What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

If you have been paying attention in the past few days, there has been a radical jump of sharing screenshots about a bot replying to chat messages.
Let me explain why everyone is losing their mind over ChatGPT and why you should too:

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

ChatGPT is a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding natural human language and generating impressively detailed human-like written text.

It is the latest evolution of the GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer)

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work? Thingscouplesdo

Who created ChatGPT?
The language model was created by OpenAI, a San Francisco research lab that was founded in 2015 with a combined $1 billion pledge from chief executive Sam Altman, Musk, billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel and others.

It raised $1 billion from Microsoft in 2019 and is currently valued at around $20 billion. And it can do something no search engine has been able to do before: Take in information and form coherent opinions about topics requiring nuanced thinking.

ChatGPT is a new Artificial Intelligence chatbot that has taken the internet by storm.

We’ve been asking it questions, and it’s sending answers back that are strangely lifelike, chatty, humorous and, at other times, problematic. Of course, it will not answer specific questions to do with hate speech or questions that go against its programming, but asking it to answer in the voice of Snoop Dog, and all is good.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work? Thingscouplesdo

What is the AI bot ChatGPT? Why you should know it?

ChatGPT is a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding natural human language and generating impressively detailed human-like written text.

ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

ChatGPT is not only conversational, but well-versed in a large range of topics. It can create code, social media posts, and even scripts for television shows.

ChatGPT makes it much easier to find information instantly. With Google, you often have to sort through information to find the “right” answer, skipping over search results engineered by marketers to show up on the first page. ChatGPT does all of that for us.

Of course, we’ve had a play about with it, too, in cockney rhyming slang. I’m not sure it’s spot on, but it gave it a good go.

This OpenAI created chatbot can (almost) hold a conversation.
A new artificial intelligence chatbot has taken the internet by storm.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

Humans are asking it questions, and it’s sending answers back that are eerily lifelike, chatty, sometimes humorous and at other times unsettling and problematic.

Should Google Watch Its Back?

You may have heard of ChatGPT – that Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot that uses natural language processing to understand and respond to text. ChatGPT can answer questions and explain concepts. I read a piece in the UK Guardian yesterday where a journalism professor asked the AI to handle one of the assignments he gives his students: writing a letter to a relative giving advice regarding online security and privacy. The tutor was stunned when the AI responded. To which he admitted that, were it an answer from a student, he would have given a generous score.

Released in November 2022, ChatGPT is considered the most advanced, user-friendly chatbot to enter the public domain.

ChatGPT, as over 1 million users have discovered, responds to difficult user commands with amazingly intelligent, detailed, and conversational language. It can create lines of code, a college-level essay, responses in the voice of a pirate, and a piano composition in the style of Mozart. Just search “ChatGPT” on Twitter to see more amazing things it can do, and get ready to be amazed.

Free to use by the public and without ads, the signups have been so overwhelming that OpenAI, the parent company, has halted registrations. What is astonishing about this tool is that it fulfills many of Google’s functions—and often outperforms the Alphabet company.

Whereas Google simply provides you with the links and tools you need to conduct research, ChatGPT can answer complex inquiries, solve complex problems, and chat in a human-like manner.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work? Thingscouplesdo

Why ChatGPT has generated so much buzz around it?

OpenAI the company behind DALL-E 2 (which can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language) has launched ChatGPT a new AI.

ChatGPT is a language model means it can understand set of languages and based on question it can give appopriate answer to the question.

ChatGPT is trained in a way that it feels you are having long conversation with human being. Can answer any follow up questions, can also admit it mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate questions.

The reason ChatGPT has generated so much buzz is because how it understands our question and give answer. Also, it can answer any follow up questions and understand the context of whole conversation.
Like for example, Let’s say if you have asked about “Who is Virat Kholi?” And later your follow up question is “What’s his age?” Then it knows that here you are talking about Virat Kholi and asking his age. This is the simplest example, that I gave but it can answer more complicated questions. That means you could have long conversation with ChatGPT same as you do with your friends/family and it will remember the context of any conversation.

Some People on the twitter and reddit posting images showing that it can answer coding related questions too. One of them was the one twitter user asked about “Can you convert my old PHP code to NextJS full stack framework?”. Literally it did it and the fact that it understood php code, what this code is doing/functionality and how can I convert it to NextJS.

Will AI replace developer jobs?

This is going to be always debatable. But the fact that AI is developed by Developer and to maintain it also needs Developer answers your question.

Right now, it can give you hints, suggestions and to an extend answers to some complicated coding question but a developer job required expertise in the field, collaboration and communication.

Someone also asked ChatGPT 15 important inventions, who made them, what year, and in what country. The tool listed them exactly as had been requested in a split second. Google was asked the same question, and, as you may have guessed, what was returned was a string of lists the user would have to sort out himself.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

Hence the question: How much of a danger could the ChatGPT technology pose to Google?

The consequences are substantial, given that Alphabet made $149 billion in income last year from Google Search and other web-based Google products. Launched in 2015 with $1 billion in funding from Silicon Valley luminaries, including Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, and later by Microsoft in 2019, the idea of a new startup supplanting a search engine giant like Google may not be a crazy idea.

Yet Google did not become dominant by being complacent. It is heavily invested in DeepMind, an AI that comprises large language models that underpin chatbots. If DeepMind develops a worthy competitor, the battle over which AI provides the best answer to the user may not be over. But even in its current state, ChapGPT itself is not so sure of replacing Google. When the Independent website asked ChatGPT whether it could replace Google, the bot replied, in part: “It is unlikely that a single search engine, such as ChatGPT, could completely replace Google.” On the other hand, it correctly said that advanced language models provide distinct capabilities and a distinct user experience when compared to Google. “Overall, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way we seek information online,” the chatbot concluded.

To that I say, welcome to a new era of seeking information online. If I were you, I would not only be asking in what ways this tool may be useful; I would also be asking what jobs this new tool renders redundant.

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