By noon, they were both on their way flying back to Nigeria. Jane rested her head against Jeffery’s shoulders as he worked on his laptop, trying to catch up on the office work he had missed during their vacation. Because Jane made sure he didn’t touch or work on his laptop, throughout their trip.


“Yes babe?” Jeffery looked up from his laptop.

“I will like to organize a little get together for our family and friends, as a way to thank them for helping to get me released, when I was kidnapped”

“Alright no problem, just tell me when, and I will communicate it to them”

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“And also, can we not tell them about our engagement yet? I would like us to announce it to them on the day of the get together”

“Then I suggest we hold that get together as soon as possible, because I don’t think I can keep quiet for long about being engaged to the woman of my dreams” he kissed her forehead.

“You would have to keep quiet, so we don’t ruin the surprise”

“Alright, whatever you say my queen. How much would you be needing to plan this get together?”

“I will get back to you on that”

“Alright, you just cost it and get back to me. Or better still, you know what? No need” Jeffery fished out a debit card from his card wallet and handed it over to Jane “here have this, so you can always use it for any of your expenses”

“What? I simply can’t accept it. Once I cost the amount it will take to organize the get together, I will let you know. No need to hand me your debit card”

“Babe calm down, no need to get all defensive I handed you the card because I want to, and can afford to. So the card is yours to keep”

“Jeff you have to….”

“Yeah the password, sorry I forgot. It’s your birthday” Jeffery turned back to continue what he was doing on his laptop, leaving Jane speechless.

When they arrived the airport, Solomon; Jeffrey’s driver was already there waiting for them with one of Jeffery’s cars.

“Welcome back sir, ma” he greeted them as he opened the back door for them to get in. ”hope you had a nice time in Jamaica?”

”yes we did”

“So, you still insist on going back to your apartment?” Jeffery asked as his driver took the route leading to Jane’s apartment.

“Yes, and you asking me repeatedly, isn’t going to make me change my mind”

“You can’t blame a guy for trying, but you know you can actually move in right?”

“And I already told you, I’m not moving in with you until we are officially married, which isn’t so far away” They had both decided to get married in two months time, left alone for Jeffery, they would have been married back in Jamaica.

”In two months time” Jeffery said pecking her ring.

“So you see? Leaving alone for the next two months won’t kill you”

“Yeah right, easy for you to say” Jeffery grumbled as they pulled up in front of Jane’s apartment.

She kssed him with a promise of coming to see him soon, and got down from the car as the driver carried her bags to her door and Jeffery walked her to the door.

“My Jamaican beauty is back” Amaka got up and hugged Jane as she came in. “I missed you”

“I missed you too, how have you been?” They both abandoned the bags Jane carried in on the floor, and sat down on the bed.

“I have been okay, no scratch that. I am great, with that spa session Jeffery booked for me over the weekend”

“How was it?” Jane asked.

“It was awesome, I swear those people pampered me up I didn’t want to leave. Now I see why you always feel relaxed anytime you go there”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself”

“Yes I did, enough about me. How was your trip? I can see you came back with two extra bags, so you must have really had a good time”

“Well.. I really had a great time” Jane spoke slowly, stressing each word as she used her left hand to touch her face, just so Amaka could see her engagement ring.

“Wait, wait, what is that I’m seeing on your finger?” Amaka asked as she quickly grabbed Jane’s left hand, and screamed immediately she had a close look at the ring. “You got engaged?”

“Amaka bring your voice down, before the neighbors coming running down thinking something is happening to us”

“That is their problem, who dem help? give me gist abeg, how did he propose?” Amaka jumped on the bed with excitement as she spoke.

Jane told her everything about her trip and Jeffery’s proposal.

“So have you guys finally done it?” Amaka asked smiling sheepishly.

“Mmmmmmm” Jane nodded smiling.

“No wonder… I said it, that this glow can’t only be attributed to Montego Bay experience, you have finally gotten laid” she laughed out so loud, Jane became shy.

“Amaka you are not a nice person, you know abi?”

“I agree with whatever you say, Sha tell me how was it? Did you enjoy it?”

“You have no idea, it’s a miracle how I was able to walk on my feet this morning”

“Hahahahahaha…. I knew it was just a matter of time before the pervert in you shows”

“It’s you that is a pervert” they both laughed and got off the bed to unpack Jane’s bags.

