“Mommy.” Gigi called.

“Yes Sweetie?” I replied.

“Who’s my daddy?” She asked.

I raised my head and my heart started beating faster. What should I say? How should I explain to my daughter that she was born out of rappe?

I don’t even know who her daddy is. Everywhere was dark I couldn’t recognize the guy’s face.

WHO'S THE FATHER : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo


Monica Myers, a 21 years old, nice and caring young mother who loves her 5 years old daughter so much despite all the difficulties she faced during her high school days.

When Monica was 16 years old, she was the most popular girl in school. Everyone in the school loved her including her classmates, schoolmates, teachers and so on.

Monica has a sister, boyfriend and two best friends. Teddy and Bianca.

Teddy (Theodore Griffin) is a 17 years old guy who had a secret crush on his best friend (Monica) but is afraid to express his feelings to her.

Bianca Derek, a nice and quiet 16 years old girl, Monica’s childhood friend. They went to the same school together, cared for each other and used to be there for each other.

Justin Chris, Monica’s boyfriend, cute and cool guy who loved Monica dearly and vowed not to cheat on her. But always wanted to have sx with her but she didn’t agree.

Mia Myers, a 15 years old girl, Monica’s younger sister. These two loved each other, they’re the best sisters forever.

Monica had a great life. Perfect family even though they’re not rich. Perfect boyfriend and perfect best friends, perfect life.

But one day, everything crashed when Monica was trapped and rapped by someone. Then got pregnant for the unknown.

What happens when everyone finds out that she’s pregnant?

People begin to hate her and accused her of being a wh’re. No one wants to be her friend, her boyfriend dumped her, her parents hated her even best friend and sister. Everyone despised her.

Despite all what she went through, she refused to ab©rt the pregnancy.

The question is:
Who’s the father?

Will Monica ever find happiness after giving birth?

How will she raise her daughter after being kicked out of her parents house?

Where is she gonna live? What will she do with her daughter, Gigi?

Most important question I’ll ask again:
Who’s the father of Gigi?



I woke up, took my bath, applied my lavender lotion on my flawless skin, applied glam makeup on my face. then straightened my black long silky hair.

Then I wore my red Satin sleeveless tight pleated mini dress with black Chanel Tweed blazer with the black belt. Sprayed men Hummer perfume on my body.

I wore my black Gucci canvas toe pointed heels, then wore my black Chanel school handbag.

I checked myself in front of my full length LED light mirror and smiled confidently.

“I look beautiful as usual.” I said confidently and walked out of the my bedroom majestically.

Hi, I’m Monica Myers, I’m 16 years old, I’m half Filipino and half American so as my sister. I’m nice, kind, smart, hardworking girl with big dreams.

My dad, Sean Myers is an American man. While my mom Teresa Gomez is from Philippine and I love how my life is just perfect.

I know you guys will think I’m a rich girl or I come from a super wealthy family but no. I’m just a middle class girl who’s walking on her big dreams and is working on it at a very young age.

My dream is to be a very rich and successful businesswoman which made me a lot of money that I can even take care of myself.

In fact my bedroom is decorated with elegant circum wall mirror. Some pink and grey velvet throw pillow Handmade grey chunky knitted yarn blanket.

Some small circular LED lights. White hanging feathers chandelier. White elegant drawer. Transparent glass vase with tulips flowers.

I headed down stairs to the dining room and met my mom wearing her brown suit.
Dad wearing his doctor coat and Mia my little sister who’s just one year younger than me, she’s wearing a blue criss cross flare gown with black belt and a blue hair band with bow.

Everyone are still eating there breakfast.

“Good morning family.” I greeted as I kssed my mom and dad’s forehead.

“Good morning my princess.” Dad He replied.

“How was your night?” mom wearing her pink asked.

“Good as usual.” I replied.

“That’s perfect. Just like you.” mom praised.

I shrugged “I’m not that perfect.”

“But we’re so proud of you princess.” Dad added and I grinned.

I smiled at Mia.

“Morning Lil Sis.” I hugged my sister.

She laughed “Stop calling me Lil Sis, I hate that.”

“And I love you.” I squealed as I kssed her head repeatedly and she laughed.

I sat down beside her and ate my breakfast. Meatloaf and chocolate milk.

I might look rich but I’m not that rich like that but my family aren’t like that, we live in a white farmhouse, my mom works as a receptionist, my dad works as a doctor in a small hospital.

After having our breakfast, Mia and I kssed our parents goodbye and left the house to the garage.

We entered my 2006 Camry and I drove off. That’s right I have my own car that I bought myself.

Just because I have the money that can take of myself, anytime I have enough, sometimes I pay house rent, water and power bill, I’m even the one paying for Mia and my school fees.


I parked my car at the school parking lot and both of us came out of the car.

Diamond High, one of the biggest and most expensive school in Maine city and I still manage to pay Mia and my school fees.

“So let’s go.” I said.

Mia smiled and nodded “Okay sis.”

We entwined our hands and walked into the school hallway together.

People begin to admire us because we’re popular.

? Oh Em Gee! Monic looks so hot than before.

? She’s so beautiful.

? I love Monica’s silky long hair, I wish I’m her.

? Please marry me Monic!!

? She’s so prettier than her sister.

? Monica is gonna be the most successful woman in the world after she graduates from high school.

? Yeah, people says high school popular girls and boys are always forgotten after living high school but Monic is gonna crush that statement.

? I love her.

I shook my head with a smile listening to their gossips and Mia and I went to our various lockers.

I opened my locker which totally looks luxurious, decorated with purple and white wallpaper, small LED circle lights, glass shelves, cute small white teddy bears and pearls and so on.

I brought out my Business studies textbook and closed my locker.

“Hey, babe!” Bianca approached me and gave me a hug. Copy my story and suffer.

Bianca is my blonde best friend, she’s cute, stylish, nice but sometimes rude. She’s wearing a pink long sleeve tight crop top, a cream colour flare pleated skirt and black high boots and her pink Louis Vuitton backpack. Her blonde hair free and cute.

“Good morning.” I greeted and we disengaged.

“So, are you ready for the school student conference meeting?” She asked as she opened her pink locker next to mine.

“Always ready.” I said as I flipped my hair proudly and Bianca giggled.

She cringed immediately “Ew, look at Teddy and Stephanie making out.” She whispered.

I turned and saw them kissing passionately. I don’t like Stephanie at all but since Teddy’s happy with her. Bianca doesn’t even like it at all.

I rolled my eyes “Don’t be too annoyed like that Teddy is our best friend.” I scoffed as I closed my locker.

“I’m not trying to be annoyed but I just don’t like Stephanie, she’s too proud, arrogant and always bully nerds. Why does that innocent Teddy gets to date that blonde bch?” Bianca said feeling annoyed.

I shrugged as I hung my handbag over my shoulder and hugged my book “Maybe they have some weird connections for each other, that’s how I feel for Justin.”

“Justin is a cool and handsome guy which rich and adorable parents and you two love each other.” Bianca said.

“Exactly, sometimes Justin is controlling but I still love him. That’s how Teddy and Stephanie feel for each other.” I shrugged.

Bianca sighed as she closed her locker “I guess you’re right babe. I just hate Stephanie but at least Teddy’s happy.”

The both of us smiled at each other. Teddy and Stephanie were done with their made out.

Stephanie spotted us and smirked “Fk you.” She mouthed silently at us and left.

“That’s it. I’m gonna ruin that bch.” Bianca snapped as she wanted to fi..ght Stephanie but I hugged her to stop.

“No don’t.” I said till she calm down.

I noticed Teddy’s eye zapping me feeling nervous.


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