In this article titled; How to improve Solar Leads, we shall discuss;

A) How to stop losing money on online solar leads in 3 simple steps

B) 5 Promising Solar Leads Generation Avenues in 2022

C) 6 Solar Marketing Ideas to Generate leads.


I know one of your most important needs right now is to get High-quality solar leads that will boost your business.

Over the past few years, purchased solar leads have become the only source of growth for many budding solar agents and companies.

However, there are occurring dead leads that have been sold to several solar companies in that same location, this makes it so competitive and hard for agents and companies to close 6 figures deals in the solar market!

While there are many ways of generating leads, designing a highly converting leads capture solar landing page and running a profitable Facebook ads campaign has been the main and greatest tools used in generating exclusive solar leads for agents and companies.

A) How to stop losing money on online solar leads in 3 simple steps

If your Online Solar leads aren’t turning into appointments, you’re losing money.

Here are 3 effective steps to fix it and lose less money.

1?) Real-time follow-up:
When a potential customer fills up the lead form you must call the lead up immediately.?

In fact, you have a better chance of turning a lead into a conversion in the first five minutes than you do after just 30 minutes.

47 percent of companies never even respond to leads. Meanwhile, the median time for a company that does call back is three-plus hours, yet we always blame the leads for being “bad.”

Plus, you can increase the percentage of leads you contact from 48% to 93% by calling six times, not once. Don’t just call once on the first day and again on day two. Call 3 times within the first 30 minutes, once after hour three, and on day two, for example.

Start calling up leads immediately and you’d get more appointments booked.

2?) Instant messaging:
When you’re running an ad to your landing page/website Livechat should be your most prominent lead capture method.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, lead forms are data-driven instead of customer-driven. (While learning from the data you collect is important, it’s just that what you can learn directly from your customers, through talking to them one-on-one, is more important.)

Plus, Livechat is a real-time lead generation channel, which means you can capture and qualify leads faster and the leads no longer have to wait.

You’d still have to obey the 5 minutes rule to get the most out of Livechats. Chatbots can also help start and continue conversations when all your appointment setters are busy or offline.

3?) Automate follow-up:
I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation more than once where you book an appointment but the
prospect doesn’t show up on the appointed date. No message or call from them to explain their absence.

I bet it was the most annoying thing that happened to you that day.

One way to drastically reduce the number of “No-Shows” is to follow up with reminders effectively.

It is best to follow up appointments between 4-6 times before the set date. For example, you can send out reminders two days before, one day before, at 8 am on the set date and one hour before the meeting to prep your prospect for the appointment.

Doing this for all of your leads is important but it is time-consuming and you might forget. Creating appointment campaigns for text and email reminders can help you out.

Scheduling software like Calendly has auto follow-up features that let you send out reminders automatically to appointments.


B) 5 Promising Solar Lead Generation Avenues in 2022

– Door Knocking
– Referrals
– Paid Ads
– SMS Marketing
– Follow Up Automation 24 hours

C) 6 Solar Marketing Ideas To Generate Leads

1. Customer Referrals and Testimonials

Solar is a big investment for a lot of people, so asking for a testimonial or rewarding a customer referral is a great way to secure more leads that convert.

2. Promote Any Finance Options
Payment plans ease the pain of a large upfront solar investment for a home or business owner. Sharing finance options will encourage your lead further down the purchase decision process.

3. Understand The Needs of Your Local Market
No doubt there are a number of suburbs within the radius of your solar business that you’re targeting.

4. Invest in Leads Generating Facebook/Google Ads.
Promotion on Social Platforms

Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn can work well for solar dealers who understand their market and know what message to send. We’ve worked with lots of solar dealers on these platforms and find it to be a fun and cost effective way to generate leads and increase engagement.

5.Email Marketing

Setting up an automated email campaign is a smart way for solar dealers to manage their sales funnel more effectively.

You not only free up your sales team, it allows them to focus on quality leads. You can then track the interest of the lead by reviewing open rates, click through rates and any other actions they take after receiving your email.

6. Review Your Website

Keep your website updated and mobile responsive. Does it display the latest products and services you are offering? Do you have up-to-date information on recent tariff changes or upcoming government solar schemes? A blog post, for example, would be an ideal way to share current, relevant information.

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