By Melody.

Chapter 51

Katrina led the man who had brought her over. She got to an unknown gate and the masked man stopped to look at her.

” Is this where they are having their honeymoon?” He asked, staring at her startled.

” Yes, right here!” Katrina pointed decisively.

He stared at the mysterious gate again and wondered why it was looking like those large fences in action movies.

He returned his gaze back at her.

” This place doesn’t look like any place to have a honeymoon. Are you sure they are indoors?”

” This is the backside of the place. I couldn’t follow the front so we wouldn’t be caught.” She said and swiped up a knlfe from her back pocket.

” I’ll Check it out for myself ” she said and walked towards the face detection.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 51 – 60. Thingscouplesdo

She palmed the machine and used her knife to cut out the surface that revealed the wires and buttons inside.

” Hold this.” She threw the board to him. The man caught it and smiled, looking astonished.

” I love your skill. You should be a very diligent criminal.” He said.

” Shut up and watch what I’m doing. I’m going to have all the money that mrs lewis has to offer.” She rattled.

” What money. Do you think you are going to be paid after helping me.”

” Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and began to tear out the wires aimlessly.

After she was done, she moved back and stared at her work.

” What’s next?” The man stepped forward to ask.

” Fix the board back and let’s see what happens.” She said and he moved to do as she said.

While he was working on it, katrina silently pulled out her long knlfe.

She squinted her eyes carefully as she moved closer to him like a ninja.

” Just play along, katie. Play along.” She mumbled to herself.

As soon as she got hold of him, she st.abbed him hard on his neck and left hold of the knlfe there.

A pool of bI.ood began to ease from his body and he fell to the ground quickly.

Katrina moved back in shock. This wasn’t the first time she klled someone but the view of the man’s bI.ood was quite h®rrific.

She moved away from him and brought up her phone quickly.

She tried vixen number countless times and saw he wasn’t picking.

She began to panic thereafter.

” Hey!. You!” Someone shouted.

She looked behind her and saw some security guards. She took on her heels, running over to the car.

She had never drive but she was going to this time around, whether she had a licence or not.

She overtook the driver seat and began to sped out into the road hastily. She turned her head countless times and was glad she wasn’t chased.

She got to broadway bridge and she ignited her car there, sighing and panting hard with fear.

Her phone buzzed from the back of the seat and she immediately picked it, towards her ears

” Hello vixen..”

” Katrina!. Why have you been avoiding my calls!. For Godsake, where are you now!”

” I’m at Broadway and I’m in so much trouble!”

” Broadway right?. I’d be there in a jiffy.” He said and cut the call.

Katrina stepped out of the car and rested on it, letting the greedy breeze swoosh through her hot face.

She grabbed her curly hair tightly and folded it into a bun.

Ten minute later, katrina saw vixen’s car coming from the opposite direction towards her. He dropped to a side of the road and she immediately rushed to him.

He alighted from his car and she rushed to embrace him in a quick hug.

Inside the car,

Katrina sighed as she threw her head backwards.

” I almost died vix. You won’t believe the risk i had to fall into.”

” How did it happen. I left you guys to visit the mall, before i was back, you were all gone. Even few maids.”

” Vix. Your mom is part of those people trying to hurt Amy and xan. She sent some men to drug me so that i could act towards their orders. But sorry for them, they made a mistake on who to fool.” She yelled.

Vixen sighed and rested his palm on his face.

” You don’t understand. Something happened between my parent and xan and it has been hunting us all from the very beginning.”

” What’s that?” she asked.

Vixen sat up.

” Ion want to break that awful egg news yet. Maybe, until i have the intention to do so.” He said.

He picked his keys and started the car immediately.



Amy was woken to the smell of sweet roasted fish. she sat up, scrubbing her dry eyes.

” Hubby!” She mumbled tiredly. She looked around and saw that xan wasn’t here and she was completely naked in bed.

She grabbed the duvet together to cover herself and the memories of last night flashed through her head.

She picked one of Xan’s shirt on the bed and pulled it on herself before stepping out of the camp house.

Outside the house,

Xan was wearing a beach pant as he skillfully roasted some beef canned meat. His face was earlier serious while he focused on his cooking but they vanished the moment he saw his little wife come along.

He dropped his knife and cleaned his hands in a serviette before wrapping his hands around her for a tight hug.

They remained like that for a while, succumbing to eachother’s warmness.

” Good morning, hubby.” She smiled.

” Good morning my wifey” He said with a smooth voice and Amy shaked herself off his grip.

She went around him and stretched up her feet to see how the meat looks like.

” You’re roasting meat?. Mmn. I like what I’m seeing here” She said and poked her hands on the dry meat leaving her finger with a sharp burning pain.

She winced and xan went into action immediately. He picked her hand and svcked it hard until there wasn’t any pain to feel again.

” Good now?” He asked as Amy blankly stared at him. She nodded her head quickly.

” We have a morning routine today.” He said lowering the heat of the fire.

” A routine?”

” i told you there were more thing to do here than swimming and camping all day long. We would also go for a three minute jog exercise”

” Ahaah!” She slumped her shoulders, bringing out a pout lip.

” And, mind you, before we eat the roasted meat, you must have completed the required minutes or else…” He said and Amy grumbled louder.

” But why can’t we do stuff we both like. Ion like walking or jogging!” She said, crossing her arm on her chest.

He ruffled her head and made her rest on his chest.

” Don’t worry. You are gonna love it today, bet with me!” He smirked sxily.

He matched her out to the beachside and they got out looking lovely couples who came down from heaven.

” We’ll make this more fun. When you get tired, I’ll give you a piggyride for one min and when i do, you kss me. Mn?” He asked and she nodded her head, turning pink and red all over.

He throated a chuckle and rubbed his knuckles.

” Okay. One..two..go!” He trotted and they started off.

He jogged more slowly because she had small legs and the beach sand were in heaps. Silence reined among them for a while until Amy started to yell.

She hadn’t gone half a minute and she began to pant and breath tiredly.

She rested her hand on her kneels, stretching her arm to call xan.

Xan stopped and ran his fingers into his hair as he approached her. Such a lazy little fruit, he thought.

He turned around and she happily jumped on him, wrapping her hands on his neck. Xan got her legs and rolled it on his thighs.

” Geez. You are quite heavy one” Xan muttered as he continued to hop away.

” Fire!. Fire horseman!” She yelled, sp.anking his bvtt playfully.

In less than one minute, he dropped her down panting for breath too. Amy stared at him and almost wanted to chuckle.

” I’m breathless and tired. My kss..” He said gesturing to his lips.

Amy slumped her shoulders as she walked up to him. She naively captured his lips and he leaned into her, kssing her back, hard and hungrily.

His hands ran into her hair and he tilted his head to a side, salivating the sweetness of her lip.

He stopped after a while to catch his breath and he stared at her. Her lips had gotten swollen already from kssing too much.

She looked away from his face and turned around.

” Let’s continue, we have one minute more to jog.” She said, hopping away. Xan laughed as he chased her.

This was the same girl who didn’t like walking or jogging. She had become suddenly addicted to it.

And like that, they completed their first routine for the day.

” Wasn’t it fun?” He asked as they returned back to their camp house.

” Perhaps because you had to give me a piggyride and i had to kss you. Mn” She said stubbornly.

Xan chuckled and threw his hands around her shoulders.

” Do you know how to surf in the water?”

” No.”

” I’ll teach you tomorrow as well.” He said and her eyes got widened.


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