SCARLETS : Episode 11 – 20

(Life of a fan girl)


(Scandal queen)

?Episode 11?

?Min ho’s POV?

Okay I absolutely didn’t mean to do this this way.

I look at the boy and his eyes were red already,his kneels were bruised.

“Please Sir don’t fire me,I promise to be more diligent please give me another chance” she begged

Dian looked up and stare at him.

“Y’all ain’t going to prepare for school? He asked

“Well you still have an unfinished business” Asher said.

“Which is?

“Him” he replied pointing at Aurora.

“What business? He asked confused.

“You just fired her” I said calmly.

“I fired my makeup artist and not her,what a joke” he said and went upstairs.

But how come?

Oh! He send an audio recording.

“You’re lucky Aurora,hyung wasn’t talking to you” Bobby said and he smiled.

We left for upstairs while prepare for school.

After taking my bath I wore a simple black shirt and navy blue jean trouser.

After that I wore my rings and my gold chain before picking up my phone.

First appearance since I left for the states I have to look really gooood.

I went out of the room and rush downstairs the boys were already sitting on the couch so when I got there we left immediately.

It was past 11:00am and we were already on our way to SCANDAL.

I looked out of the window and sigh,I am fking tired.

I alert the guards and we met on our way,we got to school and luckily the students were already in the class but the little of them around are quite frustrating.

The guards tamed them and we entered the elevator up to our private study room.

I sat down on Dian’s chair since he wasn’t here and started going through the sheet on his desk.

“I’ll take Aurora to the principal’s office then come back”Bobby said and left with Aurora.

Weird name!

I rest my head on the table and glance at my phone.
This place is quite boring.

?Aurora’s POV?

After changing into my school uniform and the principal gave me a map to use and find my class.

Bobby already left earlier to attend to something.

I keep staring at the Map in pure frustration.

How the fk am I supposed to find my class with this?

I kept wandering around the halls when my eyes caught something.

“Eight grades classroom”.
I quietly push the door open and went in .

The eyes peering at me were too much making my leg wobble.

“New student? The teacher asked

“De” I replied

“English please,this classroom particularly is contained of different countries.
Spain, Thailand ,China,London and many more so please endeavor to speak English” he rabble on.

I sat down on an empty seat beside a blonde girl.

“Hi” I tried to converse with her but she shunned me.


I brought out a pen and paper from my backpack and wrote down the subject.

AP physics.

The teacher invited me to introduce myself which I did amidst murmurs that I bear a girl’s name.

I sat down on my seat after the introduction.

Soon enough his period was over.

I sat down on my chair feeling invisible,they are all rich kids from a powerful family who am I to be among them?

I place my head on my desk and shake my head.

Somehow I feel uneasy,what if I act suspicious?

I left the classroom after it was time for lunch and went yo the cafeteria on reaching there the students were all surrounding someone.

Is it Dian?
Of course he wasn’t present today.

Then who?

I stood there as the boys came to the cafeteria,immediately their presence were noticed the students started coming their way.

The person then came into view.
A classic girl who may be older than me or same age.

She is beautiful no doubt and smells wealth.

“Mabel! Bobby called immediately he saw her.

“Hello Bobby” she walked closer to them and give them a hug.

“So where is my baby? She asked

Who is her baby? Dian?

No it’s not possible.

I stood beside Liam and whispered to his ear.

“Who is she? He looked at me amusingly and smirked.

Seems like she heard me,she came towards me and flashed me a smile.

“I am Mabel,scandal queen who are you? She asked.

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