By Chidimma M.


“Bye Ricardo” Valentina waved at Ricardo once she got down his car.

“Bye my love” He smiled and drove off.

Valentina chuckled as she watched him drive off. She then entered her house.

“Mom… Iris… I’m home!!” Valentina exclaimed and went upstairs to change.

She took a quick bath and then settled with a blue oversized T-shirt and a bump short before walking out of her room.

UNBREAK MY HEART : CHAPTER 41 – 60. Thingscouplesdo

She stopped right in front of iris’s room and knocked on it.

“Iris?” She called.

“I want to be alone please” Iris muttered.

Valentina furrowed her brows, the last time Iris said this was during the period Xander was molesting her

Valentina opened iris’s door and entered her room. She met Iris sitting on on the bed, hugging her knees while crying…

“Iris!! What happened? Why the tears?” Valentina rushed to her and sat down beside her.

Iris sniffed in and wiped off her tears then looked at Valentina.

“Why are men like that? They never care about what you feel, all they know is only about them” Iris muttered sadly.

“What happened?” Valentina asked..

Iris looked down and told her everything, not leaving out any details.

“So what’s you’re saying is that there’s this guy which is the president’s son. At first he was mean to you and you hated him so much but gradually you two became friends and now he confessed his feelings to you.

Then there’s this other guy who’s been really nice to you and who your friend likes but he turned her down for you. Now both of them are not in good terms because of you?” Valentina asked and Iris nodded.

Valentina released a huge breath and leaned on the bed.

“I thought I was in a love mess but you, you’re way ahead of me” Valentina said.

“This is not a time to joke Tina” Iris said…

Valentina sat back upright and looked at Iris.

“Alright first of all you’re at fault, you should have made it clear to them that they’re just good friends of you” Valentina said.

“But I told Gavin right from the onset that I’m not ready for any relationship and for Luca, I couldn’t tell him that since he hasn’t confessed to me but now. I will look dumb and also I needed to be sure that Luca had feelings for me before telling him” Iris said and sighed.

“Now this is complicated…” Valentina said and looked front. That was followed by a moment of silence…

“But do you know what is the most confusing and the most nerving part of all? Is that I don’t even know what I feel for them” Iris whispered

“Oh so you’re in a love confusion” Valentina said, looking back at Iris. Iris simply nodded and looked down..

“Okay, so let me ask you this. Do you feel happier when you’re with one of them? Who do you always get to be more of yourself? Does your heart beat quickens each time you’re close to one of them? Who always makes you smile even at your saddest moment? Who is always there for you and is ready to do whatever it takes just to see you smile?” Valentina asked.

Iris thought for a while before smiling…

“I think I know who” Iris smiled.

“I know what to do next. Thanks a lot sis, so rare to have a big sis like you” Iris hugged Valentina.

“Well if I’m not the best sis ever who’ll be?” Valentina kissed her hair and smiled.

They broke the hug and Valentina got down the bed…

“Come, let’s go disturb mommy” Valentina smirked.

Iris nodded and smirked too. They got down the bed and tiptoed to Peggy’s room.

“Your highness? It’s time to get ready, we’re going back to Denmark. Your highness, your highness?” A maid said.

Kaden groaned and sat up on the bed then yawned and stretched his body. The maid couldn’t help but stare at his bare upper body showcasing his abs and biceps.

“What are you staring at?” Kaden snapped making the maid come back to her senses.

“Oh! Sorry your highness, I already ran your shower” She said and bowed then left.

Kaden sighed and stood up from his bed. He walked to the window and stared out of it.

“I’m going back to that boring palace. Why can’t I just stay here?” Kaden pouted.

His phone suddenly began ringing. He picked it up to see it was his father.


“Where are you? I thought you said you’ll arrive this morning”

“Sorry dad, was tired so I decided to sleep here for the last time” Kaden said.

“I better see you here in the next four hours or else you’re…”

“Yes I know I’ll no longer be the crowned prince and blah blah blah. Bye dad, love you!!” He said and hung up.

“Always grumpy as usual” Kaden muttered and placed his phone on the table.

