UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 51-The End

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 51?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“What do you think Jace is telling Mariana..i mean Hazel?” Alice sat beside me,I sighed and ran my hands through my hair.

“I don’t know,maybe, Reasons why she shouldn’t be with me anymore” Alice hugged my side.

“Bro,am really sorry, I know how much you love Hazel and now you find out that she’s a Paragon”

“Alice,am more than ready to forget about my powers and just have a quiet life with Hazel, Where we can be together forever”
?Hazel/Mariana’s P.o.v?
“Kill Jasper’s Father? That’s too far fetched,We are not murders like him”

“Hazel,He killed our father,We can’t let him live,If you don’t know he has our people used as slaves”

“He does?”
“Yes,Sis,Our people are slaves for the Zorons”
“But even at that,we can’t kill him, We’ll just be like him,Jace,We can’t do that,I can’t”

“Or you don’t want to do it because you are in love with Jasper, isn’t it?”
I looked away,He held my chin to face him.

“Answer me,Sis..Do you love him?”
“I love Jasper more than my own life,I love him so much,Bro”

He sighed and looked away,He ran his hands through his hair roughly.

“But,Hazel,You know that a Zoron and a Paragon can never be together,You know that”
“But i fell in love with him when i didn’t know i was a Paragon”
“Then stop loving him”

“I can’t stop loving him,I can’t” I cleaned the tears I didn’t know was rolling down my cheeks.

“Jace,we need to find another way to avenge dad’s death”
Jace immediately hugged me.

“I love you so much,Sis and i want you to be happy”
“Thanks,We still have alot of catching up to do,Maybe you can teach me how to use my powers effectively”

“No problem,You just get some rest”
“No,am okay now..Am just hungry, Let’s go downstairs”
Jace and i walked downstairs laughing about something he said about his daughter.
My mom was getting the table ready for dinner but Jasper and his family already left.

“Mom, Where’s Jasper?”
“He left with his mom and sister,He didn’t want to feel awkward”
Few Hours Later.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
It was really late at night and i haven’t seen Hazel at all,I miss her so much,I want to talk to her and kss her and tell her I love her.

“I love you,Hazel,so much” I said to myself.
“I love you too” I turned around and Hazel was sitting on my bed looking so beautiful.

“How did you..
“I used my powers, Silly..Come sit with me” She dragged me to the b.ed.

“What did Jace say about us?”
“He’s not happy but he wants to see me happy”

“Yes but he also said something else”

“He said we should kill your father”
The palace was filled with guards and maids, they all had something doing.
At the garden side, several people were chained down and beaten up.

Inside the palace, King Damian, King of Ostoria was seated on the throne awaiting his visitor.
King Damian was a very handsome but ruthless King.

“My King,The soothsayer is here” A maid said,He waved her off.

“Long live the King” The soothsayer walked in, Damian signaled him to sit down.
“Do you have news about our family?”

“Finally,after 17 years,i have news for you,Good news infact”
“Tell me,have you found my wife and kids?”

“Yes,My King.. The Queen and your kids are on earth”
“Earth? Then we must go look for them,no mattee what,I’ll drag them back here whether they like it or nor and whoever tries to stop me..I’ll kill them”

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