UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 31-40

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 31?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Jasper’s P.o.v?

“She’s going to wake up soon,So don’t worry” My mom said as she used her powers to examine Mariana,She has the power to heal.
“Okay,am going to wait here till she wakes up” My mom touched my hair and smiled at me.

“You really love her, don’t you?”
“Alot,Mom,alot.. She’s the love of my life”

“What about Hazel? Don’t you miss her?”
“Hazel’s my past, Mariana is my present..and my future”

“What if she finds about your powers,Who you really are?”
“I don’t know but i don’t plan on losing her,She has become my strength and my weakness”

“I’ll go make something for her to eat when she wakes up” My mom walked away,I ca.ressed Mariana’s hair,She looks so beautiful as she sleeps.

“Am sorry i judged you wrongly,I just..I guess i was so tired of having my life revolved around you” Alice stood behind me.

“Your life doesn’t revolve around me,I admit that i wasn’t the best big brother,I literally sl.ept with all your friends and am sorry,Am sorry i made you feel like you were nothing without me.
That’s why am changing,I want to be the best brother for you and the best man for Mariana” Alice giggled and sat in front of me

“What’s funny?”
“I have never seen you talk about a woman the way you talk about Mariana,Your eyes literally light up when you hear her name”

“I love her, She’s an amazing person and am thankful to have her by my side,She would have chosen anyone but she chose a messed up j.erk like me”
“She changed that messed up jerk to a responsible man”

“So are you going to tell her about..You know,the real us?”
“I plan to do that really soon,I want to be completely honest with her”
“What if she leaves you?”

“Then I’ll take it as we were never meant to be”
I could feel movement from Mariana,I faced her and she was awake,I came closer to her.

“What happened? I think i fell down the stairs”
“No,You didn’t..I accidentally pushed you down..Am sorry,am really really sorry,I would understand if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore”

“Alice,I forgive you besides i don’t feel any pains”
“Thank you so much and i have seen how much you two love each other,So am happy for you both”

They squealed like little girls and hugged each other,I left them alone to talk about girls stuff.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
After talking with Alice,I walked up to Jasper’s room,He was shirtless and his back was facing me,Such an amazing sight.

I walked closer to him without him noticing,He was looking at the picture of a little girl and a boy.

“She’s Hazel” He said like he knew i was at his back.
I sat closer to him, wrapping my hands around his torso
“She’s beautiful, her hair is so long”

“I wonder if she’s alive”
“And if she is, Would you go back to her?” He smirked at me and cupped my cheeks.
“Is Miss Mariana Williams jealous?”

“Am not jealous,am just being realistic,You share a special bond with her and if she comes back,You two will hit it off in a second”

“Hazel and i may share special bond but you and i share an even special bond,The kind of bond that can never be broken, You and i are for life”

“I love you very much, Jasper Hale”
“I love you too, Princess” We shared a kss.
Few Weeks Later.
“Can you tell me where we are going,babe?” I asked as Jasper and I sat in his car.
“Somewhere nice, Trust me.. Trust your sxy boyfriend” I giggled and went back to my phone.
I felt Jasper’s h.and on my th!ghs,I ignored him but i felt him go d.eeper into my dress,I sl@pped his hand away.

“What’s wrong?”
“What are you doing?”

“Relaxing my hand on something smooth and soft,Why?”
“Stop being a perv, Jasper”

“Okay,I won’t touch you anymore, Since that’s what you want” He said in a childish tone making me giggle.

“You are such a baby, My baby…..Okay, you can put your hand there” I placed his hand back on my th!ghs,He started smiling widely.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I took her to deserted area where I knew no one would see us,Am about to tell her my secret.

“Okay,why are we here?” She asked looking around.
“Mariana,You knoe i love you,right?”
“Yeah and i love you too”

“Do you love me so much that you won’t leave me?”
“Jasper,You are scaring me”

“I need to tell you something, Something i haven’t told anyone in my life and i hope you stay after am done talking”

“Jasper, What’s wrong, You are scaring me”
I brought out a knife,She looked shocked and scared,She started backing away.

“Don’t be scared,i don’t want to hurt you..I just need you to take this kn!fe and cut me right in the face”
“Are you cr@zy? Jasper,I can’t do that, You’ll bl.eed to de@th”

“Trust me,Babe, Trust me” I walked closer to her,She looked confused and scared.
“Jasper,this is crazy talk, You’ll die if i do that”

“Am asking you to trust me, Mariana.. Trust me” She reluctantly collected the kn!fe,She looked at me then at the kn!fe.

“Do it, Mariana.. Sl.ash me right in the face,Do it now”
She closed her eyes and sl.ash me in the face making a deep sc@r,She dropped the kn!fe and started crying.

She came closer to me, Suddenly the scar was healing,the bl.eeding stopped and my face came back to normal.

She looked scared and confused,She started backing away from me.

“I can explain everything if you just…
“What? How? You..How did you…am going cr@zy,Did you….

She fainted,before she could fall,i held her in my arms.

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