“I’m planning on organizing a little get together for Jeffrey’s family and friends. We will be announcing our engagement on that day” Jane told Amaka, as she tried on the dress Jane had bought her.

“Okay, that’s cool” she turned around smiling as she checked out her reflection on the mirror.

“Yeah I will also be using it as a medium to thank you guys for your help when I got kidnapped”

“Alright, when are you thinking of doing it?”

“This weekend hopefully, I will ask Jeffery to check with everyone to know if they are free on Sunday. You will be free on that day right?”

“Yes now, even if I had something planned out, I’m so canceling it”

“Thank you, I will also be needing your help with the planning”

“No wahala, sha know my services are not for free”


The next day, after Jeffery closed from work, he decided to visit his parents. Ever since they came to pray for him and Jane, he hasn’t seen them.

His parents were at the balcony receiving fresh air, his father was reading a newspaper while his mother was reading her Bible. “Look who we have here” his mother said looking up from the bible she was reading.

“Good evening mummy and daddy” he prostrated in greeting.

“Good evening my dear, have your seat” his mother said.

“We heard you were in Jamaica over the weekend?” His father asked as he put down the news paper he was reading.

“Yes Dad, I came back yesterday, how have you both been?”

“We have been good, just your father who has been acting stubborn”

“Ronke please not now, the boy just came. At least offer him something to eat”

“Which one is not now? Am I lying? Or haven’t you been acting stubborn?”

As they started arguing, Jeffery knew he came visiting on the wrong day. He hated coming in between his parents’ argument because it always ended up backfiring as they always used him to settle.

“Your father has refused taking his BP medications, please ask him why he won’t take his medications?”

“Of course I take my medications, your mother just like to blow things out of proportion” his father mumbled as he picked up his newspaper.

“Dad, if you are taking your medications, then why is mom saying you are not taking them?”

“Your father always likes to choose which drug to take, sometimes he takes half of the medication, sometimes he doesn’t even take them at all”

“Woman will you allow me to talk? I’m right here you know?”

Jeffery had to seriously resist the urge to laugh, seeing his parents fight over trivial issues always made him laugh. But he wouldn’t dare laugh in their presence to avoid his mother’s wrath, so he would have to wait until he was out of there. He couldn’t help but picture himself and Jane doing this after thirty three years of marriage.

“Whenever we go to the doctor’s office, your mother will start talking for me, are you the one that is sick? is it your sickness? Since you are the one telling the doctor what is wrong with me, then you should be the one to take the drugs”

“I’m doing that because, if I don’t tell him, you will tell him you are fine when in the actual sense you aren’t”

“Ronke I’m fine and you can’t tell me otherwise”

His mother who looked like she could burst with anger turned to Jeffery.

“Come you sitting down there smiling, when are you going to get married?”

How did they get here? Weren’t they just talking about his father?



It has really been a busy week for Jane, from her resuming work at her new job as Michael’s assistant, to planning a get-together for Jeffrey’s friends and family. The whole stress of running around to get the things they needed to prepare the food on that day is making her regret her not listening to Jeffery when he asked to allow the housekeeper handle it.

”Babe I think you should just allow Martha handle this, since you will be at work throughout the week” Jeffery told Jane over the phone.

”I can’t ask her to do that, Sunday is usually her off day, and she uses that time to see her grand children”

”but we will be paying her for the extra work, besides it’s in the contract she signed to always show up for things like this”

”I still insist on doing this myself, I can’t stress someone else with my issues”

”oh God, you are so stubborn” Jeffery Muttered under his breath.

”what did you say?”

”nothing, just let me know if you need anything” Jeffery knew better than to repeat himself if he doesn’t want trouble.

It was on a Saturday afternoon, Jane and Amaka went to the market to get the last items they will be needing for the get-together the next day.

“If planning a little get-together is this stressful, I wonder how I would be able to cope with planning my wedding”

“And I presume you are thinking of planning it by yourself?”

“Yes of course, I’m going to plan it. Thank God I have you to help me so it’s going to be a lot easier”

“You and who? Who are you planning to kill?”

“I don’t understand?” Jane looked confused.

