By Chidimma M


Ever loved someone so dearly that you are ready to give up everything for the person just to find out that the person isn’t worth your love?? Valentina knows how it feels…

Ever trust someone with all your heart, with all your soul so much that you made her the Queen of your life, just to find out that the person isn’t worth your love?? Well Ricardo knows how it feels…

Valentina Williams is a 22 years old lady. With an inky black hair, model-like body, and also a very cute face. She works as a receptionist in a restaurant and it’s through it that she feeds her kid sis and mom with.

UNBREAK MY HEART : CHAPTER 1 - 20. Thingscouplesdo

Ricardo Thornton is a 27 years old young and dashing gentleman and one of the richest billionaire in the country. He’s the eye candy of all the women. With a gorgeous and well built body, godlike face but there’s still one more thing….He’s a single dad.

Yeah, you heard me right a single dad of twins, a boy and a girl.

Let me stop here in order not to reveal the whole story plot.

Join me, let’s watch how fate will bring these two people together.

We’re in for a wild office love. I’m sure you won’t wanna miss it.

Get your popcorn?, your chilled juice? and settle down on your sofa let’s enjoy this ride!

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Tags: Office love, jealousy, betrayal, secrets and many more!!



By Chidimma M


“Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep” The alarm clock kept beeping, signalling to Valentina that it was 7AM, time to wake up and go to work…

“Argh!!! Stvpid alarm, stvpid morning, stvpid Mondays!!” Valentina groaned and sat up before turning off the alarm.

She yawned loudly and pouted before going down the bed. She picked up her phone then switched it on before playing her favorite song, “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran.

?The club isn?t the best place to find a lover, So the bar is where I go..
?Me and my friends at the table doing shots Drinking fast, and then we talk slow
?You come over and start up a conversation with just me. And trust me, I’ll give it a chance now..Take my hand, stop
?Put “Van the Man” on the jukebox, And then we start to dance and now I?m singing like…

Valentina was dancing to the rhythm of the music while brushing her teeth. She whined and twisted her hips while brushing her teeth…

?I?m in love with the shape of you. We push and pull like a magnet do
?Although my heart is falling too
I?m in love with your bo…

Breaking news…

Valentina hissed in anger, she spit out the paste and then rinsed her mouth and face before going to her phone.

? Mr Ricardo Thornton, the richest billionaire in the area was spotted at Deluxe Hotel where he…

She turned it off immediately.

“Like I wanted to listen to some dumb news about others life” She hissed and picked up her towel then went in to shower.

A black shinny limousine stopped right in front of the hotel. The chauffeur (driver) came out of the limo then opened the back seat door.

A pair of black shinny shoes were seen stepping out of the car and then out of it, came a tall handsome man with a very intimidating facial expression. Despite it, he looks so so sxy!!… A charming d’vil we can say.

A lady also came out of the car, she was dressed in a blue shirt which was fitted in the black straight skirt she was putting on. She was also quite pretty…

“Remind me how many time we’ll have to waste here?” He asked.

“About 45 minutes boss” The lady replied

Almost immediately, reporters swoon all around them. It was his bodyguards who kept them away…

“Mr Ricardo Thornton, can you please tell us more about the new project you’re planning to launch?”

“Mr Ricardo, how about your family… Rumors have been saying that you and your secretary are dating. Is it true?”

That made the lady blush which she quickly hid it behind a straight face…

“My secretary will answer all these questions” He said with a cold look on his face.

His bodyguards cleared way for him to pass. He walked in the restaurant, leaving behind his secretary to answer to their questions.

All eyes turned to him immediately he stepped foot into the hotel. The receptionist got lost staring at his gorgeous face.

An old fat man dressed in a black suit walked up to him with a smile on his face.

“Good morning Mr Thornton, welcome to my humble hotel” The man greeted and extended his hand which Ricardo just looked at it and then back to his face.

“Good morning Mr Johnson” Ricardo answered without accepting the handshake.

The old man referred to as Mr Johnson slowly brought down his hand feeling humiliated…

“Before I buy this hotel, I wanna know how it looks like” Ricardo said looking around.

