AWKWARD NURSE : Episode 31 – 40


By Chidinma Jerry M

Season 1
(Episode 31)

Clara’s p.o.v conts

” sir the bus is about to get filled up.
” no no I don’t like it.
” you are about to lose a patient
” omg let’s go.

Just then the bus moved away we both chased after it for a long time until it finally disappeared.

Just then sir Ryan smiled

” there’s my car.
I turned and jumped up.

We both ran towards the car but it was locked

” Clara where is the key? ”
I wiped my tears because this was no longer funny.
” hotel room . I said
” that distance?.

We looked around in frustration just then a camel rider came along . The rider looked very religious

I dragged sir Ryan and called out to the rider.

” hey sir please take us to the junction

” do you have money”.He said
” no but we have God”. I said
” are you prophets.” He asked
” yes that’s why we are dressed in white” I replied

Just then he stopped we both rushed in and sat quietly .

He moved away.

” tell me what did God say concerning my life .
” OH am just the assistant to the man of God. It’s only the man of God that can speak I said pinching Ryan.

” arrrgh God has blessed thine mouth dear assistant, speak for the man of God heareth”,he said

I pinched him and he pinched me back.

” are you both fraud?”, he asked
” no Mr I know very clearly what I am seeing”, Ryan said
” he knows what he sees “,I added

” what do you see?.

” you are a man and you are a fine man . Ryan said

” you are a man and you will make money very soon.I added

” it’s obvious this camel is not yours but the Lord will provide your own . Sir Ryan added

” and your kindness shall make you the king of all nations.I completed

” nice but what if both of you are fraud?

” we can’t be fraud don’t look at the servants of the Lord in vain.”, Sir Ryan said pinching me

” if we are fraud, may the punishment from above fall upon us”, i added

Ryan pinched me again.

just then the bag of beans packed above our head fell on us and threw both of us out of the carriage

I fell on sir Ryan ouch my back.

The man halted and shouted

” frauds”.

Both of us stood up and bowed to him

” may the Lord be with you….Sir Ryan shouted laughung .

” sir there is our hotel “, i said pointing .

we saw the hotel and ran into it we opened our room and I picked the car keys.

I instantly grabbed my skirt and sir Ryan grabbed his trouser ..I slipped it in a haste and rushed into the shower where I hung my bra .I wore the bra and rushed out sir Ryan grabbed his shirt and wore his slippers hastily .

I used the towel to cover my chest and picked my top .

He already ran out I wore the top and I wore my slipers and i ran out behind him .

Both of us picked another race .till we arrived at the car . I gave him the key and both of sat in and he drove off

Minutes later we arrived the hospital we both rushed out of the car

Samantha came out.

” we sedated her but the effect of the injection just weared off. She said

” is she in the operating room”, he asked
” yes

Ryan’s p.o.v

.what a surgery I already forgot everything I read .

I don’t need a crowd in there if not I will surely lose this patient.

.I need only one nurse so I can concentrate, Think and remember . who do i go for?

I walked into the room

Clara’s p.o.v

Sir Ryan didn’t read that health file well how will he now recollect it?

We walked into the operating room the whole surgery team was there .
He wore his gloves and his mask as well as his garment.

He looked at her for a while.

” everyone leave I need just one person.

Everyone left it’s obvious Samantha is the highest in rank . so I tried walking out too .

” not you Clara !!! “,He said .

I came back and Samantha walked out .they all watched closely from the glass window.

” Clara let’s work as a team. We are friends right? We can’t lose her we need to be fast we need to do this together I am trusting you “,he said .

I instantly brought out the tray of the surgery tools and switched on the surgery light.

Sir Ryan wore his gloves and closed his eyes for a while.

Louisa’s p.o.v

Only two pepple for surgery , i like watching for myself and seeing with my eyes.

I moved closer so I can hear them clearly ..

Clara smiled at me and whispered “hi”

I waved.

Just then sir Ryan opened the woman’s belly .

” saws “, he said.
” no , scalpels “, Clara corrected

” why”, he asked her

” her health record is at home. You need to control your cutting since the ratio is not visible.

Sir Ryan smiled and collected the scalpels from her .

