SECRET SUPERSTAR: Chapter 11 – The End of SEASON 1

She’s the one,Odette!???
Written by: Crown??
???Chapter eleven????

????(???)?Sharon’s ?POV???

I watched as kendra existed the room. I quickly drew a handkerchief out from my pocket. I bought the knife out and sat beside Odette,she’s haven’t wake and I’m so glad. It will make everything easy for me.

I just can’t wait to get rid of her,if I had know that destroying the pearl pin is have some effects on her,I swear I would have destroyed the along time ago. But it’s not too late,I’m just gonna end her now. I have to get her bl©©d and boom! Long dead. Cheers to my victory.

I grinned and grabbed her left hand. It was cold as ice and her body looked white than before. I used the knife to cut her little finger and used the white handkerchief to collected her bl©©d.

Just like what I wanted,I dipped my hand inside the pocket and drew a plaster out from it. I wrapped it around her little hand and stood up. I kept everything it brought out from the pocket back to the pocket.

I glanced over at her again before existing the room with a total joy.

“Mummy,how is she? Is she awake now? Kendra asked and I felt sorry for my poor child. Once she get to know what’s about to stick Odette her heart would be shattered.

“She is going to be alright. Just give her sometime alone.” I said,hoping it going to convince her.

“Sure mom. I’m going to room now. I’ve had enough sleep since two days.” She mumbled and went to her room. I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding. That was close. I walked toward odette’s door and locked the door. I went to the dark room and brought the stained handkerchief out from my pocket. I sat in a chair,staring at the mirror. I just want Daisy to show herself and withness what I’m about to do to her daughter.

“Sharon…please don’t do it…leave my daughter alone,I’m the who you want not my daughter. Kill me instead please let my daughter live.” She appeared. She’s pleading,crying and begging me.

“Really? You want her to stay alive? Then you get to be kidding me. I’ve already made up my mind. It’s too late Daisy.” I said and smiled.

“Good luck then,begging you isn’t going to change your mind,nothing should happen to my daughter…” She mumbled and shut the light.

“You think I’m joking just watch.” I bought the already broken dark pearl pin out and place it on the table. I poured a black potion inside a glass bowl. Put the handkerchief and the pearl in it.

I whispered some spells and it caught fire. It started burning with ranges. My hair turned gray,my finger turned black and all the light went off.

It burns and fumed but suddenly the fire stopped burned. Everywhere become dark.

“What’s happening? I asked myself.

????(???)?kendra’s POV???

The bees of my phone woke me from my beauty sleep. I sat up and picked the phone. I checked the ID,kennedy was the only calling me. What does she want from me now?

? Hello ken ? I mumbled over the phone.

? Hey kendra,I’m in trouble please I need your help now. ?

? what do you mean? I can’t come to school,Odette haven’t wake up yet.? I said.

? please kendra…erm…mm…I actually used the voice for the voice winner…?

? so? ? I shrugged.

? they asked me to sing and you know I can’t sing kendra. What a dimwit i should have thought about it before taking any actions. ? I rolled my eyes.

? Oops! You got yourself involved in the mess,you should find a way out dear.? I smirked and hung up.

What does she think about me,I’m just going to run to her and save her. Nope,I’m not going to help her not when Odette needs me.

Oh speaking about her,is she awake now? I quickly wore my floppy slippers and rushed out. I unlocked her door and entered but what I saw made me startled back in shock.

“Oh my goodness! I exclaimed and hit my head against the wall.

I widened my face in shock and used my hand to cover my slight open mouth.

????(???)?Darlene’s POV???

I dragged kennedy toward the parking lot immediately she dropped the call. I asked my guard to push her inside when she tried to protest.

“Let me go. I thought you’re going to help me.” She yelled. I hop in the car and ordered the driver to drive out.

Within 30 minutes we are already at Q-bands mansion. We alighted from the car and I dragged kennedy along.

Just like the plan,luna will be the one to do the next job. We met other in the living chatting happily.

