MY NANNY: Chapter 1-10


?She’s my best friend?

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Synopsis ?

His name is Mr Ryan Ramirez…

The CEO of Ramirez group of companies.

One of the biggest company in the whole Philippines…

A very strict and mean man….

Who despises the word “WOMEN”…..

Though he has a girlfriend Betty.

Betty is determined to keep to him no matter the cost.

She’s ready to do anything for his love.

Ryan doesn’t really love her but she keeps forcing herself on him.

One more thing…

Ryan is actually a single father of a very beautiful little girl.

Her name is Ella Ramirez….

She was just a poor lonely little girl since her dad was always too busy for her.


Their lives changed when she emerged the picture…

She is Julia Roberts…..

The poor daughter of a widow…

Circumstances led her into the mansion of the second richest family in the whole Philippines.

Which is the Ramirez family.

And what happens when little Ella finds her as a bosom friend? ?

Is she going to cope with such a mean man as a master? ?

Will Betty let her be? ??

What kind of fate awaits Julia? ?

What plans does Betty have?

Do you want to get answers to this questions??

Find out in this intriguing story.. ?

Stay tuned!



?She’s my best friend?

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Chapter 01?

Julia’s Pov:

I breathed heavily as I stood in front of the giant gate of the mansion.

Actually there is a signboard written “A nanny needed urgently”.

I guess I should try my luck.

I hope I’d get this job so that I can be able to foot my sick little sister’s bill.

The estate is a wonderful one….

Very quiet and peaceful.

I was about to knock on the gate when suddenly, a lady stormed out of the compound furiously.

“That useless man! He’s so mean and cruel… How dare him?” She groaned angrily.

? What’s up with her? ? I thought

“Uhmm… Hey! What’s the matter?” I asked

She was already flagging down a cab.

“Who else but Mr Ryan? Just because he is rich, he just treats every other person like trash… I wanted this anyway if I didn’t come here to apply for his daughter’s nanny then I wouldn’t be talked to so rudely” She said annoyed as she entered the cab and it drove off.

I was g0bsmacked…

Before I could step an inch, three other girl stormed out as well murmuring in anger.

They snubbed me and walked away still cursing Mr Ryan.

I became more confused…

What do I do now? ?

Should I still go there to try my luck? ?

He must be such a meanie….

I turned my back to leave but I thought about my sister Cindy whose very sick.

She’s suffering from leukemia….

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

I have to do this for her sake and I really need the money.

I walked into the gate…

My heart was racing…

Let me do a little intro about myself

My name is Julia Roberts….

Am 24 years old and fatherless too.

Father died while I was in high school and mother struggled to take care of me and my younger sister Cindy.

Since then, you can term our lives as suffering.

Especially now that my sister’s sickness is getting worse.

My dear poor mother does nothing but hawk quail eggs and peanuts.

So that we can survive….

The least I can do is to help out by working…

This is my story…

Oops! We will talk later guys!

Am in the mansion already ?


I was led into the beautiful mansion to wait for Mr Ryan.

I looked around the huge sitting room.

“Money is very good” I nodded my head.

I walked around slowly touching the golden tables and chairs.

“Hey….” I heard a manly voice yell at me.

It’s probably Mr Ryan.

I quickly stood still and bow my head in fear.

?Oh Father Lord! Please help me get this job? I prayed within myself.

“Good day sir!” I greeted but he snorted as he sat on a cushion.

He looked at me from his eyeglasses.

There was absolute tranquility for almost thirty minutes while I was dying of anxiety.

His eyes were fixed on the newspaper he was holding.

My legs were already hurting from standing.

He was so relaxed like there was no one in the room with him.

“Hey lady! Can you pack that messy hair of yours… You look so disgusting!” He said mannerlessly.

I gulped nervously.

I felt so insulted but I have no choice.

I quickly brushed my hair backwards.

“Jeez! Is this how you are gonna make my daughter’s hair look? What kind of a nanny are you?” He scoffed

“Am…. Am sorry sir!” I said with shaky voice

“Sorry for your fking self…” He yelled at me.

I inhaled sharply.

He took off his eyeglass and looked at me in disdain.

“What is your name?” He asked

“Julia Roberts sir!” I said sharply

“Hey! Just move away from my couch! You might make it dirty with your rotten body” He said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I started looking at myself.

Come on guys believe me, I don’t look dirty.

He’s such a rude man….

He doesn’t even smile.

I walked far away from the couch.

“Have you worked as a nanny before?” He asked with his eyes fixed on the newspaper

“No sir…. but I can take good care of your daughter and…” I said

“Shut up!” He screamed at me as I quickly shut my mouth.

This man is h0rrible!

“I can’t hire a pig for my daughter as a nanny… Please just get out of here now” He said as he sipped his wine.

My g0sh!

I’ve never seen such a meanie before…

I blinked my eyes trying to stop tears from running down my face.

He doesn’t even care…

After wasting my precious time ?

I sluggishly walked away.

“Sc.ram! Just get away faster!” He said.

“Daddy! I want her!” a tiny voice said from the stairs.

We turned around.

To my greatest surprise, it was a very beautiful little girl.

She stood on the stairs with her hands folded as she pouted her mouth.

I gasped in shock….


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