By Tolu Writes





I was sitting at the stairs drawing pictures, waiting for my mommy to pick me up from school.

I know she’s very busy with work and chores just to make me happy so I’m not annoyed at all. I just miss her.

“Gigi sweetie, what are you still doing here?” My class teacher, Mrs Randall said as she sat beside me.

WHO’S THE FATHER : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“Where is your mommy?” She asked.

“My mommy will be here soon. She’s just busy.” I shrugged.

Mrs Randall sighed “Your mommy is always busy with work that she can’t even take care of her own daughter. Are you sure she’s not going to parties?”

I frowned “Hey, don’t talk about my mommy like that. She works so hard to make me happy and she always have time for me.”

“Yeah right. Anyway, if you need food and help, just inform me. Okay? I don’t trust that girl.” Mrs Randall blurted.

I stood up angrily “I said don’t talk about my mommy like that! She’s the best and you should apologize to her and I don’t need any help!!!” I yelled rudely.

“Ginger!!!” I heard my mom’s angry voice.


She approached me “What did I tell you about talking to strangers like that?”

I pouted “I’m sorry mommy. She’s being mean…”

“Enough, you should apologize.” She scolded.

I fold my arms angrily “No, I won’t tolerate anyone who insult my mom.”

“Apologize or no cartoon tonight.” she threatened.

I frowned with a pout “I’m sorry Mrs Randall.”


I smiled “Good girl.” I patted her head “Get in the car and wait for me.”

“Alone?” Mrs Randall asked.

I nodded “Yes, my friend China is in the car with her.”

“Yay! Aunt China!” Gigi cheered as she ran to my black 2007 Honda car.

“You’re leaving your daughter with a stranger?” Mrs Randall asked.

I rolled my eyes “China is my roommate and she helped me a lot and she’s Gigi’s best friend.”

“Why are you so late to pick up your daughter or did you forget about her just to go to parties?” Mrs Randall asked.

I frowned “Excuse me. I’ve been busy with work, my boss added more time to my shift, I had to come late. I don’t have time for parties. Parties make me sick.” I explained.

“What’s your job? A stripper?” she asked.

“Excuse me? I’m a waitress, as you can see, I’m wearing a waitress uniform.” I said holding my blue and yellow Big Burger’s shirt.

“You know you should be ashamed of yourself. Aren’t you too young to be a mother?” Mrs Randall asked.

“Aren’t you too old to mind your business?” I retorted.

“Hey watch your mouth, girl?” Mrs Randall warned.

“Just leave me and my daughter alone.” I said as I walked away from her angrily.

I entered my black Honda angrily.

“Nika, what’s wrong?” China asked.

I sighed angrily “It’s just…” I wanted to explain everything and say curse words but I noticed Gigi’s here.

“I’ll tell you at home.” I said.

China smiled “It’s okay Monica.”

“Mommy, can I get ice cream?” Gigi asked.

“Baby, I haven’t receive my salary yet, I’m broke right now, but I promise, I’ll get your favourite ice cream and cheeseburgers.” I said.

“Okay mommy. I hope you receive your salary soon.” Gigi said.

“Don’t worry Gigi, I’ll get you one scoop of ice cream.” China said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait for mommy.” Gigi said.

“Come on Gigi, let aunt China buy you some ice cream.” I said.


I inserted the key, alighted the car and drove off to an stand and China bought some ice cream for three of us.

“What are you supposed to say Gigi?” I asked.

“Thank you Aunt China.” Gigi appreciated.

China smiled “You’re welcome, you little sweet.”

We went back to the car and I drove off again.

You’re probably wondering how my life life has gotten into this.

5 years ago, I couldn’t bear the pain, shame, taunts, poverty and everything.

I even noticed my sister took over everything I owned.

I just couldn’t bear the embarrassment so I decided to make some passports, tickets and other documents then I flew to another city, Florida.

People like Mrs Randall were still taunting me for being a teenage pregnant girl but I didn’t let that get into me again.

I still didn’t have a place to live or money to rent. The money I had, I used it for my flight.

I was living in the streets till China found me and took me to her house which is three bedroom and parlour apartment.

She’s like God’s angel sent to me who helped me a lot, with food, shelter, baby stuffs and work.

She made me work with her as a waitress at a small restaurant called Big Burger.

Still I was not that happy, I was totally depressed because of what I went through in Maine State.


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