SPEECHLESSNESS : Episode 11 – 20




“I know it wont be easy but I have to move on, I dont want to do anything that will destroy my relationship with him, if it’s my sister he loves, I wish them the best, this is not the end of the world for me, though I know it will be difficult to stop loving him, but I’ll try my best” Debbie braced up

She woke up early the next morning, cleaned and washed her bathroom, before bathing, she dressed up and went down to greet her mum and sister, she met them setting the dining for breakfast

“I thought you’ll never come down again,” Thelma said to her

“Is that the proper way to say good morning to your big sister” she replied her playfully

“Good morning big sister” they both laughed

“Seriously, you’re something else, yesterday, you were gloomy, you even refused opening the door for me, and you slept off hungry, now this morning, you’re cheerful and laughing, you must be a course to study in the University”

Their mum walked in smiling.

“Good morning mum” Debbie greeted her

“How was your night?” she asked still smiling

“Fine mum” she was surprised at her mum’s unusual smile

They settled down to eat.

“Girls, today is chief’s birthday and I’m planning something special for him, just a little get together for my friends” she announced.

“Mum? You mean you’re organizing something special for another woman’s husband in your husband’s house? Mummy this is immoral” Debbie blurted out

“Debbie mind the way you talk to mum, remember she’s still our mother” Thelma threw at her

“I didnt inform you to ask for your permission, I just want you girls to Behave yourselves, especially you Debbie, I don’t like the way you stare at him anytime he’s around, making him feel uncomfortable ”

” I think I’m done with this food, I’ll be in my room” she said exiting abandoning her food.

“Mum, I think Debbie is right, cant you do that somewhere else,” Thelma tried talking some sense into her

“This is my house and I can do whatever I want here”

“Suit yourself mum” she said and continued with her breakfast

Debbie and Thelma were in Debbie’s room chatting, the cook was busy preparing for Chief’s birthday, the girls kept themselves busy with their phone and chit chatting, they ignored their mum throughout the day and she cared less.

“Sis” Debbie called Thelma calmly

“Someone is seriously in love with you”

She let out a loud laugh.

“And the person sent you to tell me on his behalf?” she grinned

“Not really, he’s a very good friend of ours, and i know he will take proper care of you”

“This is serious, so who’s this guy, that doesn’t have the courage to walk up to me like a real man and express his feelings.”

“It’s George,”

“Your boyfriend?“ she asked looking astonished

”He has never been my boyfriend, we’re just friends,”

”Wait, wait, I know you’ve been crushing on him, so when did the table turn around?”

”Dont mind those things I was doing, I only like him as a friend, and I’ll be happy if both of you are together”

”I don’t believe you, he hasn’t said anything to me yet about this”

”He’s scared of your reaction,”

”Scared?…… “Thelma smirked, the ring of her phone interrupted her, she checked the caller id and it was George, her heart skipped, she showed the phone screen to her sister and she urged her to pick his call, she spent some minutes talking to him on the phone before she ended the call,

“So?” Debbie asked her

“He asked for a date with him, we chose friday evening”

“That’s good, pls don’t break his heart, he has a fragile heart”

“And who says I’m going to accept his proposal, I dont have time for all these mummy’s boys, I don’t like dating them, George is a mummy’s boy and I don’t nt think I can date him”

“I cant believe you’re the one saying this, Thelma of all people, you now choose the kind of guys you date, hmmmmm University has done alot for you o, just be careful”

“Look at who is preaching to me, how many boyfriends have you had, ”

“But seriously speaking you’ve changed a lot, I now see the kind of expensive clothes, shoes and bags you use, even the jewelleries you were are d–n expensive, I dont know how you manage to get the money for those things and yet you tell me you don’t have a boyfriend and that you’re still a virgin, I think you’re hiding something from me ”

”hiding Something like what? Please don’t accuse me unnecessarily just because you want me to date George, but dont worry, I think I might give it a trial“ she winked at Debbie

They heard their mum laughing in the sitting room with her friends, they rushed downstairs to have a glance of what they were doing,

They peeped and saw chief smiling sheepishly as he was devouring his meal, Debbie was fuming in anger, she wished she could give the old man a dirty slap, it was just their mum and her three best friends that were sitted in the living room, they were discussing and enjoying their meal, the two girls went back to their room.

