Episode 2

Ryan and Becca where in the room, having a nice time, Ryan was acting all romantic as he feeds Becca her favorite food that he made for her, Becca was feeling like she has got the best man in the world and was already imagining her wedding with him, she thought of the great romantic husband that Ryan will make if she marries him, she silently prayed that God should grant her desires which is to be Ryan’s wife,

Ryan was having a mind battle despite wearing a fine smile as he gist and spoon feed Becca, he wondered why Sarah was calling him again after he told her not to bother calling that he will call her, she has always obeyed whatever he tells her, unlike Becca who will always want to argue, Sarah is not so difficult to please, anytime she is around she cooks and clean the whole place up like her house,

Becca doesn’t care if you feed her, bath her, dress her up and carry her even to the bathroom, she like being in charge while Sarah is gentle and respectful,

Ryan knows that the two women loves him but sometimes is difficult for him to choose between them, and is hard for him to stick to one woman, he doesn’t like too much of a good girl thing, he likes a girl with a little attitude and that’s why he sometimes prefer Becca, Sarah acts like mother hen, and that usually turns him off,
But he doesn’t want to loose Sarah because she was very understanding, .

He is thorn between the two women, and he likes them both and doesn’t want to loose any of them, that is why he has being extremely careful in playing his game,

Sarah told him she was traveling to go see the sister tomorrow, that was why he was so relaxed and asked Becca to come over and now that Sarah suddenly starts calling after he told her not to call he felt unsettled and silently prayed that he will not be caught one day,

The bike Man dropped Sarah in front of Ryan’s house, as she was paying the man she saw Oscar coming back from work as another bike dropped him, she smiled and approached him

“Hey Oscar, welcome.. How was work today…

” Sarah, how are you doing… Work was great… I actually thought you Left this morning, I didn’t know you are still around…

“Yeah, I left but just found out that I forgot my charger and I will be going over to my elder sister’s house tomorrow, I need the charger because my sister doesn’t use the same kind of phone with me, our charging point is different, Ryan told me that his mum will be coming over today, he told me his mother is very shrewd and won’t be happy if she sees me, and I was calling him to let him know about the Charger, if he can help me get it out but he wasn’t picking his call and later his line went dead, I said let me com…

Oscar already knows the game Ryan was playing and he need to act fast before is too late,

” oh..oh Ryan’s mom..she’s around… Yes she is, let’s just thank God that I saw you here, because she’s a no nonsense woman, Ryan told you how shrewd she can be, she may even walk you out on seeing you or worst, that won’t be so cool I know you love Ryan and will not like to have issue with his Mom, just stay out here I will go and inform Ryan and if he can’t come out I Will bring your charger to you…okay..

“Yea, thank you Oscar, I thank God I met you, I don’t want to see the other side of Ryan’s mother… So I will stay here and wait, but please tell Ryan to call me to night before he sleeps..

Oscar smile and nodded as he rushed inside, the whole house was quiet except for the television that was still playing afro beat, he walked to Ryan’s room and knocked but no respond, he waited and knocked again but still no respond, after several knock on Ryan’s door it swung open and Becca was boiling with anger as she stood there looking at Oscar

” why do you keep knocking Oscar, when you knock the first and second time and no respond came all you need to do is to walk away, I don’t like when I’m with my boyfriend and unnecessary distraction Will be coming, I hate it, and I needed to address this with you because you are fond of that, knocking or calling my man anytime he is with me, I know if the door was open you will just come in not minding if I’m n@ked or not, this is my boyfriend’s house, allow me to enjoy it for the few time I will be here, stop disturbing us..

“Becca, my apologist, I just needed to collect something from your boyfriend which is very important, I didn’t mean to interrupt…please permit me to speak to Ryan..

Oscar have to maintain his cool as Becca who never hides her hatred for him was so angry on seeing him, Ryan later came out, and moved far with Oscar where Becca won’t be able to hear them…

” guy what happened now, what is it that can’t wait until I’m done with Becca inside, I was already on the verge, I wanted to start the main action, just about to start gymnastics and Becca was enjoying the whole magic and you interrupted…

“Ryan, this is not getting funny anymore, if you are finding it funny I’m not, you never cautions Becca, she talks to me anyway and anyhow she likes, I don’t like it…

