“Hi beautiful”

“Aren’t you supposed to be resting, why are you on the phone?”

Jeffery was discharged from the hospital four days after he came out of coma, that was because he bullied the doctor into allowing him to go home with the promise that he would be on bed rest for two weeks and a nurse will keep watch on him eight hours daily, a week is past already.

“This is my way of resting, talking to you is soothing ”

“You need to rest, remember your doctor’s prescription of adequate sleep and rest”

“And you honey pie are my prescription”

“Hmm, smooth”

“Tell me you don’t like that about me?”

“Now you are feeling yourself, I have work to do, so bye”

“Just before you go, would you be stopping over after work?”

“I’m not sure”

He has been trying to get Jane to visit him ever since he got discharged from the hospital and she keeps declining everytime.

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“Please…. I can have my driver to come pick you up so you don’t have to stress yourself, I need to see you”

“Alright I’ll stop by for a while”

“You just made my day, what time would you like my driver to come pick you up?”

“No need I will find my way, no argument needed bye”

Her relationship with Jeffery has been blossoming since he came out of coma, if they were not texting each other, they were talking on the phone, it’s a wonder how Jane has been able to get work done in the office this past week. Vivian has been distracted these past days, so she doesn’t even seem to notice much of Jane’s activities. She has been deeply absorbed in whatever was bothering her.

Jane was beginning to get used to talking to Jeffery all the time and she didn’t want that to happen. Jeffery has been doting on her this past week. Throughout last week she always came to work to see a gift or two waiting on her desk. She had to beg him to stop. Jane didn’t want Vivian to know she was getting close to Jeffery, that might get her in trouble with Vivian and she didn’t want that.

It was time for lunch, she decided to go into Vivian’s office and ask what she would be having for lunch.

“I’m not hungry, don’t worry about me you can go get something for yourself”

“Not even juice or a snack?”

“No, I’m fine thanks for asking and please hold my calls for the next hour after lunch”



Few minutes later Jane was in Amaka’s office waiting for her to round up with what she was doing so they could go for lunch together.

“Someone is glowing” Amaka said as she typed away in her desktop

“This is you snooping for gist, I will pass”

“Even if it’s just a little?”

“No, I only came to get you so we can go for lunch”

“Hmm but remember I used to give you update when you dying of suspense”

“Blackmail will get you no where, let’s go already”

Amaka is in the social media department of the company, so she always has access to news first-hand. And she kept updating Jane on all the news concerning Jeffery on social media when he went into coma.

Jane was always worried about him and she didn’t know what his condition was, that was before they became friends with his mother and could always visit him in the hospital.

“I think there is something bothering Vivian, she has not been herself lately”

“You said this some weeks back, have you been able to find out what’s bothering her?”

“No, she keeps saying nothing is wrong”

“Then nothing is wrong”

“I know something is wrong, I can feel it”

“Why don’t we talk about your feelings for Jeffery?”

“Amaka I have told you severally, I don’t have any feelings for him, he is just a friend”

“Oh, I didn’t know ‘just friends’ now send roses with romantic notes on them or do ‘just friends’ send you boxes of your best chocolates and cookies every morning?”

“Yes they do, now please eat your food”

“Really, how come you have never done any of these for me?”

“Now you are being unrealistic”

“Keep deceiving yourself, you like him admit it”

“Please let’s change the topic”

“Yes your majesty, remember you are coming with me to the boutique to pick a dress for my date with Desmond later tonight”

“What of Andrew, I thought you were trying to work things out with him?”

“Not anymore that guy is a lost case, I have moved on with my life”

“Amaka? okay just give me one good reason for breaking up with that guy”

“I have so many reasons”

Amaka just started dating Andrew few weeks back and he seemed like a nice guy, Jane was actually hoping they will last longer than the other guys Amaka dated.

“Do you know that guy finished two whole fishes the last time we went out?”

“I don’t understand, where is the crime in that?”

“Let me explain, he finished two large fishes all by himself, no let me rephrase that; he ate the two largest fishes I have ever seen. When Christ fed five thousand people in the Bible how many fishes did he use?”

“Three bread and two fishes?”

Jane was still confused she didn’t know what this was driving at.

“You still don’t get it do you?”


“That means he single handedly ate the food meant for five thousand people.”

“Hahahahaha.. you are joking right?”

“No I’m not, he ate the food five thousand people could have eaten, and when I pointed it out to him he said he was hungry. Okay if that’s not enough good reason for a break up, do you know that guy always has his socks on while having sx, Like who does that?”

“I think you are just looking for a way to break up with him”

“No I’m not, that guy is a glutton, he eats like he was starved of food in his previous life.”

“But is that a good reason to break up?”

“Yes for me it is.”

Jane was speechless, everytime Amaka gives her reasons for her break-up, Jane always thinks she has seen it all, until she hears the reason for her next breaup. Time for lunch was over so they went back to their offices.

“You didn’t say anything about following me to the boutique after work?”

Jane kept quiet averting Amaka’s gaze as she walked on.


“Yeah.. about that”

“What about it, do you have other plans?”

“Uhm….sort of, I’m going to see Jeffery”

“Hmmmm and they are just friends”

“Amaka it’s not what you are thinking”

“Yeah right keep telling yourself that not me, I’m off to my office”

As the day went by, Jane couldn’t wait for the end of work hours, the thought of seeing Jeffery made her happy. She couldn’t be any happier when it clocked 5:00pm. She had her things packed ready to leave, Vivian has already closed for the day, she had a family function to attend with her husband.

As much as Jane tries to hide her feelings for him, she likes Jeffery more than she can admit even to herself.

Jane stood outside her office building waiting for the Uber ride she ordered, Amaka had left already to go prepare for her date.

“Miss Jane ?”

Jane turned to see Jeffrey’s driver standing besides one of Jeffrey’s cars, she recognized him from the other times Jeffery had him drop her off after their meetings.

“Mr Solomon, what are you doing here?”

“My boss sent me to pick you”

“What? I told him to not bother, I ordered a ride already”

“I’m afraid you might have to cancel it ma’am”

Before Jane could reply, her phone rang, it was Jeffery calling.

“Before you say anything, just listen to me, it’s Friday and you know how hectic transportation in Lagos can be on Fridays, I don’t want you going through that, so please come with my driver”

“Wow.. you don’t take no for an answer do you?”

“No I don’t, be on your way already”

“Why the hurry, anything special happening?”

“Yes, I cooked”

“You what?”

“I said, I cooked why is that hard to believe?”

“It’s just that I never pictured the prestigious Jeffery Ademola as a cook”

“Now you are talking too much, get your ass down here the food is getting cold”


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