60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 21 – 40

60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 21 – 40

Written By Authoress Mide

Lila pov
I tie my school lace and stood upright with my bag hung on my shoulder.
I’m ready for school.

The door opened and Alex walked in, he did not sleep home last night and I don’t give a damn care about it

“Where are you going to??” He asked
“As you can see I’m going to school” I replied

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He went to stand infront of the mirror and start unbuttoning his shirt
“You’re not going to school today” he said

“Why??? Is there an interview”
“The school is on a short break and it will resume next tomorrow” he replied

“Who told you that?”
“I told myself” he replied

“Who are you to control my school” I said
“I’m the founder of the school” he said

He walk past me and drop his shirt and blazer inside a big wardrobe

“Okay since there’s no school then I’m going out” I said
“To where?” He asked
“That’s none of your business” I said

“Lila!!!!” He half yelled

“I’m going to Ryan’s house or you wanna stop me……. saying bullsht about you owning a school, are you also the founder of his house” I yelled back

“Lila you are going to a guy house” he said
“You said I’m free to date whoever I like and we should date without the press knowing so the best place we can meet is his house”

“The guards are following you” he said calmly
“I don’t need anyone to follow me and stop acting like you care” I said and walk out of the room

I step out of the room and I saw Gwen, Steve and pete standing by the door
“Lila are you going out” Gwen asked

“Yes and I don’t want you guys to follow me” I replied
“Lila Mr Alex” Steve said

“He knows about it so don’t worry” I said

I walk down the stairs and I saw the whole family eating in the dining room
“Lila are you going out?” Kehlani asked

I stop walking and face them “Good morning” I said and bow slightly
“Lila are you going out?” Kehlani asked

“Yes I’m going out” I replied
“To where??” Georgia asked and I roll my eyeballs

“What she was trying to say is that can you accompany me to the Mall” she said

I twitch my lip “Okay no problem” I said

Soon we arrived at the mall, the Mall is big and look so expensive, we entered the Mall and I was welcome with coldness, the AC

?? That’s Alex wife
??I heard she’s married to him
?? She’s beautiful
?? She’s well endowed, Alex is really enjoying

Those were the words I heard from the people, they won’t mind their business and focus on whatsoever they came here to buy
“So what are you buying?” I asked

“Not yet…… we’ve a drama to present” Kehlani replied
“A drama??”

??Oh my god Rachael is here
?? Rachael we love you
?? I love this your Chanel bag
?? I’m a big fan of you

“Kehlani long time” Rachael said and smiled at her
She’s putting on a black and white mini shirt with a black off shoulder top and a black beret
“Fake smile” I said

“I guess you must be Alex wife or should I say fake wife” she said.
She snap her fingers at me and immediately I take a hold of one of her fingers bending it, making her to scream loud.

The scream catch a lot of attention from the people soon everyone surround us
“Who are you?” I asked

I watch as she wince in pain while Kehlani smiled in satisfaction.
“I’m Rachael Jones” she said and I immediate leave her alone

She’s the girl that I mistakenly poured water on the day I went to her house for cleaning
“Rude girl” I said

“What!!!!!” She scoff
“Kehlani I’m out of here” I said and walk out of the Mall

I rest on the car and wait for Kehlani to come outside and meet me.
Soon she came outside smiling at me and I just roll my eyeballs

“Is that the drama you were talking about?” I asked

“I told you to follow me cause I know Rachael is gonna show up and try to bu.lly you………I just want to see you humiliate her infront of everyone” she said

“That’s stupid” I muttered silently

“What do you say”
“Nevermind let’s go” I said

We entered the car and the driver drove off, I really want to see Ryan…… he’s a true friend indeed

“We’re going to Alex Villa” Kehlani said and I glance at her.
“This was not our agreement” I said

“Lila don’t you wanna spend time with me?”
“I want to but I have to meet someone urgently” I replied

She smiled and held my hands “please cancel the meeting, I want to know you better and know the kind of girl my brother is married to” she said
I just bow my head low as I stare at the small wedding ring that’s on my left finger, a diamond ring glittering

She wrap her hands around my neck and I rest my head on her shoulder acting like a baby
“I want to know you better too” I said

“You’re gonna enjoy yourself” she said

60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 21 – 40

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