When Jeffery was done typing the message, he showed it to Jane, who embellished it with her own words, before clicking on the send button.

“Baby, are you sure about this?” Jeffery asked in confusion. The Jane standing before him, looked so strange, he could barely recognize her. She had some sort of fire burning in her eyes.

“Yes, I am. Now we are going to wait for her to reply”

A minute after Jane sent the message, Lauretha called his phone.

“Hello Lauretha” Jeffery answered, trying to sound natural.

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“Jeffery are you being serious? Or is this some sort of a trick, just so you could see your son?”

“Lauretha, I thought about all you have been saying, I missed out on this boy’s life for thirteen whole years, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the rest. Besides I just found out Jane, can’t give me children, so I’m going to lose on both ends if I choose to marry Jane” Jane gave Jeffery a thumbs up, for his last sentence, the phone was on speaker, so she could hear Lauretha as well.

“Hmmmmm, so I’m now your back up plan? Well I’m sorry I refuse to be a back up plan. I think you should go marry your Jane, after all weren’t you the one professing your undying love for her?”

“Come on Lauretha, I’m sorry. Let’s not make this any difficult than it already is. Please it wasn’t easy for me to leave Jane, and I would really love if we could build something together”

“Not only am I your plan B, but I’m also your rebound chick?” Lauretha laughed on the other side of the phone. “See Jeffery, I refuse to be you or anyone’s rebound chick” with that said, Lauretha ended the call.

“What now?” Jeffery looked at Jane who had suddenly become a master planner.

“We will wait for her call, and if she doesn’t call back, you will pay her a visit and convince her to go on a date with you”

“I don’t know why, but I think I’m liking the game player Jane, the bossy Jane” Jeffery said smiling.

“Well, that’s a good thing. Because this Jane would definitely be coming out to play, from time to time”

Jeffery kissed softly, and then gently laid her on the bed as he explored her mouth with his tongue. As they kissed, Jeffery’s phone rang, it was Lauretha calling.

“Hello Lauretha?”

“I will agree to marry you on one condition”


“You will make a video of you breaking up with Jane, and send it to me”

Jeffery was silent for a while, and then Jane gave him a sign to say yes.

“Lauretha, this is a difficult thing, why don’t you ask for something else?”

“Do you want to see your son or not?”

“I do”

“Good, now breakup with Jane and send me a video” Lauretha ended the call.

“How am I supposed to do something like that?” Jeffery looked at Jane who was already on her feet thinking.

“We are going to give her what she wants, a video of you breaking up with me”

“Have you thought about what she could do with the video? She could send it to the press”

“If she does that, we will find a way around it. But this is our only chance of getting close to that boy, and finding out if he is truly your son”

“Baby, I’m not sure about this”

Jane took Jeffery’s iPhone, opened it’s camera, and positioned it on the air conditioner in the room, so the camera was facing them.

“Now get up and breakup with me” Jane commanded.

Jeffery got up and did as Jane told him, but after they were done, they watched the video and it didn’t look convincing. So they had to try again, and again and again, they kept trying, and rehearsing their lines for the next two hours, until they got it perfect the tenth time; Jeffery looked so cold hearted in the video, while Jane knelt on the floor crying, begging Jeffery not to leave her.

Jeffery edited the video, and as he was about send it to Lauretha, Jane stopped him. “Let’s send it first thing tomorrow morning, so it would look like, it was really a hard decision for you to make”

“You know you should consider going into acting, where on earth did those tears come from?” Jeffery asked Jane who was beaming with pride.

“You weren’t bad yourself, for a minute I thought you were actually breaking up with me for real”

The next morning, they sent the video to Lauretha, and waited patiently for her to call. As they were preparing to leave the beach house, Lauretha called Jeffery.

“Jeffery, you must be really desperate to see your son”

“Lauretha, you have what you want. It was really difficult for me to do this to Jane, she didn’t deserve this”

“If you keep praising her, then you might as well go back and be with her”

“I’m sorry”

“Good. Since you have gone to this extent, just to show how much you want to be with me and your son, I guess I can allow you to see him, but you must never mention anything about being his father, I still haven’t told him who his father is”

“Alright I won’t, I promise”

“Good, we will see you this evening by six then”

“Okay, I will book a reservation for us at sailors lounge”

“Alright, we will see you by then” Lauretha ended the call.

“We have a date to prepare for” Jane said to Jeffery as they walked out of the beach house.



“You are going to try, and make her believe, it’s her you really want to be with, and not me” Jane was adjusting Jeffery’s collars as she spoke. She helped him pick out a white shirt, and a pale blue jacket, and black pant trouser. He had on a nice pair of black shoes to go with it.

“And try to maintain eye contact with her at all times, so she doesn’t suspect any foul play, remember she is a private investigator, and can easily detect when something is wrong”

“What have you done to me Jane?” Jeffery asked smiling, as he was still surprised by her sudden boldness, and craftiness.

“She is standing right in front of you” Jane leaped, and kissed him. “Now go woe your woman”

“You are my woman” Jeffery kssed her neck.

“Fine, go woo the other woman”

Jane stood watching as Jeffery went into his car, and his driver drove him to the restaurant where he booked a reservation for himself and Lauretha.

