How To Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign

How To Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign

According to ET Telecom. From the Economic Times. Oracle Corp announced a new system that it says will use artificial intelligence to automate key parts of digital marketing campaigns.

Once primarily known for its database software, Oracle is competing against firms like Adobe Inc and Salesforce Inc to sell cloud-based software used for marketing business-to-business products that typically cost thousands of dollars or more.

How To Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign. Thingscouplesdo

Unlike marketing campaigns aimed at consumers where the goal might be to raise brand awareness, the goal of those business-to-business campaigns is to produce what marketers call a “qualified lead” – that is, a person whom a salesperson can call to start a conversation that eventually turns into a sale. Low quality leads cost money because they waste salespeople’s time.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the next big thing, it is now a big thing now in digital marketing. All digital marketing operations are now affected by AI-powered tools. From startups to large firms are opting for AI-powered digital marketing tools to enhance campaign planning & decision making.

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

The Core Elements of Artificial Intelligence Marketing are Big Data, Machine Learning and Powerful Solutions

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Marketing.
1. Take Sales Forecasting to Next Level
2. Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Consumers
3. Optimize Digital Advertising Campaigns
4. Create Detailed Consumer Profiles
5. Join Real-Time Conversations with Consumers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now one of the most popular and widespread uses of data technology in marketing today. While AI has become more commonplace as digital maturation has taken hold, the technology is still relatively young and constantly evolving.
As a result, it can be difficult to know exactly what AI is and how it might be best used to enhance your marketing. So, to help you better understand the technology and how to pick the right AI for your marketing campaign, I’ve assembled a brief guide below.

How To Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign. Thingscouplesdo

What Is Artificial Intelligence?
AI is basically a computer system that can perform tasks usually done by humans, such as learning from experience without being programmed specifically how to do so.

In many cases, AI systems are designed to mimic human behavior as closely as possible in order for them to appear more relatable or approachable.

This can help make interacting with the system feel more natural for people who use it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the state of technology that uses computing power to process information at an extremely high level of automation and therefore provides an unparalleled level of accuracy in its results.

In AI, data is processed in a specific way that makes it “artificial” in that it is created to meet specific needs of marketing audiences. One example of such audience needs is the marketing of products that provide personalized experiences.

In AI, these experiences are created by humans, who are then paid for the privilege of creating them. AI can be used in the following ways: Data analysis and creation Machine learning (ML) and Deep learning (DL)

While there are many different types of AI technologies available today, some of the most common applications of this technology include: speech recognition systems (like Siri), image and video processing (like those used by marketing has grown, processes such as digital fingerprinting have occasionally been abused to deliver misleading or inaccurate results.

How To Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign. Thingscouplesdo

How to Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign

To ensure maximum impact from your marketing campaign, you’ll need to choose the right AI for your campaign. If you’re using an AI-generated model, you’ll want to make sure it’s available for use. If your model has a lot of data to process and is not yet capable of making accurate decisions, a manual process will be needed. You’ll also need to consider the type of AI that best fits your particular needs.

AI in The Marketing Stream
In the marketing stream, AI is used to make informed decisions. AI is also used to create a personalized experience for customers through webinars, campaigns, and ads.

Digital Colorblindness and AI in the Marketing Stream
In the marketing stream, AI is used to create an informed decision when it comes to displaying colors in ads and marketing material. This is achieved by making sure that humans and computers are equally competent at the task.

Why Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Your Marketing Campaign?
As we’ve just discussed, AI can be used to create accurate and helpful descriptions for products, as well as personalized experiences for customers. It can also be used to generate interesting and engaging social media content in a variety of different forms. When used in the right way, AI can be used to create a great digital experience for your customers. You can choose to use AI in the following ways: Marketing Automation: AI is used to set expectations for your users based on what they expect from your product or service. Marketing Shillings: AI is used to creating and analyzing marketing content for a business. Staying “On Top of the Trend” of SEO: SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies in online marketing. AI can help your website rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs) and get more traffic from other sites.

How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing to Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be using artificial intelligence (AI) in your digital marketing efforts. AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction—it’s a reality that is being used by some of the most successful businesses in the world. Here’s how you can use AI to improve your digital marketing campaigns and get better results.

1. personalization at scale
One of the most powerful ways that you can use AI in your digital marketing is for personalization at scale. This means using data about your customers and prospects to deliver highly personalized messages that are relevant to them. The more relevant your messages are, the more likely your customers and prospects are to engage with them.

2. Automated Insights
Another way that you can use AI in your digital marketing is through automated insights. This means using data to generate insights about your customers and prospects that you can then use to improve your campaigns. For example, you might use data from your website analytics to see which pages are getting the most traffic and then create targeted campaigns to drive even more traffic to those pages.

3. Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics is another powerful way to use AI in your digital marketing. This involves using data to make predictions about future customer behavior. This can help you make decisions about where to allocate your marketing resources and what kind of messages will resonate with your target audience.

4. Chatbots
One of the most visible ways that businesses are using AI in their marketing is through chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversation. They can be used to answer customer questions, provide customer support, and even close sales. Many businesses are using chatbots because they provide a more efficient way to interact with customers than traditional methods like phone calls or email.

How to Protect Your Digital Brand From Cyberattacks
AI can be a good shield against cyberattacks. AI technology is usually highly scalable, meaning that it can be used to process a lot of data and still deliver accurate results. One of the best-kept secrets in marketing is that most cyberattacks are based on cognitive errors. AI can help you spot these types of attacks by analyzing your entire digital portfolio to identify the common mistakes made by humans.

There are numerous advantages to using AI in marketing, but one of the most important is to choose the right machine learning model for your campaign. If you’re using an AI model that doesn’t meet your needs, an alternative model can be used that provides the same or better results. AI models are often easy to access and can be used for almost any type of marketing campaign.


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