By Worthy stories


Just a little introduction about Dalton Bryant and Clara Edwards,

“Look into my eyes Clara.

Look into my eyes”, he said, as he turned my head up,

with his fingers under my chin and made me look at him.

I slowly everted my eyes to meet his, only to loose myself in them.


“You are only mine Clara. Your body, soul and heart are only mine.

Remember that”, he said in my ear.


Dalton Bryant

Dalton Bryant, is the son of Alfonso Rafelle Bryant.

His mother died when he was five years old.

Alfonso, didn’t marry anyone after the death of her, cause he loved her so much.

From then on, Alfonse drowned himself in work and took less care about Dalton.

Dalton rose without the love of mother and father.

He never saw how love is and he never knew.

So, he became heartless. He doesn’t believe in love.

But he respects his father so much. After completing his degree in business management, he went to join army.

He always loved to be a soldier. He is one of the best soldiers.

Though Alfonso didn’t like the idea of him joining in army,

he didn’t want to stop his son, from doing what he wanted.

Now, after four years, Alfonso called back his son.

Cause he is going to die soon, due to the lung cancer.

He didn’t want Bryant’s empire to fall down,
that their grandfather and father built with so much effort.

Dalton came back from the army to visit his father.

After two months, Alfonso died due to the monster disease and left all the assets and empire to Dalton.

Dalton didn’t even let a tear fall as his father died.

Even though he felt pain that’s breaking him, he never showed it out.

From then on Dalton kept taking care of the whole business and has been running it successfully.

So, that’s how Dalton is…

Clara ????????

Clara is a beautiful, happy girl. With a kicka$s mother and an over-protective g.ay brother, her life is going happy without any problems.

Even though took good care of her, she somehow felt the emptiness of having a father.

She has a beautiful heart along with a beautiful face.

Her life is like an everyday Christmas.

All she wanted is a job.
So, that’s how Clara is…

They say opposite attraction

Read the story of a beautiful Clara and the sexy heartless Dalton…


By Worthy stories

Episode: 1

Clara’s pov ?

“Clara, baby wake up! It’s already 8.30 AM!

You will be late!”, I heard my mother shouting from downstairs.

I shot up from the bed like a bullet. What?! It’s already 8.30!?

I am so going to be late for the interview, which is at 9 AM!

It’s all Derek, my stupid brother’s, fault.

Last night we all went to a club, because my brother’s long time boyfriend Chris, broke up with him,
and my brother was heart broken.

If I ever see Chris again, I will ki¢k him in his balls.

How dare he broke my big brothers heart?!


My mother would even kill Chirs, and go to jail, because he broke up with my brother!

I brushed off the thought, and quickly went to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth.

Then, I bathed, and came out. I wore a pair of black pencil skirt, and a white shirt.

I brushed my hair, and put it in a ponytail, letting fall back to my waist.

I took my files, and other important papers in the folder, and came down.

“Clara, where are you going? Don’t go out without eating your breakfast!”, I heard my mother shout.

“But mom, i’m already late. Derek, tell mom, please.” I gave my brother, a pleading look.

“No, i’m not getting in between you two! Whenever I talk, it’s me who gets damage.

” he said, while stuffing pancakes in his mouth.

“Mom, please? I will eat on the way. I love you. Bye, bye, bye.” I said, while kssing her cheek,

and came out of the door, even though, I hear my mother calling me, and my brother laughing.

I took a taxi and went to Bryant Constructions Company.

I gave money to the taxi driver and he went off.

I stood there and watched. It’s a very, big glass building with the company name on it.

I let out a breathe and went inside. I went to the door, and a man of middle forties, opened the door.

“Good morning ma’am.” He said, while smiling at me, kindly.

“Good morning.” I smiled back at him.

His smile widened. I gave him a confused look, and went inside to the reception.

There is a woman, of early thirties applying loads of red, lipstick. I made a disgusted face.

I hate that color of lipsticks! I don’t want to drink petrol!

“Uh… Good morning ma’am. I came here for an interview for pers-“. I guess I startled her.

“Oh dear, sorry. The interview is at 10 AM.

It is delayed this morning. You can wait, in the waiting area.” She said,

while pointing to the waiting area, where a lot of people are.

