Jeffery’s car was waiting outside to take Dele and Amaka back to Dele’s apartment. Anita and her husband were there to go with them as well.

Amaka put Dele’s things into the car, while Jeffery helped him to walk to the car.

“Bro take it easy, watch your step” Jeffery said to Dele as he walked beside him.

“Guy I only have a broken leg, and not blindness, my eyes are still functioning”

“Well for all we know, your eyes might not be working so well” Jeffery teased.

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“It’s your own eye that is not working” Dele retorted.

Before Jeffery could respond, Anita was already by Dele’s side.

“Jeffery if you are going to keep taunting him, then he might as well ride with us” she reprimanded.

“Sorry madam” Jeffery mumbled.

Making Amaka smile, the way they all love and look out at for each other, makes her feel jealous of Dele sometimes for having such a wonderful family who would move heaven and earth for his sake.

Since he regained conciousness, his family has been showering him with so much love that even if he didn’t want to get well, he didn’t have a choice not to.

Mrs. Ademola who Amaka has now come to like, and is building a relationship with, has been smothering Dele with so much love and ksses, making sure everything he needed was available, asking where it hurts, making sure to call the doctor or a nurse whenever he complained of any pain. She sometimes even googles any symptom Dele is having, so she would know if they were administering the right drug to him. At a point, the doctor had to nickname her ‘assistant doctor’.

“Mum said to tell you she couldn’t come because of the meeting she has with the governor’s wife, but she will come over to your place once she is done, and Jane had some errands to run too” Jeffery said to Dele as he started to drive out of the hospital.

“I’m very sure Erica had somewhere to be as well, if not she would have been here too?” Dele asked rather sarcastically.

“You bet she would have, and dad said he will be at your place in the evening” Jeffery laughed.

When they got to Dele’s place, Anita and her husband were already waiting there.

“Michael how did you guys get here before us? I thought you were driving behind us” Jeffery asked as he helped Dele out of the car.

“Your sister made me take a short cut, so we can get here first, for some reasons best known to her”
Michael said with a resigned look on his face. Jeffery knows how his sister can be with her mischievous ways, so he just smiled

“Don’t say it like you aren’t happy that you got here before them, besides I just helped save some fuel”

“Of what use is that? You almost had my tyres punctured with that bad road you made me take”

“At least, it didn’t get puntured” Anita who already had the keys to Dele’s apartment, opened the door for them to go in.

If looks could kill, Michael’s looks would have killed his wife.

When they entered inside the house, it smelled fresh, like it was recently cleaned. Amaka was expecting it to be dusty, and dirty, since no one has been in it for two weeks.

“I took the liberty of having it cleaned before you come back, I didn’t want you to come back to a dirty place” Anita explained to Dele who was also surprised to find his apartment neatly arranged, unlike the way he had left it on the evening of that incidence.

“Thanks Nita, that was thoughtful of you”

“At least for once, she does something that doesn’t involve getting into trouble” Jeffery whispered to Michael who was standing close to him.

“I can actually hear you” she glared at Jeffery who quickly sealed his lips.

Amaka assisted Anita in preparing food for Dele.

“I’m full Anita” Dele said to Anita who has been forcing food down his throat like a baby.

“But you haven’t eaten much, here just eat a little more” she brought a spoonful of rice to his mouth.

Michael and Jeffery’s attention were focused on the football match that was being aired on the TV. While Amaka sat at the dining, observing all of them.

“I’m okay Anita, no more food”

“Just a little more”

“That’s enough, I don’t need to be babied” he pushed the spoon away making the rice to pour on the floor.

“You are very stubborn”

Dele ignored her remark, he stood up and painfully walked over with his crutches, to where Jeffery and Michael were seated. They were too busy arguing about the game to even notice what was going on.

He used one of his crutches to tap Michael on the leg.

“Guy wetin happen, you want break my leg? Abi you want make I use crutches like you?” Michael asked playfully.

“It’s time for you to leave my house” Dele announced.

“I nor understand, shebi you can’t see that we are watching a game?” Michael asked, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Jeffery it’s time to leave” Dele announced to Jeffery who acted like he wasn’t hearing him.

“Guy nor use that thing touch me o” Jeffery warned him, as he brought one of the crutches close to Jeffery’s leg.

“You guys should leave now, or can’t you hear him? You have done nothing but disturb him since you came” Anita said to her husband and Jeffery who were doing anything but standing up.

“Including you Anita, you are leaving with them” Dele told her.

“Wh… at?” Anita asked in shock.

Jeffery and Michael both bust into laughter.

“Guy abeg calm down let’s finish watching this match” Jeffery said.

“How about you go to your houses and finish it? Oya stand up and start going to your house”

“Why the rush? abeg go sit down” Michael said.

“I need to rest and you guys are disturbing me”

“Rest huh..? Come hope you know you can’t do anything with that leg? At least until after 8weeks” Jeffery said with a sly smile on his face.

“Guy you dey mad, come comot for my house”

“The doctor said you should stay away from strenuous activity o…until your leg is completely healed, and that includes_,” Michael stood up, and rolled his waist “this too”

Even Anita who was fuming with Anger had to bust into laughter.

“Babes let’s go to our house, your brother has chased us out” Michael said to his wife as he walked to the door.

“You are very ungrateful” Anita said to Dele as she picked up her purse and followed her husband.

“I concur” Jeffery said on his way out, not looking a bit angry.