Immediately they left, she left through the back door, to avoid getting seen by anyone, just in case Lauretha was crazy enough to send the video of Jeffery breaking up with her to anyone.

She already paid a huge some of money, to the manager of the restaurant, who in turn tipped the waitress that would be serving Jeffery, and Lauretha at the restaurant. Asking her to make sure, everything Lauretha’s son uses on the table is brought to her, including the spoon, fork, knife, and glass cup he uses in drinking water.

Jane was going to disguise herself, and hang around the hotel, and when they were done having dinner, the manager would bring the items to her.

When Jeffery got to the restaurant, he had to wait a little bit, before Lauretha, and the boy he saw her with the other day at the parking lot, arrived. She had on a lovely dress, which brought out her slender figure, while the boy had on a nice suit and trouser. Anyone who saw them could easily mistake them for a happy family.

“Hi Lauretha, welcome” Jeffery got up, and drew out a chair for her to sit on, while the boy helped himself to a seat.

“And how are you Remi?” Jeffery asked the boy, after they had all sat down.

“I’m fine thank, uncle Jeffery”

So she already told the boy his name? Jeffery thought within himself.

“What can I get you and your beautiful family?” A beautiful waitress asked Lauretha smiling. Her mistaking them for a family, must have really warmed Lauretha’s heart, because she smiled and looked at Jeffery with admiration in her eyes. “You see what I told you?”

Jeffery only nodded and smiled back, when what he really wanted to do was to get out of that place and be with Jane.

“I will have this, and so will my son” Lauretha pointed on a particular number on the menu. “What would you like to have Jeffery?”

Jeffery who wasn’t in the mood to eat anything, decided to go for whatever Lauretha was having.

“So tell me Jeffery, why the sudden change of mind?” Lauretha asked as their food arrived, and they started to eat.

“I already told you, I want to be with my family”

They continued to eat in silence, before Jeffery decided to ask Remi his class.

“I’m in SS1 sir”

“I thought you schooled abroad?”

“Yes, but my mom decided I finished my secondary school education here, so I can get learn my people’s culture, and traditions before I went back for my tertiary education” he had an American accent.

“Oh, that sounds reasonable. So what have you learnt so far?”

“Just a few things, like how to greet an elder, as the yoruba tradition demands”

The more Jeffery conversed with the little boy, the more he liked him, and wished the boy is his, so he could lay claims on him.


By 8pm, Lauretha decided it was time for them to leave, as Remi had to go to school the next day.

“Thanks for dinner, uncle Jeffery” Remi said to Jeffery as he walked them to their car.

“You are welcome chap”

“I hope you will keep to your promise, and teach me how to play tennis?” The boy asked with hope in his eyes.

“I sure will, I will discuss with your mother, and know what time would be best, and I would come pick you up”

The boy thanked Jeffery, and hopped into the back seat of the car.

“You see what I told you? He needs his father around” Lauretha said to Jeffery who couldn’t take his eyes off the boy who was already seated in the car.

“I know Lauretha, and I’m working on rectifying that”

“I hope you do it fast enough”

Jane was at the back of the restaurant’s kitchen waiting patiently, for the waitress to come deliver the items. Jeffery already texted to let her know they were done with dinner.

She already had a taxi, waiting to take her to the Laboratory, where the samples would be tested, she already has Jeffery’s tooth as a sample.


Few minutes later, the manager came out with a black nylon bag, which she handed over to Jane without saying a word.

When Jane got into the car, she opened the nylon and found a glass cup, a spoon and some used tissues, neatly placed in different ziplock bags.

The taxi driver drove Jane to the Laboratory, where she submitted the samples, and was asked to come back the next day for the result.

When she got back home that night, Amaka was already asleep. She let herself in with her keys, and quietly undressed to shower.

“Madam, where have you been all day?” Amaka asked, as she sat up on the bed.

“I thought you were sleeping?”

“Weren’t you supposed to go for your cake testing today? The wedding planner kept calling me to say she couldn’t reach you, and neither could I. What happened?”

Jane had totally forgotten about her appointment with the baker, she has been so engrossed in plan with Jeffery, that she had totally forgotten she has a wedding coming up.

“I’m sorry I forgot, I will call her tomorrow, and see if we can book another appointment”

“Jane you usually don’t forget things like this, what is going on?”

Jane who couldn’t keep secrets from Amaka, decided to tell her what was going on.

“That girl must be very stupid, to think she can have Jeffery” Amaka said after Jane had told her everything. “She is lucky I don’t know where she lives, if not, I would have paid her a visit. Stupid she-goat like her”

“Amaka calm down” Jane said laughing at her statement of calling Lauretha a she-goat.

“Be there laughing, until that heifer snatches your man away. Jane, even if that parternity test comes out positive, saying the boy is Jeffery’s, you should still put her in her place. She is a baby mama and nothing more”


The next morning, Jane woke up to a call from Jeffery.

“Hey” she answered with a sleepy voice.

“Thank goodness, you finally picked” Jeffery sounded restless.

“What is the matter Jeff?”

“Lauretha already leaked the video of our break-up to a popular blogger, it’s going viral already”



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