“Too bad I won’t see that cute blonde again before going. What was her name again?? Charlotte, yes Charlotte” Kaden smiled.

He removed his trousers and walked in the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Bye mom, bye iris” Valentina waved and got out of her house. She was surprised to see Ricardo standing outside smiling at her…

“Ricardo?” Valentina called, slowly walking to him.

“Morning princess. So today is a no job day for the both of us, we’re spending it together” Ricardo smiled.

Valentina smiled happily, making her look more pretty.

“Thank you Ricardo” She smiled.

“You’re welcome, so where should we go first?” Ricardo asked.

Valentina though for a while and then smiled when she got an idea.

“The funfair” She smiled.

“Okay, but first” Ricardo brought out a face mask with some shades then wore it.

“Don’t want some crazy fans to ruin our day” Ricardo smiled.

Valentina walked to him and then hugged his left arm before they walked away.

“Awwn they look so cute together” Iris gushed. She walked out of the house and took a cab then left for school…

Gavin could be seen walking to and fro in front of the school while in deep thoughts. Honestly, he didn’t even sleep an ounce last night…

A cab stopped in front of the school and he literally rushed to it.

Iris got down the cab and was surprised to see Gavin standing not to far from her…

“Iris?” Gavin called and walked to her.

“About yesterday, I want you to know that…”

“No, it’s okay. I over reacted, you two fi..ghting kinda reminded me of a past I wished to forget. I don’t hate men, though I hate one in particular but I don’t hate men” Iris smiled.

“Have to get going now, need to see someone” Iris smiled and tapped his cheek then walked in the school.

Gavin touched his cheek and turned to look at her. Right now he was more confused than last night.

Iris walked happily to her classroom while humming a song to herself.

Luca could be seen standing right in front of her classroom, also in deep thoughts.

“Hey Luca” Iris smiled.

Luca looked up and walked to her with a sorry look on his face.

“Iris, I’m sorry for kissing you without your permission and also…”

“Its okay, I forgive you. We need to talk, come!!” Iris held his hand and pulled him to a quiet place.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Valentina screamed loudly while holding Ricardo tightly.

Right now, they were riding on the speedy train. Ricardo was busy taking pictures of Valentina scream while laughing silently.

Finally, the five rounds they paid for ended. Valentina got down the train and rushed to the nearest bush to puke.

Ricardo got down while laughing hard. He walked to her and helped her hold her hair still mocking Valentina.

“This is how I’ll hold your hair when you’ll be having morning sickness due to our baby” Ricardo chuckled.

“Damn!! Cardo!?” Valentina snapped and glared at him. Ricardo continued laughing again.

Valentina stood upright and brought out a bottle of water then gulped it down.

“Stop laughing” Valentina glared at him.

“I can’t, your face look so funny when you’re scared. I literally saw your spirit leave your body” Ricardo laughed.

Valentina glared at him and rolled her eyes then began walking away. Ricardo laughed for some while before running after her.

He hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her head.

“I’m sorry my shorty babe” Ricardo said.

“Short? What? I’m not short” Valentina snapped.

“You’re short. Just look at your height, your height stops at the level of chest” Ricardo said, and bent down mocking her height.

“Je.rk!!” Valentina hit his chest, she was already red in anger. Ricardo didn’t even bulge.

“Not only are you short but you have the strength of a mosquito” Ricardo smirked.

Valentina frowned so deeply. Right now she looks like a baby and that made Ricardo laugh.

She turned and marched away angrily. Ricardo wiped off his tears, he haven’t laugh like this for years.

Ricardo rushed to her and swept her off the ground, carrying her in his arms.

“Okay, I’m sorry for teasing you. Don’t you know that short girls are the best? Love you and everything about you” Ricardo smiled.

Valentina pouted and looked away trying to hide the blush on her cheek.

“So where shall we go next?” Ricardo asked walking away, still with Valentina in his arms.

After Gavin saw Iris, he went to the school’s library. Now he was heading to his classroom…

He froze on his spot at what he saw, he just couldn’t believe it.

Not far from him, Luca and Iris were hugging each other.

Gavin just stared at them. Could Iris have made a choice?


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