“Sure please do follow me Mr Thornton” Johnson gestured and led the way.

He began showing off the various sites found in the hotel. Ricardo simply nodded, signalling him that he’s with him.

Once the visit was over, Ricardo looked round the area with a scrutinizing look on his face.

“Sir I’m here” Ricardo’s secretary said while coming in.

“Mr Johnson, kindly my secretary Emilia will settle the price for the hotel and do all the paper works needed for it to be transfered to my name” Ricardo said.

“Thanks so much Mr Thornton” Johnson said with a smile…

“But before it I want each and every worker in this company fired.” Ricardo said.

The receptionist together with the waiter all gasp in shock.

“I couldn’t help but notice that when I entered this place none of you greeted, you simply stared at me like sick cows. That’s a very bad vibe and I always love good job. Start packing your things and leave!!” Ricardo said and walked to the exit.

Emilia stared at him leaving. She didnt even know when she smiled. He’s always cold and super arrogant but a real business tycoon.

“Hum Miss Emilia” Johnson called her bringing her back on earth.

“Yes… The price?” She asked and brought out her tablet.

Valentina walked out of her room while tying her hair up in a pony tail. She was dressed in her usual yellow gown with her only pair of flat shoes…

“Good morning mom” Valentina said while walking in the kitchen where her mother was making scrambled eggs.

“Morning Tina” Valentina’s mom(Peggy) replied.

“I’m I smelling scrambled eggs. Yummy!!” Valentina groaned…

“Where’s Iris?” Valentina asked.

“At the living room!!” She heard a voice coming from the living room..

Valentina looked at the time and gasped!

“Holy jeez, I’m so gonna be late for work” Valentina exclaimed.

She ate a bite of her breakfast and stood up then picked her handbag before throwing her phone in the bag.

“Bye mom!!” She kissed her cheeks and rushed out.

“Bye sis!!” Iris said but Valentina already left. She shrugged and concentrated back on the TV.

Valentina ran really fast to the bus stop and stopped there, two persons were also waiting for the bus.

She quickly rushed in the bus immediately the bus stopped at their place.

There were a lot of people in the bus so she had to stand same as some.

“Hey nice @ss!” A man said behind her.

She clenched her fists and simply ignored the man. They were three of them…

“She’s playing hard to get huh?” One of them whispered.

The one who talked to her stood and walked to her. He intentionally slapped her butt cheek while the other jeered behind.

“Thats it!!” Valentina thought.

She watched as the bus was coming to a stop. Immediately the bus stopped at it’s destination, she turned back and kicked the man’s ball so hard that she thought it got bursted.

“Ahh!!!!” The man screamed.

Valentina did them the fk sign and ran out of the bus.

“After her!!” She heard someone say behind her.

The three men began running after her with the one who got kicked wincing while running.

Valentina ran so fast till she reached the restaurant where she was working. She quickly ran in through the back door and locked it.

The men kept banging on the door while Valentina leaned on it while breathing heavily.

She looked at the time and she was 5 minutes before time.

“I think I should do this more often” Valentina thought.

She looked up to see the cook were all looking at her.

“What?! Do you need my photo? Quit staring!” She snapped and fixed her dress before picking an apron and tying it round her waist.

She took a towel and hung it on her right arm before picking a tray. Yes, she works as a waiter in one of the most popular restaurant in New York.

“Serve this drink at table 205.” A cook handed a bottle of refined champagne to her. She walked out to do her job…
“Bye mom!!” Iris waved at Peggy then left for school.

She stopped a cab which took her to her school. When she arrived the school, she got down the cab and paid the driver before putting on the cap of her hoodie.

She dipped her hands in the pocket of her hoodie before walking in the school…

“Look! It’s scary Iris…”

“Gosh I hate her! Look at her dress”

“She’s poor! What do you expect.”

The girls began mocking at her. Well that’s the school life of Iris.

Iris is a 16 years old girl, just as pretty as her sister and mother but is hated by all her classmates all because she’s poor.

Her day she spends it alone, been bullied well what can she do?…

“Hello butterfly”

Iris froze in fear. The last person she’ll ever wish to see is standing just behind her…


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