One of the most delicate relationship problems is the issue of EX LOVERS.

Keeping a close contact with your EX is not advisable if you have started another relationship. Also friendship with an EX cannot continue after marriage. Have you ever thought of why they left or behaved the way they did? The truth is that if they truly loved and missed you, they shouldn’t have abandoned you or dumped you, they would have either married you or break up with you mutually.

My beloved pals, be careful how you relate with your Ex, never discuss your current relationship with your EX. It is a dangerous path to thread.

If you have started a new relationship or you are married, please keep your EX at a distance. They should please step aside while you enjoy your relationship, dating or marriage.

Now pay attention to this bitter facts, Some EX lovers are very crafty, smart, wicked, stubborn and can as well blackmail you to do his or her bidding. They can be very desperate.

Most of them behave like something that’s being controlled by AMADIOHA. Most times they can suddenly wake up, and start hunting for you under the guise of let’s come back together, you are my life, ever since I left you, I haven’t known peace, is the work of the Devil, I don’t know what came over me, I need you back, please give me a second chance blablabla.

If you find yourself in such a situation, do not be naive to fall for his or her crap if you have found a new relationship that you are happy with or if you are already married.

EX Lovers always come with stories that touches the heart so don’t give a hut. Because it can ruin your happiness the second time and forever. I have counselled a good number of single and married people who end up having affairs with their EX. To be candid, most EX wrecked their homes leaving them frustrated and in perpetual agony. Once you are caught, your relationship and marriage wouldn’t be the same again.

Let me be candid with you, we are humans, and emotions don’t die. It is not easy to forget an EX. Especially the ones you shared your heart, body, soul, money, time, affection, attention, love and togetherness with the person.

So the feelings you have for your EX lovers haven’t died completely but for you to move on and enjoy your relationship, dating or marriage with your new partner, you need to keep your EX Lover away, restrict communications if possible and love your Man or Woman like they are the only one in the world.

Most times, you may bump into your EX Lover, you need not turn back to look twice, because if you do, you may suddenly discover that you still have hidden feelings and passions for an Ex and any mistake may trigger an affair which doesn’t end peacefully.

Little wonder some Men and Women still sleep with their EX while still under a new relationship or in their husband’s house.

What did you really miss in your EX? Is it the abuse, the heartbreak, sex, penis, vagina, money, swag, romance, etc? Are you really being fair to the new person you are with.
Can’t you calmly teach him or her how you like it, how you desire to be cared for, romanced, kissed, touched, smiled at and given attention all the time, can’t you make it work? Why going back to your vomit?

Say no to an Ex relationship, unless you are with no one and you see genuine repentance and change in him or her, then you can give it a rethink.

Keep your EX Lover off your relationship, dating, marriage and all that has to do with your private life.

Better watch it, they always come back when you are happy, when you are about to marry and when someone has given you what they couldn’t offer you which is true love.

Your EX Lover took a decision to turn his or her back on you, its his or her choice not to marry you and now that you are happily married or in a good relationship, they should leave you alone and let you enjoy your relationship, dating, courtship and matrimony.

Beware Most Ex are manipulators. Shine your eyes. You don’t resolve
heartbreak by having an affair with an Ex lover thereby breaking your partners heart.

May you not be your own greatest enemy…