“I love you too” Dele said to them as he closed the door.

“You know you shouldn’t have done that” Amaka said to him.

“Oh there you are, I was beginning to think you had disappeared” he leaped with his crutches and slumped on a chair, he knew he shouldn’t have done that, but he needed to. That was the only way to get his sister off his back.

Amaka came and sat close to him. “I think you should rest”

“Yes I wou__” Dele’s sentence was cut short by a knock on the door.

“Don’t these guys give up?” He asked out of frustration.

“Probably they forgot something” Amaka stood up to open the door, and wasn’t surprised to find Mrs. Ademola standing there with a basket full of fruits, and her driver was behind carrying two different food flasks.

“Good morning ma”

“Good morning my beautiful young lady” Mrs. Ademola was all smiles, looking rather too boisterous for her age.

“Oh my dear, sorry I wasn’t there when you got discharged from the hospital I had a meeting with the governor’s wife” she went to Dele’s side, inspecting him over.

“The bruises on your face have almost completely healed”

“Yes mummy” Dele answered rather grumpy.

“Why is your face like that? I saw Anita and the rest on my way in, she told me you refused eating”

“No that’s not true I ate__”

“Don’t worry you will eat now that I’m here” she went into the kitchen to dish out some egusi soup, and semo for Dele. The aroma of the food alone made Amaka’s mouth to water.

“Amaka my dear please help yourself to some food, you look pale yourself, I don’t want you falling sick”

She placed the food in front of Dele, and sat down to feed him.

“Mummy I can feed myself, and besides I’m not even hungry”

“Young man you had better open your mouth”

Dele who knew better than to argue with her, decided to comply. If his family doesn’t kill him with food, then God truly loves him.

“That’s more like it” she fed Dele with some semo. “Amaka why are you still standing there staring? Go get yourself some food, or do you want me to come feed you too?”

“No ma” Amaka quickly went into the kitchen to get something to eat. The last thing she wants is to be in Mrs. Ademola’s trouble.



When Jeffery got back to his house, he was surprised to find Jane standing in front of a mirror in their room, frowning at herself.

“What could be going on in your head?” He slipped his hands around her waist, nuzzling her neck.

“I think I’m beginning to add weight” she frowned at her image in the mirror.

“No you are not, you have your fat in all the right places” he kissed her cheek.

“No I’m being serious, I’m resuming my exercise routine tommorow morning”

The next morning Jane woke up feeling gingered, and fired up to exercise. By 6am she was already dressed in her gym outfit. Jeffery who had no choice but to join her was dressing up as well.

“Jeff be fast now, I want us to exercise for at least two hours before you leave for work”

Jeffery who was putting on his running shoes, had to pause.”babes you want to exercise for two hours straight?” He asked , laughing.

“What is funny? You had better wipe that smile off your face because I’m serious”

“All right, whatever you say, you are the boss” he raised his hands surrendering.

“That’s more like it”

When he was done putting on his shoes, took out his body spray, and the moment he sprayed it, Jane moved away from him covering her nose.

“Babes are you okay?” Jeffery asked as he got closer to her.

“I don’t know, but for some reason your body spray has the pungent smell that is turning my stomach” she kept shifting backwards to put a distance between herself and Jeffery.

“I don’t understand, but this is the same body spray I have always been using” he smelled himself to confirm if what Jane said was true, but the body spray still had it’s usual nice smell.

“Maybe it’s expired or something” Jane still had her nose covered.

Jeffery who was confused, picked up the can of body spray and checked for the expiry date, and wasn’t surprised to find that it’s expiry date is in a year’s time.

“Babes it has not expired, are you sure it’s the body spray?” He was still trying to come closer to Jane.

“Stay there now, stop trying to get closer”


Jane ran into the bathroom, and shut the door.

“Babes are you okay?” Jeffery stood at the door of the bathroom.


Few minutes later, Jane came out, but the moment she perceived the body spray on him again, she ran back into the bathroom, this time Jeffery followed her.

Jane sat down on the floor with her face in the toilet bowl, throwing up her stomach’s content. For some reason she couldn’t fathom why her system seems to be at riot. After vomiting everything she thought must have been the whole food in her stomach, she stood up, flushed the toilet, rinsed her mouth, and splashed some cold water on her face.

“Are you okay?” Jeffery asked, as he helped her back to the bedroom.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me” she lamented.

“Maybe you should lie down for a bit” he helped her to lie on the bed.

“Please go and take a shower and wash off that smell” she said to Jeffery.

Jeffery who was obviously hurt from being told he was smelling, decided to go and have his bath, but on a second thought came out and asked;


“Yes?” She had the duvet drawn over her head.

“When was the last time you saw your period?”

“Last month” she mumbled.

“Don’t you usually see it every third of the month, and today is 20th?”

“Yes, I told you those contraceptive pills were messing with my hormones, they make my menstruation irregular”

“Hmmm, okay”

“Oh my God” Jane pulled off the duvet from her head and sat up on the bed.

“Do you think I could be__?” Jane was too scared to mention what she was thinking.

“Well…..you just said those contraceptive pills have been messing with your hormones, so that could be the reason for your delayed period”

“You don’t seem convinced by that do you?” She was already scared.

“No no no you don’t have to be scared, it could be just another pregnancy scare, remember this has happened before”

“Okay” she laid down on the bed, her heart still filled with fear.


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