She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter Eleven???

Madulla moved toward the casket and tried to break the spell but her power is very weak. She couldn’t do it alone.

“There must be something I have to do first before breaking the spell.” She mumbled to herself and shook her head.

As she spoken she glanced up and a light appeared which later turned to the prophecy.

“You found me? It sound more like question while Akeela smiled.

“Yes I did,you know the feelings madulla. Immediately I felt your absence I knew that you’re in human world again probably here for Odette or Daisy.” Akeela said. “I was hoping we could fix everything and bring her back to life. She deserves to live.”

“Very good!” She rode up next to her and gave her an encouraging thumb up. “We have to get her out of this casket then I would find a way to talk to Odette.” Madulla uttered.

“Nothing I can think of,do you think Odette is going to do it for her mother?

“Yeah it’s not that she isn’t going to have her voice back. It only going to get her close to her soulmate.” Madulla demurred and loosened her hair. She removed the stick pins and set ’em on the floor.

“Anything else you neglected to mention? Madulla you’re choosen to protect Odette and you have to do it. Her voice is meant to save us all. Nothing should happen to her madulla.” Akeela patted her shoulder. Her gray long hair that stopped right on her butt swirled.

“I’ve heard you and I promise to do it.”

“Sure.” Akeela held madulla hands and closed her eyes. “Let’s do it.” She muttered and they started reciting spell. Light appeared in between their hands and sprang out. It penetrated into the casket and destroyed the spell. The force,curse threw they against the wall and they groaned silently.

“Ouch! Madulla mumbled and helped akeela up.

“You’re OK? Madulla asked and akeela nodded. They moved toward the casket and it opened on it own.

“Forgive me my Queen I came at the wrong time,I hope it’s not too late.” Madulla mumbled.

“Madulla let’s go now.” Akeela said and she laid her index on Daisy’s forehead while holding madulla’s hand. They evanescence and appeared in Daisy room. She was planted in the bed while Akeela and madulla isn’t far away from her since the room is so large,like master bedroom.

“She’s still alive for now.” Akeela announced.

“For now? Madulla narrowed her eyes.

“Yes for now,she might expired after some days it depend on how strong her soul is. So I implore to explain everything to Odette so to save her mother’s life.” Akeela muttered.

“Okay thank you Akeela,we owe you one and I promise to get back at you. Thanks for helping a friend.” Madulla appreciated.

“You’re welcome,I’ll be on my way now my driver is waiting. See you around.” Akeela said and rode out of the room.

Madulla took a deep breath and sighed. She was about to walk away when Daisy dog ran inside. She climbed on the bed and sat down with a teary eyes.

“Come on Rocco she’s back now. Let’s go.” Madulla said but she refused to moved.

“You missed her right? Don’t worry she missed you too.”

Madulla walked out.


She was crying,as blood streamed out. Yes! She is in pain,her gray hair kept falling on the floor as she struggling to break free from the strong chains. She kept whispering,calling her name. ODETTE!

“O.d.t.t.e.” she called out,her amber eyes has turned to silver.

“Please…save me.” She pleaded with blood on her face.

Dark cloud,strong storm with terrible turned awaken Odette. She sprang out of the bed in a jolt and fell on the floor.

“Ah!” She screamed out,she just had an awful dream.

“Help me.” She heard the voice that she had heard from her dream.

“Ahh! Don’t hurt me.” Odette panicked and moved backward still on the floor. The faint voice never stop whimpered in a choked voice.

“Who…who are you? She stuttered. Grief,pain and panic,that’s what she’s feeling right now.



“Please…save…me, I want to live…I have to live for you.” She cried out. She’s in pain. Yes! I felt it in her voice.

Heard thunder strike,I rushed out of the room.

“Ah.” I screamed out,I rushed out descending the stairs. I walked toward the door. I grabbed the doorknob still scared,I twisted it and it opened.

“Please…he…help.” Her voice eco as I covered my ears,closed my eyes and fell on the floor. Guards rushed toward me and tried to help me but the voice…her voice was affecting me deeply.

“Please let me go,just leave me alone.” I mumbled.

“Hey Odette are you alright? I heard Luna voice.

“Odette are you listening? She tapped on my shoulder and I opened my eyes slowly. Drake,Luna,corinne and some bodyguards were staring at me,I glanced up with a steady gaze.

“Are you OK?” Drake asked but I didn’t know what to say.

“Come here.” Luna grabbed my hands and helped me back on my feet.

“You all can leave now. She’ll be fine drake.” Corinne muttered and drake nodded before walking away.

“Odette what happened? Why are you still awake? Your voice woke me.” Melina asked.

“You didn’t hear her voice? I asked but they shook their head. What’s the point?

“Let’s go.” Luna held my hand and we walked inside. Corinne went to the kitchen and returned with a glass cup of water. She handed it and I collected,gulped down everything and dropped it on the table.

