Mrs. Mars was doing the dishes when someone rang the doorbell, she went over to check only to see Anna standing there without Veronica

“Anna,” she called and looked around for Veronica but she didn’t see any signs of her

“Mrs. Mars, is Veronica in?” She asked

“No, you two went out together and I haven’t seen her since then, is she missing?” Mrs. Mars asked

THE REJECTED GIRL : EPISODE 11 - 30. Thingscouplesdo

“Oh, no, I thought she is back already cos after checking the costume I received a call from my parents and have to run back home, so I thought maybe she was back cos I spent a lot of time at home that’s why I decided to come here direct, ” she explained calmly with a smile

“My dear, she’s not back,” Mrs. Mars replied

“Oh, I will go back now, maybe she’s still waiting for me, what a good friend,” Anna said

“Ok, please tell her to come and eat am sure she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and greet your parents for me,” Mrs. Mars said

“Alright ma’am, bye,” Anna said and turn to live

She smiled knowing full well that by now she won’t be able to walk, she brings out her phone and called Franklin and he picked up immediately

“Hey, how did it go?” She asked

“Just the way I want it, you are sure a God sent,” he replied

“I know right? Is she awake?” Anna asked

“Not at all,” he replied

“What are you doing? What’s that sound am hearing?” She asked

“Su¢king her juicy bbs, I can’t get enough of it, both her v-spot is wonderful that at a point I started wondering if she is a human or a mermaid or even an angel, she’s dnm hot sweet……..”

“I think I have to go now,” Anna cut in jealousy

“She didn’t even know why everyone thinks highly of Veronica, what about her? Is she not also beautiful?” She thought angrily


Lupita and Jericho were seating in a bar waiting for when Franklin will call, Jericho wanted to go home but Lupita suggested that they wait for a little longer

“So who is this your sister?” Jericho asked

“The girl you were fighting for the other day?” She replied

He thought for a while

“Wait, the church girl?” He asked, remembering her

“Yes,” Lupita replied

“This is bad, she’s calm and gentle but you seem to be a…..” He kept quiet when she flashed him a glare

“No, I mean…..”

“Forget it,” she interrupted

“Franklin is a mon$ter, if God was a human I will ask him why he created Franklin as a human instead of an animal,” Jericho said trying to start up a conversation

Her phone beeped and a notification came in, she checked it and her expression changed immediately, she fold her fist angrily and gritted her teeth

Jericho saw the look on her face and slowly peeped to see what she was watching but the sound of his phone made him stop, he looked at his phone screen to see a notification, and when he checked

It was a sx tape of Franklin havinging Veronica, she looks drunk but she was responding to his every touch, she even gave him a bj, and they did many things there.

But something was off, the face behind the person was cut off, he cut off his face which only means one thing, he wants to destroy her life with it

Lupita was still watching the video when his phone rang and Franklin was the one calling, she wanted to ignore it but Jericho told her to pick cos he have a feeling that it might be useful but she ignored it

She rushed outside and Jericho followed Wondering where she was going


Veronica woke up to see herself in an unfamiliar room, she looked around Wondering where she was when she heard someone’s voice

“You’re awake,” Franklin said smirking

“Where are you?” She asked and tried standing up but her legs hurt like h’ll

She looked down only to see that she was nked, and to say that there was a bIood stain on the be d

“No, no… Franklin, why?” She said holding her head

“Wow, you are the first girl I will give credit to, you were incredible and I love it,” he replied smiling

“Why did you do this? Made a vow never to do this till the day I get married, oh, Veronica you are finished,” she said with tears running freely from her eyes

“You don’t have to cry baby girl, we can do this all day cos you are so sweet down there and I couldn’t get enough of you,” he said licking his lips

“Where is Anna? We were supposed to be picking out a costume, wait, don’t tell me she’s……” She stopped as her eyes widen

Franklin saw the look on her face and laughed, he laughed so hard that he nearly fall from the chair he was sitting on

“I will sue you, I will make sure I….” She stopped when he showed her something on his phone

It was actually her sxtape, her eyes widen as more tears falls freely down her cheeks, and she covered her mouth with her palm as she watch her sx tape

“Tell anyone and I will release the video to the world, and from now henceforth you will answer to me whenever I call, else I will release this video to the world and you know what that means,” he said smirking

“Why are you doing this? What did I do to deserve this?” She asked in-between tears

Meanwhile, Lupita parked outside his house and wait for Anna as she approach the building, she waited till Anna entered the house and she followed her with a gvn in her hand


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