“Uh… Is it okay, if I go out?”.
“It’s okay. But come back, by 10.” She smiled.

She is very kind I smiled, and went out I am feeling so hungry.

So, I went to a coffee shop, which took me ten minutes, by walking.

There is a long line. God! I waited, until my turn, to take the coffee, and look for available seat. I searched,

but there was no seat available. Seriously! Every seat was occupied.

I looked around, and found an empty seat, but it was in front of a man.

I could only see the man’s back Looks like no one is sitting with him .

Maybe, he doesn’t mind sharing a table.

I went near the table. He was reading the business newspaper,

“Excuse me”, I called out. He looked up from the newspaper to look at me.

Am I hit with tons of hotness? Cause, that’s how I am feeling right now!

He had dark, brown eyes, like chocolate.

My favourite flavor!

He also had a five O’ clockshadow. He looked like he was in his late, twenties.

He is so hot! He was wearing a black suit, with a white shirt, and a black tie.

Hey, same pinch, we are wearing same color shirts! Clara, come out of your dream world!

He will probably think you are mentally ill!

“May I sit here, if you don’t mind? Cause, there are no seats available.”

He kept looking at me. His gaze was so intimidating.

“Yes, you can. I don’t mind.” He said in a deep, Italian accent.

His voice sent chills down my spine.
“Thank you.”

I said, while sitting down, and taking a sip of my coffee.

I can feel his gaze on me, and I squirmed, uncomfortably, in my seat.

I looked up at him, to meet his eyes. Even though, he caught me staring at him, he didn’t turn his gaze.

He is still staring at me like I am Mona Lisa, that came out of the painting, drawn by Leonardo Davinci.

I bit my lip, feeling nervous.
“Don’t.” I hear him say, and looked at him.

“Don’t bite your lip.” He said, while looking at my lips.

God, he is so hot! Wait? Is he gay?!

Cause, most of the hot guys, turn out to be gay! Like, Matt Bomer. Why does he have to be gay?!

I used to have a crush on him! He broke my heart!

Okay, even if this guy is a gay, I can pair him up, with my brother.

He is way, too, hot! Hotter than Chris. Wait! Chris can’t even compete with him!

“Um… Can I ask you something?” I asked, as he stood up, to leave.

He turned back, and looked at me.
He nodded, his head, for me to continue.

I stood up along with him. He was staring at me again.

“Are you g.ay?”.
He looked shocked, for a moment.

Then, he looked angry. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask a person you just met! Way to go,

“I am sorry. I didn-“, before I could continue what I was saying, his lips were on mine.

His hands were on my waist and my neck.

I just stood there, shocked. He squeezed my waist, and I gasped at the contact.

I could smell his cologne. He gripped my neck, and waist, and pulled me closer to him.

My chest was touching his.
I don’t know what’s happening, and when I got my consciousness back, his lips were not on mine anymore. He was smirking at me.

“I guess that gives you the answer.”
He said, and left.

That’s when, I noticed that there were two guards, walking fast, along with him.

One of his guard, opened the door for him, as he sat in a limousine, and looked at me, through the glass, of the shop, before closing the door.

The two guards, sat in front, and they drove away.

I turned back, and saw everyone, was looking.

I picked up my folder, coffee, and left the cafe.

Way to embarrass myself! I looked down, at my watch, and saw that it was already 9.50.

I quickly walked back to the Bryant Building.

The man, who opened the door before, greeted me again, I smiled and went in.

The receptionist said, the meeting is on the fortieth floor.

I quickly got on the lift, and went to the fortieth floor.

There were a lot of women. I mean A LOT! Some women were even dressed slutty. It’s been half an hour.

They are going in and coming out. No one is selected. Next is my number.

Now I am feeling nervous! Even though I am feeling nervous, I can’t stop thinking about the kss. It made me feel like I am in heaven.

“Ms. Clara Edwards”, a women of my age called me.

I brushed off the thought, and stood up.

God, I hope everything goes right . I knocked on the door that said C. E.O. and heard an angry voice say,
“Come in.” I flinched and went in.

As soon as I opened the door, and looked at the person, I froze.

Then I know that nothing is going to be right. He smirked at me.

Oh no!


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