FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

By Succie

Chapter 41

“Arrrrrgnnnnn”. Millet screams in pain as Don Roman keeps shocking with an electric”.

“So will you now tell me where Sharon is, did she go to Jesse’s, answer me Millet!!!!”. Don Roman yells.

“I have no idea where she is Don Roman”. Millet said in pain.

“So you still don’t want to talk”. Don Roman yells again and $laps Millet and held her hair so tight.

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“Now tell me Millet where is Sharon”.

“I don’t know where she is Don Roman, even if you kill me right now, you won’t gain anything from it because I have no idea where Sharon is”. Millet said crying.

Don Roman looks at her, he has torture her alot just to make her speak up, yet she won’t.

“So you don’t know where Sharon is”. He asked again.

“I don’t Don Roman, so please stop t®rturing me already, because I have no idea where Sharon is”. Millet said.


“Yes Don Roman”.

“Get the men already, if Sharon is not in this mansion, then she must have gone to Jesse’s place, we have to bring her back home”. Don Roman said.

“Okay Don Roman”. Jace bow and leaves.

Don Roman looks at Millet for a while, before walking away, and Millet stands to her feet, bearing the pains she was feeling.

“No matter what you do, you are never going to find Jesse and Sharon, as long as they are not in Seoul, and am going to make sure you never find out about their hideout”. Millet muttered in pain.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50



“Jesse elope with his girlfriend, but why Joanna”. Anna asked.

“Because her dad doesn’t approve of their relationship, and he is trying to separate them from being together”.

“And your mom agree to it”.

“She has no choice but to Anna, you already know how much she loves him right, and always wants him to be happy, that why she agreed to it, even if she didn’t wanted to”.

“And what about you Joanna, can you bear not seeing your brother”.

“I can’t Anna, but I want him to be happy, and I also admire their relationship alot, they are ready to fight for their love no matter what happens, that the kind of love I want to have Anna, a love where we wouldn’t give up on each other”. Joanna said.

“You don’t have to worry Joanna, when the right time comes, and Liam becomes your boyfriend, you won’t have to go through those headaches, because his parents doesn’t care about what he does or who he dates, but if paraventure that happens am sure Liam won’t give up on you that easily, because he loves you so much, and come to think of it, he is already to wait for you, no matter how long it takes”. Anna said, and a smile appears on Joanna’s face.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50



Jesse keeps hearing someone screams as he was in his sleep, he opens his eyes and wonder who it could be, he got up from the bed and went straight to the kitchen where the sound was coming from, and see Sharon.

She was standing far away from the cooker, and if she throws the Hoeddeok in the pan, she will scream in fear.

Jesse chuckles with a smile as she continues watching her as she continues screaming anytime she throws something into the pan.

“So you don’t how to cook”. Jesse asked after a while, and Sharon quickly looks at him.


Jesse sighs and walks up to her, but stands six feets away from her.

“Why were you screaming Sharon, you were ten feet away from the cooker, and yet you were still screaming”.

Sharon buries her head in the floor, and said.

“Am sorry Jesse, I have never done this before, I haven’t cook any dish in my entire life”.

“So why are you doing it then”.

“I just wanted prepare break fast for you Jesse”. Sharon said still burying her head on the floor.

Jesse looks at the Hoeddeok she has fried so far and laugh.

“Do you call this break fast Sharon, there is no different between what you fried and charcoal”. Jesse said laughing.

“Can,,,you,, please stop teasing me, I tried my best Jesse, but I didn’t know when it got burnt”. Sharon said with a shy voice, still bowing her head on the floor.

Jesse smiles and raise her head with his finger.

“Don’t worry about the cooking Sharon, since am an expert when it comes to cooking, I will always be the one to cook, but we have a problem”.

“And what could that be Jesse”. Sharon asked now looking at him.

“Won’t our child find it awkward, that his mom can’t cook”.

“Wha…… what do…. you….. mean by our child Jesse”. Sharon asked stammering.

Jesse smiles and walks close to her and Sharon moves backwards.

“Our child Sharon, or don’t you want one”. He said walking closer to her.

“What child are you talking about Jesse”. Sharon asked looking scared as she moves backwards.

“Or maybe we should start making one already” Jesse said walking close to her, Sharon quickly walks backward and hits her back with the cabinet, preventing her from walking further.

“Should we start making our baby now”. Jesse asked, as he tries to kss her, and Sharon gave out a loud scream.

“Am not yet ready, please don’t, don’t, pleaseeeeeeee” Sharon said closing her eyes shaking in fear.

Jesse looks at her and Burst into laughter.

“I was jocking Sharon”. Jesse said laughing, and Sharon opens her eyes and hits his shoulder so hard.

“Ashwn what was that for Sharon”.

“Do you really have to do that Jesse, you almost gave me an heart attack”. Sharon half yelled.

“And why Sharon, haven’t you had sx before”. He asked and Sharon glumps down nothing, and quickly moves away from Jesse.

“Why aren’t you answering my questions Sharon, are you by chance a vrgin”. He asked looking at her, but Sharon looks at him and quickly looks away.

“Come on Sharon answer me, are you still a vrgin”.

“Yes I am!!!!!, You are the first guy I have ever love, have I answer your question, can you please stop teasing me, because you are making me so scared”. Sharon yells.

Jesse sighs and said. “Am sorry Sharon, I thought…..”

“You thought what, that am a loose woman, well for your information am not!!!”. She yelled.

“Are you mad at me”.

“Yes I am”. Sharon yells again, and walks away, and Jesse follows her.

“Sharon am………” . Jesse couldn’t even finish the word he was saying, when Sharon slamps the door in his face.

“Sharon, Sharon, Sharon”. Jesse said knocking on the door.

“Just leave me alone jesse”. Sharon yelled from inside.

“Am so sorry Sharon, I didn’t mean to tease you, am so sorry, I didn’t know you were still a vrgin, am so sorry, can you please open up, am so sorry”. Jesse said still knocking.

“I won’t, so just stop knocking on the door, and leave!!!!”. Sharon yells from inside again.

Jesse sighs and stops knocking on the door, and ran his hand through his hair, causing himself for teasing her.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

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