AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 91-The End

Afraid to Love

Episode 91

“Are you all ready?” Detective Darren questioned Allan and Jeremy.

They both nodded.

“Allan, you’re going to turn all the evidence that points to Ernest as the abductor of Purity to the police department,” Darren instructed.

Allan rolled his eyes. “Yeah. You didn’t stop reminding me all night.” He did the lace of his black, dynamic sneakers. “Hold on, how will they believe me? No one knows she’s missing, it wasn’t announced.”

“Yeah,” Jeremy said, giving thought to what Allan had just mentioned. “People don’t know anything about it. How does he get to convince them? Something has to be done, if not all our efforts goes down the drain.” Worry etched all over his face. He couldn’t fail. He hated failure. He’d never fail, not himself, not Aaron Theodore and especially not Purity. She needed to be rescued, to be saved. “Tell us, what do we do?”

Darren could understand their concern. Especially that of Jeremy. “Now, you’re both talking like detectives,” he tried lightening up the mood. Detecting from the stares he recieved, he knew they were in no mood for a joke. “Okay. Fine. There’s no need to worry. Allan, when you get to the station, ask for Myles. He’s a superintendent.”

“Myles?” Allan repeated, obviously confused. “Why do I need to find him?”

Darren turned to Jeremy, looking him in the eye, “I’m sorry, Jeremy. I couldn’t keep this to myself. I had to tell someone. Especially when a time like this comes. Just get to him, give him all the evidence and there’ll be an arrest warrant for Ernest Turner. You’ll come to the venue after that, with him.”

Jeremy wanted to get angry at Darren. He did not keep his promise of telling no one about Purity’s disappearence. But on a second thought, he stopped himself. Darren did it for their benefit. They needed such help now. “Thank you, Darren.”

Allan smiled at Darren. “Nice job, bro. We’re gonna finish this today.”

Darren nodded. “Make sure you get there. Be careful. Dont’t see any officer other than Myles. He knows you’ll be coming. He’ll handle the rest,” he intstructed, slowly, to make sure Allan caught every bit of what he said. He knew the kind of person Allan was – he didn’t like being told what to do.

“Alright, Detective. I promise to do all you’ve asked of me. I will be faithful,” he swore and saluted Darren and flashed a funny smile. He knew he had to do this. He had to carry out Darren’s orders. Purity’s life depended on him doing so.

Darren smiled back and returned his salute. He soon started laughing.

Allan joined him.

Jeremy was also laughing. An important quest lay ahead of them. It wouldn’t be all bad if they had a little bit of fun before they go conquering. He had no idea what would happen next. He just had to cherish the moment they were having. He took a step forward. “Come here,” he invited his friends to move closer to him.

Darren and Allan exchanged inquisitive glances. They had no idea what Jeremy was up to, but they knew he couldn’t harm them. They trotted to him.

He had a reassuring smile on his face. “I…. um….,” he cleared his throat. “I wanna say thank you to you two. Without your help, I wouldn’t even have the vigor to search for my fiancee. You’re like my brothers, brothers I never had. I’m glad I have friends like you, trusted friends that I can rely on and tell everything. Thank you so very much for your help.”

“I couldn’t call myself a human when my very successful billionaire has some problems, and I can’t help. Its my duty – as a friend, I’m a detective, remember?” Darren grinned. He was so happy he was useful.

“Yeah,” Jeremy answered. “Its your d–n job.”

“Ahem!” Allan got their attention. “Jeremy, you still haven’t told us what you read in that book.” He faced Darren, “See, he’s hiding things from us.”

Jeremy and Darren shook their heads.

“Its private,” Jeremy repeated his words of the previous night.

Allan snorted. “Whatever. Just hug me.”

They all went for a big hug. Just as they used to – back in the old days.

“I’m glad I helped, Jeremy,” Allan confessed, beaming. “Lets not sober up, its time for action.”

“I can’t breathe,” Darren complained, “Let me out.”

“Excuse me?”

They all left eachother, nervously. It was what they hated – being caught wrapped up in each other’s arms. It was really embarrassing.

“Um, yeah?” Jeremy answered, trying to sound normal.

The two friends just looked sideways.

“My prayer’s been answered,” Darren muttered.

“Tricia Cayson is here,” the maid stated what she came for.

“Just exactly what I needed. Get her,” he firmly commanded.

The maid swiftly moved to action.

“What are you planning to do?” Allan queried.

Jeremy smiled coyly. “Just sit back and watch.”

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