Cancer is a very common disease in this our generation.

It is manifested by the tumor, brea$t cancer,cancer of the cervic,and many other forms.

Typical symptoms of cancer include: The presence of an unusual lump in the body. Changes in a mole on the skin, such as size, color or shape thickness. A persistent cough or hoarseness. A change in bowel habits, such as unusual diarrhea or constipation. Difficulty in swallowing or continuing indigestion.

But thanks to God who has given us natural remedy to solve our problems.

It is never too late for someone suffering from this illness to be heal because these plants were created by God himself and everything he created was for a particular purpose.

You will need
3 aloe Vera leaf
3big ginger
1 pineapple


Wash the aloe Vera, wash the ginger and don’t peel ,also wash the pineapple and remove the skin,and also wash the soursop and remove the skin.

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend till the mixture is smooth.

Drink one cup in the morning and in the evening for 3weeks.