Woman Shares Her Husband’s Chat With His Pastors Wife.

A social media user who is pained has cried out, exposing her husband’s chat with their church pastor.

The lady who cried out for help narrated the incident as follows

According to her, her husband worships with a church which she didn’t state the name for some reasons. Her husband has long served in the choir unit even before they both married.

The young couples have being married for about 8 months now. According to the woman, she noticed her pastors wife calls her husband frequently and even during odd hours.

All these has raised her suspicious and she has tried to dig into her husband’s chat but all to no avail.

Yesterday which was valentines day, her husband tried lying to her that he was going out for a meeting but she didn’t approve of it because it was valentines day and a day set aside for lovers. Her husband later agreed with her and they both went out to have fun.

During their time out, she noticed her husband was always with his phone chatting with someone but she couldn’t really get who the person was. She however tried to make him a drunk of which she succeeded and when they got home, she opened his chats and found out he has been chatting with their pastors wife.

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