” is that small thing that Becca said that’s boiling you up like this, calm down guy, ..sorry, you know Becca na, she’s totally different from Sarah, Becca doesn’t pretend, if she doesn’t like somebody it shows in her attitude, sorry my man, I Will still talk to her, so why do you call me, hope is important if not I will not be happy with you for cutting my joyful bedroom duties Short…you know I don’t joke with that…

“Sarah is outside…

” whaaaaat…dammit…what do she want..are you serious…

“She wants her charger, Ryan, you have to be careful, you can’t keep playing this game, is a very dangerous game, dismiss one and stick to one, why is it difficult for you, if I talk now you will say I’m preaching and you don’t like hearing it, this is absolutely wrong, what if I didn’t see Sarah on time, she would have being up here.. Please give me the charger let me take it to her…

” aaah, thank you my man, you will get two bottles of Heineken on my head plus you can use my car to work tomorrow since yours is still at the mechanic…

“Don’t patronise me Ryan, I don’t want Heineken or your car, I’m fine, all I want is for you to change before it getting out of hand, I can’t keep covering you up all the time…I’m already getting tired…

” you have to keep covering up for me, that’s why you are my man, but there’s a problem I also need your help Oscar, I put all Sarah’s things…. including her charger in her cabinet and lock it up, if I go to unlock it Becca may see me, I don’t want to risk it, just tell Sarah that my mom is using the charger, I will give you money to give her to get another charger…

Ryan went back inside to collect money from his wallet so that he can give Oscar to give Sarah for a new charger, Becca asked him what Ryan wanted

“He wants to borrow some cash from me, you know he is my friend I can’t turn him down, he said he needed some cash to solve some problems…

” so because he wants to borrow money that’s why he was disturbing us, poverty stinking human being, I thought he is working, are they not paying him salary, why is he still borrowing from you, he lives in your house and he is still borrows, maybe someday he may even ask you to borrow him your undies or me your woman, God forbides it, you have to be careful with that Oscar…

Ryan collected the money and went and give Oscar who took it to Sarah who was still standing out side the gate, Oscar explained everything to Sarah, she thanked him before turning to leave.

After some days Becca left and Ryan called Sarah who was back from the sister’s place to come over to his place and she rushed down to see her loving boyfriend. She bought some food items on her way down and brought it to Ryan and Oscar, she went in to the kitchen and made a delicious food for them, they were very happy,

Ryan and Oscar where busy eating the delicious food that Sarah made, as they gist and watch football in the living room,

Sarah was busy inside cleaning and sweeping the rooms, she saw an undies which she knows wasn’t hers, her heart beat doubled up, she stood there staring at the pink pant that she held in her hands, it was a young lady’s undies it can’t be for Ryan’s mother’s,

Something is fishy, is it possible for Ryan, whom she love and trust with her life be seeing someone,

“no, is not possible, Ryan loves me and can never cheat on me, it can’t be”,

she tried to Wave it off but she couldn’t, her head spin, her leg began to shake uncontrollable, she look to her Left side there was this cabinet that Ryan has never open before in her presence and she never bothers with it, she See’s it anytime she’s cleaning the room, it never bothers her before
but with the pink pant she picks under the bed in her hand her mind begin to think different thing, everything around her was beginning to look suspicious, she became more eager to know who owns the pink undies and what exactly was inside the locked cabinet,
she needs to find the key to that cabinet as soon as possible without alerting Ryan, maybe with that her mind will be free and at peace again,, she hope to find nothing inside the cabinet, she can’t bear the hurt if Ryan cheats on her.

Becca wanted to pay Ryan a surprise visit, she was coming with her friend Clara whom she had told so much about Ryan and Clara suggested that they pay him a surprise visit of which Becca quickly agreed to,

She purposely put her pink pants under the bed so that when Ryan See’s it he will tell her to come over and spend some time with him, but she waited until after few days and Ryan didn’t mention anything like that she decided to surprise him instead as Clara suggested

It never occurs to Ryan to look under the bed properly when he was clearing Becca’s things for Sarah who was coming over.
He has never made such expensive mistake before by not properly checking through the house before any of his female partner comes in, he always put implicating things away but he totally forgot today because he didn’t know that Becca kept something under the bed for him to see.
And Sarah has seen it and was already searching for the cabinet key, she wants to clear her mind that Ryan wasn’t cheating on her.

Becca and Clara her friend took a cab which will convey them to Ryan’s house,
She was always happy anytime she’s going to spend time with her one true love, she can’t wait to surprise him with her unexpected visit.

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