“Hey guys,what’s up? I uttered and sat down while kennedy stood like a statue.

“What do you want from me? She asked with a choked voice.

“Your voice,we want to hear that amazing voice of yours. Can you do that for us? Luna asked.

“Please let me go.” She cried.

“On one condition. You have to sing for us. We want to hear your voice. Sing Kennedy of you really want to leave this place alive.” Corinne said and smirk appeared on my face.

“Er mm…mm…please I give up,I don’t want to be part of voice winner anymore. Just let me go.” She plead and begged us to let her go.

“Are you just going to sing now or I punish you? Delancy asked.

“Maybe she used voice editor one’s voice can be that perfect.” Melina suggested.

“Yeah you’re right lina. So kennedy did you?

“Huh?..oh…yeah…it’s really…yeah,i actually used voice editor to make my voice perfect the truth is I can’t sing.” She said with her face down.


“Yeah really. Now that I’ve answered your questions,please can I leave now? She blinked severally waiting for our responds.

“And you want us to believe you? We’re not dumb ken. Tell us the truth.” Luna said.

“Game over…” Kennedy said and I raised my left brow.

“What do you mean?

“Stop asking casual questions about the voice. If you think that I’m not the one that sang the song,yes I’m not…” She half yelled.


“I don’t know why you’re so desperate to know who sang the song…well she’s a threat to you right? Aish…you don’t have any problem with the lady because she’s not going to sing even if they try to force her but with just an eye boom,you guys are gone. You can only fight me but you can never stand her presence.” I narrowed my eyes,not seem to understand what she’s saying.

“What are you talking about? Melina and I chorused.

“As the matter of fact,I don’t know why you’re so stress up because of something that ain’t useful. If it about the voice,I quit because I don’t know how to sing. My voice is very bad. I should have give it a second thought before but don’t worry because right now I quit. I’m going to tell everyone that I edited the voice. Are you all happy now? She asked with her hands folded.

“Nope…I want to meet the lady.” I mumbled and everyone’s gaze were on me.

“”Once you set your eye on her,Darlene you won’t be able to handle the consequences. You can’t meet her by any chance. Let forget about the voice. I want you to help me.” She said.

????(???)?kennedy’s POV???

If they get to know that Odette sang the song then there would be another problem. Darlene and band members are so desperate to know the voice owner but I won’t let them know. Two persons can play a game. I’m gonna turn the table around.

It either they evict me from school or they reveal the whole truth about the voice. I just can lose two games at the same time. I have to be smart enough.

“I want you to help me win the voice contest without going through any stress. That is the only way you have Darlene. If you don’t help me,K-band won’t let me alone until they confirm the voice and you know what is going to happen. If they threatening me,I’m going to reveal the whole truth and let them meet the lady,then Darlene won’t be able to sing with kyle.” I smirked when I saw how confused they’re.

“Perhaps we helped you then what going to happen after that? Luna asked.

“Well..well…well…I’m going to tell everyone that…come on leave that to me,I know how to handle it.” I said while Delancy rolled her eyes.

“Guys don’t believe this bitch,she’s lying. I don’t like her.” Delancy said and I cursed underneath.

“Ok..OK…I’m going to give you a chance now and I hope you don’t betray us.” Darlene said.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Are you freaking kidding me Darlene? What if she is lying to you? She is just gonna play you.” Luna yelled.

“It seems like you don’t believe me. Okay but once the lady attend Diamond Star college,Darlene you going to lose all your power to her as the Queen of Q-band Her voice alone can do it all.” I said.

“This lady is crazy Darlene don’t trust her.” Corinne said.

“Deal.” Darlene said and a smile appeared on my pretty face.

“Yeah deal. Trust me you’re going to thank me later.” I said and walked out leaving them speechless.

“Aha,that was close.” I inhaled the fresh air.

Odette isn’t my problem now because I knew that she’ll never attend DSC. I’m just going to find a way to convince Kendra because right now. I need her help.

????(???)?kendra’s POV?? ?
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