A WIFE FOR THE PRINCE: Episode 11-20

? A Wife For
The Prince ?

?(The girl in my dreams)?

Episode 11

By Simrah Saeed

? Alyssa ?

” Alyssa here will move in with us in the palace ”

Wait a minute, what did he just say? I should move into the palace? Like me Alyssa and palace!

I am not dreaming am I?

” You can’t turn down your king’s request Alyssa ”

I stared at King Nathan as he stared back at me while the rest bore holes inside my eyes.

He wants me to move into the palace? As what?

I quickly took a peek at prince Ryan and saw his eyes glittering in excitement.

Even the princesses except princess Emily of course.

Why did she just dislike me on a norm? We’ve never met before aside the day their car almost knocked me down.

” I want everyone one of you should take her as a family and a princess, from now on Alyssa, you have become a princess”

Saviours! I blinked my eyes in disbelief.

I will be living like a princess? What I have always dreamt of .

” No one will object to that my King, I am in great support of it and thank you so much Alyssa for saving my husband and only Son, that means the world to me”

She paused giving me a heartwarming hug.
Meaning she has accepted me to live with them .

” You are welcome to the royal family and as a member, besides I already heard about my son being in lo……”

” Mum!”

Princess Scarlett covered her mouth immediately and she chuckled.
What was she about saying anyways?

” Is there something you all are hiding from me?” The king narrowed his eyes at them and they kept mute like they know nothing about what he’s saying.

I could see prince Ryan’s face reddened while he glared at princess Scarlett.

” You are welcome to our family aunt Lissa ” princess Melanie winked.

I feel so happy right now!

I will get to eat apple, grapefruit, realfruits and all everything I want even together.

I will sleep and wake up in a queen size b.ed, I will dress like a princess and become one the mirrors of the society.

Lucas and his team will see me and bow in respect! I will raise my head up high .

They won’t trouble me or stalk me again. Can we just go already?

God! Isn’t King Nathan kind enough? Accepting me as his daughter without knowing the real me.

My excitement died down and was replaced with a frown when I remembered Ama.

How could I have forgotten her huh? I can’t leave her for whatsoever reason.

She will be all alone in that already boring house.

I need to turn down the offer, if not for anything but for Ama.

” It could have been a pleasure living with the royal family as one of them but I..I..I..am sorry my King, I can’t leave my mother behind ” I said sincerely bowing my head not before glancing at prince Ryan .

He looks some how disappointed or is it my imagination?

” You don’t have to worry about that Alyssa, I will assign eleven maids to her, ten will be working with her while one will be staying with her. You can visit her and she can visit you too”

My face lit up as I heard the Queen said. Eleven maids? Isn’t that much? Like eleven fre.aking maids.

Before Ama says the only thing I know best is fighting, I have brought good luck to her without using any charm.

My fighting and mischievous skills brought us this.

We are now part of the royal family.

” And lastly, we will supply food stuffs for her every month ”

Okay! Have I fainted? Oh I can see myself entering into heaven at that moment I fainted before coming back to life.

The excitement in me knew no bound.

” T..thank you my King, thank you my queen ”

Princess Emily stomped her feet in anger and left the room.

I can officially say she’s a bip0lar!





?? Unknown POV ??

I scribbled down some notes neatly. If King Nathan.

When I was done, I placed it inside an envelope and sealed it handing it to my spy from the palace.

I think it’s high time I visited the palace.

I will do that when I am sure the note has gotten to King Nathan.

I want him to be aware of my return before I strike.

This time around I don’t care about his daughters, I will kill them and take his precious wife Anna.

I am very certain she left me for money and the throne and will come back when I get on the throne.

I will use her and throw her away like trash. I will break her the way she did to my heart.

” Make sure he gets this and do not let anyone see you ” I instructed and he bowed in understanding.

” Yes Sir, I understand ”

” Good, you can leave ”

” Yes Sir ”

The royal family should be ready to welcome me back! They should wait for it.


? Zoey’s POV ?

I danced into the house excitedly.
I can’t wait to hear the news of the king’s de@th.
He’s an obstacle to me.

If I knew who shot him, I could have paid him handsomely for a good job.

If he dies prince Ryan will become the King and I am very certain he will choose me as his bride.

I should start parading myself as a Queen already because I will be.

I paused as I heard my phone beeped and discovered it was the maid I asked to inform me about them.

? Hello? ?

? Yes ma’am, they are back and the King is very much alive ?

My face fell in disappointment. Why the h.ell didn’t he die huh?

? How?

? He was just shot in the leg and they came I’m with a lady ?

A lady? Who’s she?

? Who’s she? ?

? I don’t know ma’am but she will be staying in the palace henceforth ?

W..what? A rival?

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