TRUTH AND LIES Episode 13,14&15


Written by Faith Lucky
Episode 13
Alyssa’s Pov:

I stood by the road and kept looking left and right. Impatiently. Where was he?
I had called him not long ago and he told me he was on his way.
Oh, God! I really can’t wait.

I kept moving tho and fro and finally, I caught a glimpse of him from my left and didn’t hesitate to run upto him.

“Nigel” I called in a loud voice and in sure he must have been stunned.
Mico’s Pov:
My eyes opened in shock as Alyssa jumped on me.
This girl is really crazy, isn’t she?
She kept holding me tight and I could hardly breathe.

“Alyssa, you…you’re choking me” I managed to say and she giggled and stepped down.
What a drama queen.

“Nigel, you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you” .
“Then, is there any need telling me?” I asked and she laughed.

“Nigel, Mico apologised to me today in school! He sent everyone out of the cafeteria and asked me to sit with him. You can’t imagine it. I was so shocked.”
She kept talking and talking uncontrollably and my ears were already itching.
She talks too much.

“I still can’t believe it happened, Nigel. When he called me and told me to sit with him, I was so restless. I thought he wanted to expell me from the school. Then he told me recognised me as the waitress that poured drink on him and just when I thought my whole world was about to get shattered, he apologised to me! He told me he was sorry for raising his voice on me and making me lose my job.
“But, wait; how did he know I lost my job?
“Anyway, maybe he got in touch with Mr Franco.
“Oh, Nigel, I wish I could make it happen again. Everybody’s eyes were on me. Immediately I stepped out of the cafeteria, all the students started crowding me. They were all taking pictures of me and I suddenly felt like a celebrity, Nigel!A queen!
“Even one rude girl in class, Pia, who didn’t want to associate with me at first, also ran to me and started talking to me. Everybody suddenly wanted to be with me.!”

She paused and covered her face with her palm, laughing. I looked at her and smiled.

“I still can’t believe this happened Nigel” and continued. “Today’s my first day in school yet, I’m already making a name. Oh, my Mico! He was so cute!”

I chuckled and looked away and that was when I noticed some basket of clothes on the floor by her gate.
Oh, no. Don’t tell me.

I looked at her and she was now itching her head.
“Uh…you know” she said.
“So many things happened in shool today and I was…thinking you’d want me to share it with you. So while I do so, you can just accompany me to Ma’am Boah’s house to return these clothes. We can talk all about it on the way.”

I looked at her and sighed pathetically.
This girl will not kill me.
Mico! Why did you have to come here again? Now, you’ll have to go through hell twice.

She didn’t even wait for my reply. She just grabbed the baskets from the floor and gave one to me.

Alexa’s Pov:
I sat in the dining with my parents, unable to eat.
I was going through my phone and…who the hell is this Alyssa? I seriously can’t believe the news going around about her.

Her pictures were all over on the school group chat as the lady Mico had lunch with. Some fools were even saying she was Mico’s girlfriend.
But what’s happening? Why did Mico have lunch with her? Does he know her from somewhere?
But she’s a commoner.

“Alexa, you know I hate this habit of pressing your phone when eating” dad said to me and I frowned and stood up.
“ill be in my room, then” I stated and turned to leave.
“Baby come on…” mum called.
“I’ve lost my appetite mum” I replied churlishly and climbed the stairs, heading to my room.

I walked in and sat on the bed, still going through my phone. I can’t believe Mico had actually sent everyone out of the cafe just to have lunch with that piece of trash.

It’s just her first day in school and she’s already famous. I was the most famous student in the school group chat but now it seems she was trying to take over.

No, I can’t let that happen. If Samantha heard of this she’ll laugh at me.
I need to do something about this Alyssa immediately.

Mico’s Pov:
I returned home very tired and just wanted some rest. But I met my sisters and cousins in the sitting room and with the way they were sitting, I knew they had something in mind.

“Hey, hi” I said with a wave and tried talking the stairs but Angelo stood up and dragged me back, making me sit between him and Michael.
What the heck?

“Where re you coming from Mico?”:Karen asked.
She was sitting in between Olivia and Octavia.
“And when has that started?” I also asked, opening my palms.
“in case you’re forgetting, Mico, we’re your elder sisters and you’re still under our care” Olivia said and I scoffed.
I looked at Angelo and Michael and they nodded in support of my sisters.

“You guys are so not serious” I said and tried standing up but Angelo and Michael held me back.
“Who was the lady you had lunch with?” Octavia asked.
‘Hell, I didn’t have lunch with her. She didn’t even touch her drink.” I replied with a grunted look.
“Yes, but you tried to have lunch with her. You sent everyone out of the cafeteria just for her. Who’s she?” Michael asked.
“And whoever said I did it for her? I just wanted to be alone and that was why I sent everyone out…”
“Except her” Angelo cut in.
“What did you two talk about?” Olivia asked.
“Where did you get to know her from?”
“Talk to us, Mico. What re you hiding from us?”
“Please please please, give me a break okay?” I cut in.
“Don’t you recognise her Michael? Angelo? She’s the waitress that poured drink on me in Ace of spade.”
“She’s the one?”
They asked at the same time.
“Yes. And that is why I called her to confirm she was really the one.” I replied impatiently and tired standing up again but they still held me back.


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