoilt brat.

Sandy turned back to me and smiled.
“So shall we?” She asked and I nodded and we started walking out together.

She seemed very friendly and wasn’t like the other spoilt brats.
Am I not lucky to have someone this rich walking around with me? I never thought anyone would want to talk to me over here.

“You’re so lucky to get a free admission over here, Alyssa.” She told me as we walked around the swimming pool.
Holy christ!
So they have a swimming pool in here?

“Many students have been dying to get admission here” she continued.
“Mico High became so interesting that the number of applications they had started was too much and would’ve made the school overcrowded. So, they had to set a population limit.”

“They have population limit?” I asked, surprised.
“Yes. And as a matter of fact, the population limit for this semester has been reached. Many parents had offered to pay double of the fees for their kids to be enrolled but they weren’t accepted. And that is why I say you’re lucky”.


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