BRIDE TO A HEIR SEASON 2 Episode 21 – 40


Chapter 21

Authoress Isabel


I’ll call on the dev!l and the demon to possess your heart not to accept her because you’re mine!
Kang Mi Rae



I woke up with a start as I rushed into the bathroom.
I rushed back out the same way I rushed in.

I searched the whole of my wardrobe as I settled for a black jean with a white crop top.

I made way for my black coat and white sneakers.
I picked up my phone as I rushed outside..

I got to the bus station as I was quite lucky to meet the last subway bus..

I’m off!!


I walked into the company and made way for my office…
I walked in as the bell chimed immediately..

Mr Kim is asking for me!

I walked into his office as I bowed
“Annagaseyo Mr Kim”
I said to him

“Oh! Morning”
He said smiling

“You asked for me”
I said trying to remind him while I came in

“Yeah! Mi Rae will start working with us from today”
He said still in smiles

“Miss Mi Rae?”

I asked in surprise again not because I didn’t hear the name but because I’m surprised why she’ll wanna work here

“Yes! As the new Productive Team Manager”
He said standing up and picking a file

That’s such a high post..

“So you’ll introduce her to others”
He said

“Me? Why me?”
I asked in surprise

“Ain’t you the PA to the CEO?”
He asked

“Yeah, I forgot!”
I smiled at him

“Take this”
He said giving me her file as I scanned through it briefly

Kang Mi Rae, 23 years
Studied Production Management at the university of India, New Delhi..

Has 5 years working experience..
I closed the file with reading all

She’s indeed cool..

“Let’s go Mr Kim”
I said to him as we both walked out of his office to meet others

We walked out together with me leading the way..

We got to the Production department as Hye Ji opened the door to the office

Everyone stood up immediately bowing to me

I waved my hands as I walled towards them..
Kang Mi Rae walked out of her own office as the looked at me in surprise

I smiled at her as I signaled Hye Ji to go on

She nodded twice in agreement

“Good Morning, I’ll like to introduce your new Team Manager”
She said smiling

“You can go on”
They all chorused at the same time

“Your New Team manager will be Miss Kang…..”

“Wait a minute please”
Mi Rae said cutting her off halfway

“What’s that?”
I asked curiously

“Why should she be the one to introduce me?”
She asked in fury

I exclaimed

“She shouldn’t! I don’t want her!”
She said as I stared at her

Hye Ji exclaimed in surprise

“Hi everyone, I’m Kang Mi Rae the new Team manager, I’m looking forward in working perfectly with you guys”

She said as she walked back into her office

Everyone else also went back to their different work..

I looked at Hye Ji as she seemed to be in shock..
Why did Mi Rae behave that way?

What sort of behavior is that?
I need to know.

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