10 Businesses you can start with $100

10 Businesses you can start with $100

Being broke is a choice. A laziness choice. Even if you left college a month ago. I’ve 101 ideas on how you can make money with zero or very little capital. Let me share just 10 ideas.

10 Businesses you can start with $100. Thingscouplesdo.com

10 Businesses you can start with $100

One, you can train others what you know. You can teach math, computers, dancing, piano, fitness, French etc. Knock the doors in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself and you’ll get students. I did it!

Two, you can start a cleaning/fumigation business by cleaning/fumigating residential buildings and business offices. I’ve a Brazilian lady who cleans our house. She just introduced herself.

Three, you can be a tour guide. Introduce yourself to tourists at ports of entry and those who handle tourists like museums, hotels, taxis and tour buses.

Four, you can run errands for executives, SME’s, law firms, etc. You don’t need to own a car. You can begin by using uber or hiring a motorbike.

Five, sell products for multinationals on commission. Insurance, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies are always looking for salespeople. If you can sell, you are needed.

Six, entertain guests in hotels/theatres with a music instrument or doing acrobatics, drama, comedy etc.

Seven, you can be a middleman for used cars, land, houses, books, fresh produce etc. Guys who sell land and used cars just link the buyer and the seller. Some of these brokers are filthy rich.

Eight, you can offer beauty and hairdressing services in people’s homes. You can acquire beauty and hairdressing skills in a month! Expertise comes with experience.

Nine, you can make pastries and supply to homes, restaurants, supermarkets etc.


Ten, you can consult in your field of expertise – filling tax returns; writing proposals for funding; managing social media; developing websites; graphic design etc. Go beyond Pareto Principle and introduce yourself to twenty potential customers to close two solid sales. There’s no shortcut to work.