“Who do you think you are marrying? In case you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory; it’s Jeffery Ademola, so you know what that means? people with class will be in attendance, many of them. Haven’t you heard of wedding planners before?”

”we are actually planning on inviting just few people”

”even at that, you still can’t plan it yourself Jane, please get a wedding planner”

Jane knew Amaka was right, sometimes she just gets carried away and forgets who is dating. Definitely planning the wedding herself will mean her setting herself up. “Well I guess you are right, I will have to let the wedding planners handle it”

The next day by noon, Jane and Amaka had finished up with the cooking and setting up of Jeffery’s living room for the little party, all thanks to Jeffery who had to come in and assist them in finishing up with the cooking and making sure things were ready before everyone started to arrive.

”thanks so much for helping out” Jane hugged Jeffery after they were done with the arrangements.

”no need thanking me, it’s our party remember? I’m supposed to help you out. Most especially since you have refused to let the housekeeper handle it”

”I love you”

”And you”

“Oya o madam come and get dressed, and put on your rock” Amaka said, referring to Jane’s engagement ring. ”the guests will soon start arriving” Amaka said from upstairs.

”I think you should go and answer Amaka” Jeffery said. ”mmm… one more” she pecked him again, and as she turned to leave, Jeffery drew her back ”another one for the road”

Dele was the first person to arrive, and the moment he saw Amaka, he tried conversing with her.

“Dele not now please, I’m here to help my friend. Let’s not make it about us”

“Alright fine, have lunch with me please”

“Dele I can’t, I’m sorry”

“What of dinner? Or just a walk in the park? But please Amaka let’s just see and talk about this. I know you won’t allow me to come to your place, so please go out with me”

“Okay fine, lunch then”

“Great, when?”

“I will communicate the date to you, now please leave me alone let me concentrate on helping my friend”

As Dele and Amaka were talking, Anita and her husband Michael walked in with their son in a stroller. Shortly Erica came, in the company of her husband.

Jane was saying her hellos to all of them when Jeffery’s parents walked in. She immediately went to greet them.

“Hello Jane my darling, how are you?” Jeffery’s mother raised her when she knelt down to greet them. “I’m fine ma”

“You haven’t been to my place ever since I invited you and your friend over, it’s been months now”

“I’m sorry ma, we will be there to visit you soon”

“It’s no problem dear, where is my son? Oh that’s him over there” she left with her husband to go say hello to Jeffery.

“Alright everyone, thank you all for coming. Before we get started I and my sweetheart, have something to tell you guys” Jeffery announced to the house as he held Jane by his right hand side.

“We are getting married!” the room erupted in happy screams as everyone stood up to congratulate them, the women wowing and awwing over Jane’s ring, while the men patted Jeffery on the back for taking such a bold step.

“So when is the wedding?” Erica asked cheerfully.

“In two months” Jeffery replied.

“Two months? Why so soon?” Anita asked not looking too happy with the time of the wedding.

“What’s wrong with us getting married in two months time? Or is two months not enough time for you to sew whatever dress you want to wear for the wedding?”

“That’s too short a time now, I need time to prepare, it’s not every time one of your best brothers get married”

“Anita it’s not your wedding, no need to prepare so much, and I think two months is long enough to prepare for a wedding” their mother said, everyone laughed at her comment because they all knew if she had her way, she would ask them to get married that instant to avoid Jeffery from changing his mind.

“Thank you Mom, and besides we are thinking of doing something small and..” Jeffery wasn’t done speaking when his mother quickly cut him short.

“What are you doing small? Your honeymoon?”

“No mom, I’m talking about our wedding, right honey?” He turned to look at Jane who nodded in agreement.

“You must be joking, so after begging you to get married for over two years now, you want to do a small wedding?”

“Mom we just want about 150 guests beca…”

“Hold it please, 150 guests? Is that the number of people that will be invited from your father’s side alone or mine? Come this boy have you been drinking?”

“Emm… Ronke I think we should have this discussion another time, I’m sure Jeffery and Jane would work something out on how to accommodate more guests” his father quickly stepped in and led her to a seat.

“They had better o” she muttered under breath.

“Well.. I think we should toast to the just engaged couple” Desmond, Erica’s husband said raising a glass.


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