“If you wanna talk to someone,I’m right here Odette.” Melina said and yawned. “Good night.” She said before walking away.

“Everything is gonna be alright.” Corinne uttered,sleepy and pecked my forehead. “Good night.”

“Good night.” Luna replied.

“You wanna talk about it? Luna asked immediately we entered my room. We sat on the bed.

“I had a terrible dream that woke me. I felt terrified Luna,she’s in pain. I can feeling she’s deeply hurt,she needs my help Luna. She was begging me to save her when I woke up.” I cried out but Luna hugged me to herself.

“Don’t worry. I’m right here for you,you’ll be fine I promise. You might be hallucinating Odette.” Luna said.


“Shush! She planted her finger on her lips,gesticulating me to keep quiet.

“I didn’t hear anything so it might be because of the horror movie we watched together.” Luna reminded me about the scary movie but I knew it just an excuse.

“Maybe.” I shrugged and laid in the bed,Luna helped with the duvet and I smiled.

“I’m not a kid remember?

“For now let me be your mom.” She smiled back and I shrugged.

“Okay mother,good night.” I mumbled and slept off.




I didn’t know why she called. Kennedy told me she wanna tell me something urgently. I promised to do everything alone without anyone’s help. I hop in the car and drove out.

I alighted from the car immediately I reached the coffee shop. I put on my shade and walked in the shop. There she is!

I walked up to her and took a seat.

“Hey,I thought you’re not going to show up.” I rolled my eyes.

“What do you want?

“Nothing really. We both want to end Odette so I think it high time we come together and fix everything.” She said and grinned.

“You want us to join hands together? She nodded. “That’s not going to happen. The last time I did,you remember what happened to me right? I was grounded for two weeks.”

“This time around I came with a perfect plan. You’re not going to do it alone,I’m going to support you in everything.”

“May I know what your next plan is? I asked.

“Well remember that Odette has a pearl pin? I nodded.

“Good! Odette won’t sing with kyle without the pearl pin.”

“What are you insinuating?

“You have to find a way to get the pear pin from her. You might get a chance to sing with kyle.” She grinned. “Odette’s hair always glitter whenever she sing,she didn’t want anyone to know her little secret. If you steal the pin I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to sing.” Kennedy said.

“What if she have another pearl pin?

“Don’t worry,you’re going to steal the pin when the concert is about to get starting. She won’t notice anything,let her sing with you guys for now but we would make sure she doesn’t get the chance to sing with kyle in the concert. People ain’t going to welcome her either,they will say she’s a monster.”

“Bravo! I love your idea and I promise to do it.”

“All for one!

“And one for all. Fighting!” We joined hands together and smiled.



They’ve been working together since morning. Kyle wanted to make sure Odette is so good to go. The concert means a lot to their reputations. Not only kings band reputations but also Queen bands too.

Odette used a pen to hold her hair together but it kept falling. She forgot to bring her pin along. Kyle went to his room since they’re in his mansion. He returned with the stick pin Tim had found and helped her with the hair.

“Thank you.” Odette mumbled.

“It’s yours remember?

“Yep! Did you?

“Nope,Tim gave me to keep it when it fell off from your hair.” Kyle said and sat close to his piano.

“Oh! Feeble replied but the only one she could come up with.

He placed the lyrics book on the piano and started singing while playing the piano.

“I wanna dance so don’t stop OK? He nodded and Odette danced like a ballerina.

She spreads her legs and dance,swirling around the practice room. She hop up and rolled with one leg on the floor.

“Whoa! She uttered and danced but suddenly the ballerina shoes she wore loosened and she accidentally twisted her ankle.

“Ouch! She cried out. Kyle stopped playing the piano and rushed to her.

“Oh my gosh! Are you alright?

“Yeah I’m fine.” She lied and tried to stand up on her own but fell back.

“Ouch! She groans silently.

“You’ve twisted your ankles? She nodded and kyle walked toward a space and returned with first aid box. He set it on the floor and opened it. He brought a sweet almond oil from it and used it to massage her legs in a gentle manner.

“Ouch! It hurts.” Odette said.

“Sorry.” Odette remembered that he had massage her legs before when he almost knocked her out with his car. She laughed out when she remembered how scared he was that day.

“Why are you laughing? Kyle stopped massaging her legs and glanced up at her face. She stopped laughing and leaned in. She whispered in his ear and kyle grinning.

“I thought you’re a monster.” Kyle mumbled.

“But I’m not,even I’m sitting right before you now. You’re not scared right?

“Why should I?

“Nothing.” Kyle was lost staring at her lips as Odette was also staring at his face too. They leaned in which made their lips inches away.

They were very close that their lips were just inches away.

Kyle looked up at her eyes and closed the space between them abd their lips touched. Kyle just stole her first kss ?

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