What a smart girl…

He carefully cut the area open.

Clara spinned the tools tray around

” towel ..
Clara handed it to him .
He carefully shifted her tissues and grasped the affected area .

” sharp …

Clara handed it to him omg what a sharp girl.

“Sir Ryan , don’t talk anymore.concentrate on remembering the health record . Pls trust me .”, Clara said.

Sir Ryan nodded. And concentrated on the surgery .

He stretched his hands and Clara slipped the scissors into his hands
Ryan smiled

He dropped it and stretched his hands again

Clara gave him vascular clamps ..

He was very fast.both of them make a good team, she knew exactly what he wanted before he could talk .

This made sir Ryan faster and he concentrated the more .

Just then Clara instantly arranged like four instruments in order and rushed to the blood we were adding. She checked the woman’s blood presure. .. She instantly stopped the blood flow.

Sir Ryan smiled.

She rushed back to him before he needed something else .

Sir Ryan was faster as Clara kept checking the time .

minutes later they were done

Clara handed him tissue unifying instruments.

He carefully unified her tissue .

surgery was completed .

He removed the gloves and looked at the screen just then both of them smiled and opened the door.

I opened my ears wide for the report .

” surgery was a success”, he said smiling as he tapped Clara’s shoulders

” patient should wake in 6 hours time”, Clara added. Smiling.

“Wow good news indeed “, i said .

Clara’s p.o.v

I am so happy finally sir Ryan didn’t lose a patient .

I looked at him and smiled. Then he touched my hair

” congrats “, he said to me I smiled widely .

Both of us rushed out of the hospital. I feel so dirty

Ryan’s p.o.v

Thank God for Clara, if not I would have not remembered everything I read.

She is so smart but whoever meets called her a clumsy nurse .

Once again she saved me. I looked at her and both of us rushed into the car.

Clara’s p.o.v

Sir Ryan looks happy I’m happy now.

What a day today was! Soon we arrived at the hotel both of us ran to the door of our room.

” sir I will bath first “, i said

” hey I paid for this room” he said .

I watched him open the door then I rushed off like flash I almost opened the bathroom door when sir Ryan dragged me back.

” hey , wait”, he shouted

” no no ,I came first”, i said .

He chuckled. He dragged carried me up .He kept me on the bed.

How can i be so weightless?

He tried rushing to the door I dragged him down and he fell slightly on me .

My heartbeats increased I closed my eyes .

He gently rose up and that was how I became quiet by force .

He opened the door himself.

” go “, he said .

I smiled widely and rushed inside .

I had a nice bath. awwww feel good.

Minutes later I walked out.

I saw the couple Tshirt on the bed and a black bomshot for me. while a black trouser for him .

Seems the hotel gave out . .hey but why a bomshort am not his girlfriend .

I realised he was looking at me I tied my towel well.

” you are okay right , you don’t feel sick ?…

” no am fine sir .I said organising my towel .

” ok.

I turned to the fridge didn’t even see him walk into the shower. I took water .after which I wore the bomshot and the polo .

Wow I look hot . the short stopped at my hip .

I dragged it down a bit

Minutes later he walked out wearing black shorts.

He wore his own polo’s a couple polo. We look cute .I smiled.

” you look hot “, he said

I smiled and both of us fell on the bed facing up.

” today Is a day.”, he said.

” Ryan, we haven’t finished our outing”.

” oh that

He stretched his hands into his cupboard and carefully brought out the list.

He canceled karaoke club and hotel . Then he turned to the back where I wrote the remaining two . He smiled .

” it’s still 7:00am what do you say about we visiting all these places today ? “, he said

” yeahhhhh!!!!!!!”, i shouted.

I am so happy , what if I steal your heart after these moments. Is that possible?

Just then food arrived both of us rushed up .

Finally almost starved to death .

I looked at him he smiled and picked his fork .

” thank you for today “, he said .
” thank you for everyday “, i said

We both chuckled .

He tried dipping his fork then I shouted.

” sir close your eyes and hold a sister in prayer!!!!.

” no , you are a fake Christian, this hotel might fall upon us “, he said .

I laughed widely.

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