WORLDS APART: Episode 31-40

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 31

It’s been a week now since the incident happened,I have been living with Anna since then, her mom is really lovely she’s treating me like her own child.

All the scars in my body had cleared off, all thanks to Danny , that police station was shut down , I haven’t seen Jay niether Liam .

I heard Liam resigned and Mabel had been crying since then and he also left the country I also felt bad, at least he would have told me goodbye.

I don’t really want to talk about my house, because it got burnt, I could only get hold of my generational wrapper that has been with me since day one.

I haven’t met Mabel’s dad neither have I met her mom since the incident, but I would make sure they both pay.

Ara, Anna and I had been the best of friends so far, Ara apologies of her rude behavior towards me, but she’s really a nice person.

Danny’s mom visited two days ago and bought me clothes shoes bags and everything a girl would ever need and also took me out for outing and made me feel love.

What are you thinking babe Anna said walking inside my room, well I could see the excitement on her face she went on a date with Charles.

So how was your date I asked.

Oh my God he’s so cool and r0mantic, he took me to a restaurant the place alone smelt of riches after that we had dinner and he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes she screamed happily.

Wow so you guys are now dating i asked.

Yes and it ended with a hot sx, menh he fks so good, I felt like I was already in heaven she said as she wrapped her hands around herself.

Hey girls keep your voice down, it’s already late I heard Anna’s mom said.

Sorry mom Anna yelled back.

I bet Jay won’t be able to fk that way, girl am missing his dk already she said and I sl@pped her head.

What for she asked.

You are spoiling me I said and she frowned.

Just say you haven’t fked before she said mockingly.

The truth be told I don’t have fantacies about that, but being with Jay makes me think rubbish.

Then you are not even a vrgin girl she said happily.

Yeah I was r@ped twice when I was 9 in the street, I bl.eed for days I thought I was gonna die but here I am I said fighting back the tears.

Am so sorry babe, I never meant to remind of your ugly past she said.

It’s nothing I would just go bath I said and she walked out.

Next morning

I was already dressed for school, Ara also attends the same school with us but she was in a lower grade but she’s going to the camp with us.

Breakfast is ready mom said.

Morning aunt I said as I kssed her both Cheeks.

Morning dear how was your night she asked.

It was fine Anna said coming down.

Are you me I asked.

Yes am you, but the difference is that you are white and am black so get that into your skull she said.

Cr@zy girl I muttered under my breath.

We are both cr@zy she said sitting down.

Hi girls Ara said coming in.

Wow you came early today is something wrong I asked.

Come on I just decided to, she said and rolled her eyes so let’s get going she said walking out.

I drank my tea and dump the bread same with Anna and we walked out. Soon we were down the highway to school.

We pulled at the school parking lot and Ara parked her car.

We walked the hallway to class and settled down. Danny just smiled at me, he was sitting with Jay, while Mabel was with her friends.

Break time.

Anna and I walked to our normal spot at the cafeteria and Ara was already there.

So what’s popping girls, I feel like su.cking a dk now Ara said.

Did you have to say that loud I asked as the waitress’s dropped our food.

Common babe you don’t wanna fk doesn’t mean I shouldn’t she said.

That’s enough Anna said.

You wanna say something, when I heard you scre@ming my brother’s name last night,yeah baby go ha.rder she said m0aning and I could see the embrassment in Anna face as she quickly covered her mouth, I couldn’t help but laugh.

That was gross I said, just then Mabel and her friends passed and Alvira purposely poured drink on Ara’s body lol,?????? someone is gonna die today.

Ara has hot temper followed by Anna, but am worst.

Who did that Ara asked camly for the first time.

Oops sorry Alvira said and tried walking away but Ara dragged her back and slammed her face on the table and decorated her face with pancakes, the btch was just yelling and crying even her friends watched helplessly.

Ara that’s enough I said admist laughter as everyone watched.

So even you Ara had joined the group of sl.ums humans Mabel said in a disgusting manner.

Shut that thing you call mouth fool, you are no difference from someone whose life is misrable Ara fired back at her.

You are misrable one here Mabel said angrily.

Oh I can feel you pain dear, just watch as everything turns out good for us and please if you are really pained you can at least locate the nearest transformer and end your misrable life Ara said and everyone burst into laughter.

Jay’s Pov

Answer the d@mn questions Ara I screamed angrily at her, even our parents just watched.

Yes I gave the btch the beating of her life, because that’s what she deserves she yelled back at me.

Ara let this be the last time you hit Alvira this way because the next time is really gonna be bl00dy I don’t care if you are my sister or not I said.

Did you ask what really happened, she poured wine on my body first yet you are supporting her she said and ran to her room crying.

Oh no Ara please wait I said as I ran after her.

Next morning

Danny’s Pov

This was the tenth time mom was hugging me, dad had been shocked on our closeness, mom am gonna be fine I groaned.

Why don’t you take some securities along mom said.

Mom don’t worry about me, I would be fine I said as I walked towards Jay who has been waiting for me,Ara wasn’t with him.

Anna’s Pov

It’s really hard letting you guys go a whole week am gonna be bored mom said crying.

Come on aunt we are both gonna be fine Mara said assuring her.

Promise me girls she said.

We promise we both chorus.

Ok you can go now she said as we walked towards Ara who had been waiting like forever.

We drove straight to the airport, me, Ara, Mara, Danny, Mabel, Jay, Elsa, Alvira, were using Jay’s private jet. We are not going with the school bus, am just so excited right now.

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