By Melody.

Chapter 61.

Mrs qin was shocked to see what was inside the brown paper bag. She brought up the file and stretched it out to look at the content more clearly.

” This is Xan’s company document. What were you trying to do with it?” She asked, looking at mrs lewis with wide eyes.

Mrs lewis stood up still rubbing her cheeks.

” The fact that you sI.apped me is what i want to talk about. Why did you raise your filthy hands at me?”

” Perhaps, i could have done it twice to your face, then maybe you could’ve felt my pain!.” Mrs qin said.

” Please, woman. I do not tolerate such harassment. The person standing infront of you is an iconic lady, if you don’t know, know it”

” An iconic lady with zero sense. i’m proud to have sI.apped the daylight out of ya face.” Mrs qin hissed.

Mrs lewis sighed and dropped her hand.

” I won’t say much, mrs qin. But i won’t retaliate, for now. Just return that paper to me.” She said.

” Answer my question. What do you want to use this document for?”

” For my personal purpose.” She yelled.

” This is Xan’s stuff. Your hands won’t touch it again if you don’t explain to me why you want to use it”

” You don’t understand a thing, mrs qin. You don’t even know what’s going on in this family. You and your daughter are just….like an outsider. You don’t feel that the family is in a crisis.”

Mrs qin dropped her hand, smoldering a confused face at her.

” Stop confusing me and tell me what you are trying to point out here” Mrs qin said.

” The paper?” She stretched out her arm. ” I don’t have anything to explain.” She said.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 61 – 70. Thingscouplesdo

” I am not giving you this paper and i will inform xan about the theft you are trying to practice with his personal stuffs.” She sneered.

” Xan knows that this document doesn’t belong to him that’s why he hid it for so many years after he succeeding in klling his father”

” Xan klled his dad?” Mrs qin asked not too suprised. She knew xan couldn’t do such.

” Just give me the paper!” Mrs lewis yelled

She grabbed the paper and mrs qin held it tight, stopping her from taking the paper from her.

” Don’t let this document split!” Mrs qin yelled.

” That would be pretty much better!” Mrs lewis shouted.

” Stay away from what does not belong to you!”

” This document is suppose to be for my son!. Not xan!” She yelled and mrs qin suddenly left hold of the paper, looking perplexed again.

” Your son?. Who is xan to you if not your son too?” Mrs qin asked.

Mrs lewis smiled devilishly and reversed her hair aside.

” I meant, the document was supposed to be for my other son, vixen. Not my son, xan.” She said.

Mrs qin stared at her for a while with a sort of suspicion. She could sense something fishy going on with the woman already.

” Why did you say that?. Is xan not the first son?. Don’t he deserves the property?” She asked.

” He deserves it, afterall he is the first son. But He is a wretched son!. He never deserved it!” she yelled out of anger.

Mrs qin folded her hands, chuckling silently.

” Your son is wretched?. Something tells me that he’s not your son truly.”

Mrs lewis grunted and folded the paper document into the bag.

” I’ll abadon this for now while i make some other plans.” She said and put it back into the cabinet.

She turned to face mrs qin.

” Sister. let pretend like we never got into this room in the first place. I’ll take my leave now, leave too” she said and left the room afterwards.

Mrs qin walked over to Xan’s cabinet and picked out Xan’s company’s document.

She searched the document trying to look for any clue or solution to her suspicion but there was nothing.

She sighed and stood up.

” This woman is very mischievous but I’m going to find out what she’s being mischievous about.” She said thoughtfully.



Amy left her room and went over to the kitchen to pick some fruit from the fridge. She arrived at the refrigerator and opened it up, cooling her arms and face inside the fridge as she smiled cheekily.

After a while, she picked whatever that caught her interest and her arms and bbs were full. Suddenly, the door opened and Amy quickly shut the fridge close.

” Oh. Mrs lewis. You are still awake.” She said.

Mrs lewis stared at her disgustingly. If she could be given a knlfe, her instinct would be to $tab the little tigress.

” What’s that in your hand?” Mrs lewis asked, stepping into the kitchen.

Amy stared at her full hands and returned to look at mrs lewis.

” Um. This is some bunch of fruit.”She replied, showcasing it to her.

” Leave here please.” Mrs lewis said tiredly.

Amy picked her fruit and tried to walk past her, but she held her to a stop.

” Hey..reverse here.” she told her.

Amy turned around and arrived infront of her with a confused look.

” What are all this junk for?” she asked.

” I was about to go and eat it.” She said.

” Didn’t you join us to eat dinner just an hour again, huh?. Is it that you are feeding something else inside you?” She asked and Amy looked down nervously.

Mrs lewis pulled out all the fruit from her hand and Amy shut a wide eyes at her.

” Have you ever contributed to the food in this house. No!. All you know how to do is to eat till your skin start to rip out of your dress and for xan to keep pampering you like a two year old.” She hissed.

” Xan gave me permission to take extra fruit at night because we can get hungry anytime. And because…. I…I’m pregnant too.” She bit her lips nervously.

