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Season 2(chapter 8)

(not edited)

She is Jin-Hyuk daughter

This is not possible

This can’t be possible

‘daddy meet my doll aunt’ she said as she dragged her dad towards me

‘hello’ he said

‘hi Mr jin’ I replied proudly

‘you know each other’ she asked

‘yes we do’ i answered

‘but Trisha darling, why didn’t you tell me that Mr jin is your father’ I asked

‘well you didn’t ask me’ she replied and I sighed ‘come on daddy and doll aunt let have some drink in the coffee shop’ she said

‘In the coffee shop’ I asked

‘yes doll aunt please do not say no’ I said

Jin-Hyuk and I stared at each other before I said ‘sure let have some drinks and snacks’

‘yipeee’ she jumped and laughed

Jin-Hyuk, Trisha and I walked into the coffee shop and we both sat down on a table

It was obvious Jin-Hyuk and I were kinda uncomfortable being together

But we do not have to let the little girl be aware of the feud between us

She is too innocent for that

‘doll aunt, I told you my daddy also looks like a doll, take a look at him very handsome, don’t you think two dolls are meant to be together’ she said and we both coughed

‘what wrong’ she asked

‘it nothing’ Jin-Hyuk replied

‘doll aunt when I grow up I want to be pretty just like you’ she said and I smiled

‘come here’ i said and she moved away from Jin-Hyuk and walked towards me and I carried her on my laps

‘when you grow up, you won’t be pretty like me’ I said

‘but why’ she asked looking sad

‘because when you grow up you will be far prettier than you’ i said

‘really’ she said

‘yes my dear’ I said

She smiled and kissed my cheek while I also smiled

I stared at them

They looked so much alike

Jina is really the doll Aunt Trish is calling her

Very beautiful

Extremely beautiful i couldn’t take my eyes off her

I just wish this was my family

Not that mina family

‘doll aunt tell me what is your real name’ she asked

‘jina, my name is jina’ she said

‘jina, Trisha, our name kind of rhymes’ she said

‘waaaaaw, I did not realise that’ I said

‘doll aunt where is grumpy aunt’ I asked

‘she had some important work so she had to leave’ jina said

‘ohhhhhhh, can you excuse me i need to go to the bathroom’ she said as she ran towards the bathroom

Jina and I were both alone now which makes us feel kind of uncomfortable

‘jina sorry miss Lee can I talk to you’ I asked

She crossed her leg and rested her back on the chair and started tracing her coffee cup with the tip of her finger as she focused on it

She looked up at me and said

‘you have a lovely daughter Mr jin’

‘why are you doing this, aren’t you willing to talk about what happened in the past’ I asked

She smirked and said

‘you a big time business man, don’t you have things to do… I am only sitting here with you because of your daughter, I really like that girl and I do not want to say no to her’ she said and I sighed

I was in my car when I turned to the left only to see jina and Jin-Hyuk sitting together having coffee through

‘stop the car’ I told the driver

I got down from the car and walked angrily towards them

‘how dare you’ i said to jina as I picked up a drink from the table and splashed it on her face

‘doll aunt’ Trisha shouted

‘what the hell’ Jin-Hyuk said looking upset

‘I told you stay away from my husband, why can’t you just stay away from him’ I shouted

She brought out a tissue from her bag and cleaned her body with it

She is always wearing either white or black and today she is wearing a white top and a grey skirt

I was absolutely sure I ruined her top and it must worth a lot but who cares

She can’t always dress prettier and look better than me and think she can just flirt with my husband

‘mummy you shouldn’t have ruined doll aunt doll dress’ I said

‘you keep your mouth shut okay’ I said to Trisha

‘what the heck is your problem, how can you stoop so low, don’t you see that you going crazy’ Jin-Hyuk said

‘yes am going crazy and it all thanks to her why does she have to be with you’ I shouted angrily

Jina wiped her cloth with tissue, stood on her feet and walked out of the coffee shop without saying a word

‘very bad mum, very bad’ Trisha said as she ran after jina

Like mother like daughter

Jin-Hyuk glares at Me and it was obvious he has the urge to kill me right now

I walked out of the coffee shop looking upset

‘doll aunt, doll aunt’ Trisha called

I stopped and looked at her

‘Trisha , what are you doing here’ I asked

‘well am sorry for what my mum did’ she said

I see she is wiser than her mum

‘it nothing my dear, please go back to your mum and dad’ I said

‘doll aunt will i see u again’ she asked

‘ofcas I will’ I said as I kissed her head ‘now go back to your mum’ I said as she said goodbye and ran into the shop

Little does your mum know that she is going to suffer a lot

‘Here transfer this amount to my account’ Mina said

‘5. 9 billion dollars, what do you need that amount for’ he asked ?

‘well I need it for our company, we going bankrupt’ i said

‘it quit ironic that you think i will give you that amount after that ridiculous scene you created’ he said

‘so you not going to give me money just cas I embarrassed your ex girlfriend’ I asked

‘forget jina, I will never give you that ridiculous amount of money’ he said as he stood on his feet ‘borrow some money from the mortgage bank’ he said as he walked away

Damn my faith

I have a terrible husband

Just 5.9 billion dollars

He worth 50× of that


‘Did you borrow money from the mortgage bank ‘ I asked my mum on the phone the next day

‘yes and I bought the company already come take a look at it’ she replied

I walked out of the house and went to meet my mum in the office and we both went to Parka company

‘what are you guys Doin at the entrance, let us in’ i said

‘who are you guys’ they asked

‘we are the new owner of parka’ we said

‘new owner of parka, the owner of this company has gone bankrupt long ago and it is owing huge debts in the business world, why will you wanna buy something like this’ they said

‘what!!!!!’ mum and I said

‘no I refuse to believe this’ I said

‘that just it ma’m parka company is long gone’ they said

‘no this can’t be right’

‘mum let go Home and call that man, their must be a logical explanation’ i said

‘okay, let go home’ she said panicking

When we got to mum mansion which is next to jin mansion we were shocked to see bodyguards standing in front of our house

‘what is this’ i asked

‘ma’ m this is a private property, please go’ The man said

‘private property, what the hell are you talking about’ I asked

‘this property belongs to someone else’ he said

‘no it doesn’t, this is our house, my mums house’ I said

‘well am sorry but it belongs to some one else now’ he said

‘you are crazy let us in’ mum and I shouted

A woman walked towards us and told us to come in and we did

‘insolent fools’ I said to the bodyguards as I walked into the building only to see my mum belongings and some of my belongings on the floor outside

‘what going on?’ I asked

‘well Madam your entire property has been bought including your company, cars, houses and casinos’ she said

‘what, bought, by who?’ I asked

‘this is my own house who bought it’ my mum asked

‘that will be me ‘ a voice said from the stairs and we looked up to see who it was

‘jina! ‘ my mum and I said

She was wearing a white short dress with button design as she walked down the stairs looking pretty and classy with a mischievous smile on her face

‘I bought the property’ she said.

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