TRUTH AND LIES (The Poison) Episode 16,17,18&19


(The Poison)
Episode 16
Written by Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
He kept staring into my face with his sea blue eyes and with the way our faces were close, I felt he wanted to kiss me.

“I…I” I stuttered for words.
How can he say I’m familiar to him?

“Oh!” He suddenly said with a smile.
“Now I get. You’re the 11th contestant, aren’t you? You’re the Alyssa girl”.
I looked at him with my heart still racing fast. So he even knows me? Have I really become this popular?

“You’re quite pretty as they say” he said softly into my ears and my heart skipped.
Sandy words came flashing through again:

‘You know you’re pretty and trust me; if he sets his eyes on you, he’s never going to rest until he’s kneeling in between your legs’.

It made fear run through me.

“I…I need to go” I finally said and forced myself away from him.
I heard him chuckle as I hastened my steps.

Jeremy’s Pov:
Wow! I can’t believe that’s Alyssa. No wonder her names ringing on everybody’s lips. She’s really beautiful.

Look at her hair, her eyes and oops; even her big butts.
I think…she’ll make a fine mate in bed.
Perhaps, I’ll work on that.
Anyway, right now, I need to think about something else. Prom is right around the corner and since I’ll be around by then, I need to chose a date.
Well, for someone like me, I need the best.
So, who’s the most classic student in Mico High right now?

I brought out my phone and went through the pictures of the ladies I had gotten already.
Wow! They’re so many hot ladies in school in Mico High – Alexa, Daisy, Chloe, Laura, so many of them. But with the look of things, I think the best so far is Alexa.
So yes. Alexa will be my date to prom.


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