” Pregnant for what sort of animal?. Is it the old pregnancy or the new one” Mrs lewis asked

” I’m still carrying the the previous pregnancy. I’m three weeks gone now.” Amy smiled gigging with so much joy.

” That baby will soon go down by the time its clock one month. Do you know that?. Or have you forgotten what the doctor said”

Amy looked away, folding her hands under her bbs. She quickly cleaned the tears that lined and sparkled under her lids.

” I’ll pretend like i don’t know what the doctor said” She said, crumpling her lips sadly.

Mrs qin sneered and threw the fruit into the fridge, trotting back towards her.

” A barren woman can’t have peace in her mother inlaws home. I’ll make sure you are emotionally distressed before i leave you in this house.” She hissed.

” Thank you.” Amy said and turned around, trying to leave but she stopped her, once again, leaving a grumble to escape Amy’s lip.

” Where are you going!. I’m not done with you yet.” She said. Amy stood still, caressing her cold arm.

” Please. I wanna go to bed now. My husband be waiting for me.” She ranted.

” Did you just call my son your husband. I’ve told you several times, as far as I’m under this roof, you are just a commoner to Xan.” She said and Amy remained mute.

Mrs lewis sat down in the dinning table and Amy stood afar, watching her face.

” How about i pay you a million dollar just to end this marriage between you and xan. I promise to pay you in the next second if you say yes” She whispered, with a smirk.

Amy eyes got widened as she stared out with concern. So many thought began to run through her head. Was this woman serious or was she turning nuts in the head.

” A million dollar can’t buy the happiness i feel around xan being my husband. I love him so much and i wouldn’t end our marriage” She said.

” So tell me. What else do you want in return aside a million dollar.” She asked, smiling mischievously.

” i want nothing. Xan can give me anything i want in this life.” She muttered, folding her hands.

Mrs lewis laughed out. She stood up with a vibrant force making Amy to step back a little, looking up at her with tension.

” You are such a big id!ot!” She yelled

” Many people would go for the ten million dollars and start a huge livelihood with another man. But here you are….!” She grabbed her hair roughly and Amy winced as she twirled around.

She got upset and also gr.abbed hold of mrs lewis hair at a time and mrs lewis yelped in a loud cry.

” How dare you!” Mrs lewis yelled after Amy left hold of her.

She landed a slight slap on Amy’s cheek and Amy palmed her face, stopping herself from crying.

Out of anger, she pushed her and the woman landed her poor back in the cooking gas falling to the ground.

Xan walked into the kitchen at that very scenery and immediately spotted what happened.

He gave Amy a confused stare as he passed her by, rushing towards mrs lewis first.

” Are you okay, mom?.” He asked worriedly as her body refused to move.

” She twirled my hair and now she has broke my poor waist. What have i done wrong, Xan. Please ask her what i did wrong to her” She began to sob.

Xan sighed and stood up, facing his guilt-face looking wife who was standing at a corner.

” Amy. Why did you do that to her?” He asked, his voice was deep and displeased.

” It was a mistake” She replied, fidgeting her fingers nervously.

” What sort of mistakes is that!. I caught you red-handed, pushing her hardly without a second heart. Why would you do such to an elderly lady?”

” i was never planning on doing that to her, okay?!. She started it first. She kept saying bad things about me, even htting and insulting me hard in the process.”

” Amy. Why would you lie against me in that way. I only asked you not to eat the fruit and then you pushed me” mrs lewis said, sniffing her nose as she sobbed.

” Liar!!” Amy yelled at her face and ki¢ked her leg.

” Baby.” Xan said drawing her back to face him. He sighed and cupped her cheeks dearly as he stared down at her big, fleek eyes.

” I want you to apologise to my mom okay?” He said.

” I’m not going to apologise at all!. She’s the one who needs to apologise to me.” Amy yelled.

” I see no reason why my mom needs to apologise. You are the cause of the whole situation.”

” No I’m not!. You don’t even believe in your own wife!” She yelled and dropped his hands off her cheeks.

” Why would i support you all because you are my wife. It doesn’t even make any sense. I’m judging by what i saw.”

” Then you saw it all wrong!. You don’t even know what happened in the first place!. You don’t even…want to listen to me”

” Just let her be, xan. I hope that one day, this ill treatment she does to me will come on her one day.” Mrs lewis said.

Xan turned to face Amy.

” Look baby. I won’t listen to you until ypu apologise to her! Okay?!. She’s my mom and she deserves that respect as well” Xan yelled at her.

” Go yell at yourself!” Amy said, biting her lip sadly. ” I’ve told you. I’m not saying sorry. I’m not!. No one will force me. Not you, not anyone!”

Xan curled his tongue to a side as he stared at her with squinted eyes. He had gotten upset, so upset that Amy could blink at the flames running in them.

” You can perhaps leave now.” He told her.

” I should…leave?”

” Read my lips. Leave!!” He yelled.


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