***** George and his dad were alone in the house, his mum travelled to Benin for a conference meeting, they were alone watching television when he made up his mind to talk to his dad concerning his infidelity.


“Yes son” he answered with his gaze still at the television

“Why are you cheating on mum?”

“What!!!!!? What makes you believe I can do such a thing to her, do you know how much I love and cherish her?” he asked

“Dad, there’s no need pretending, i now know everything, mum has told me everything, I also saw a video of you and your mistress enjoying in a hotel, mum told me how you’ve been mistreating her and how she has been the one doing her best to ensure our family doesn’t split”

“Your mum did what??” His dad asked him in bewilderment

“Daddy, I’m a man now, if there’s anything going on in this family, I think I have the right to know, you dont love mummy, you’re putting up everything” he yelled at his dad

“Son listen to me, I dont want you to believe anything your mum told you, and concerning the video, the truth surrounding it will be revealed soon, I’m talking to you as a father, please discard all your mother told you, believe me I can never cheat on her, i love my family. “his dad said trying to convince him

“Daddy i’m confused, I fainted the day Mum revealed your secret affairs to me, I dont know who to believe anymore, please no matter what is happening, I don’t want you to drag my sister Mirabel into it, she’s still too young to stand the shock, you’re our role model, we can’t stop telling everyone how happy and united our family is, I cant stand the shame of watching you and mum split” he said amidst tears.

“Son, I promise not to give devil a chance to destroy my home, trust me I can handle this, so you fainted because of what she told you, and she lied that she met you laying helplessly on the floor, please just ignore all she told you” he said hugging him.

********* Thelma finally accepted to give George a trial after their date, he has been showering her with love and gifts, he has gone back to school, he would miss her so much as he was getting used to having her around.

Debbie was having a difficult time forgetting about George, she has been busy going out and making new friends, she noticed Thelma doesn’t like discussing her affairs with George, so she let her be, she chats with him once in a while, she has also stopped visiting him at home. She can’t wait for school to resume so she will occupy her mind with school activities.

The girls were invited by their mum for a crucial meeting, they don’t like talking to her because they always end up arguing but they prayed the meeting ends well, they dragged their lazy feet to her room where they met her relaxing on her bed waiting for them, they settled down on the couch.

“I want to inform you that we’re relocating to Abuja, I opened a new branch over there, we’re moving out next week”

The girls were shocked

“But mum, how could you take such a decision without our consent?” Debbie asked her angrily

“I’m sorry I didn’t inform you earlier, but I dont think there’s need for seeking your consent when you wont contribute anything to it, you’re not the one buying the house or paying the rent” she retorted

“What about this house, what will happen to it and what about our family business, even daddy’s filling Station?” Thelma asked her.

“I‘ve sold the house, the owner will pack in next month, we have only one week to move out, as for the business and filling Station, I’ve taken care of them”

“What!!!!!!?” the girls chorused.

“How could you sell our father’s house without telling us?” Debbie asked her

”I have an important meeting to catch up, we shall continue with the discussion when I return” she said adjusting her clothes, she carried her handbag.

“I know Chief is behind this, I dont know what that man did to blindfold you,” Debbie said angrily

“You should be thankful to that man, if not for him, your useless uncles would’ve rendered us homeless and helpless, count yourself lucky today, as i’m in a good mood, next time you vomit what you just said, i’ll make you regret ever calling me mother” she said locking her door. The girls watched her walk downstairs, they heard her shouting at the gateman to open the gate.
They returned to their rooms unhappy. They have no other option than to start packing.

******* George called Thelma and told her how much he was missing her, she then told him of their relocation, he was sad at first, but after remembering they still school in Lagos and would be seeing each other, he relaxed, they spoke for some minutes before ending the call.

“Mr Ufomba was happy his son and daughter have gone back to school and he can confront his wife

”Why did you lie to George?“ he threw angrily at his wife who was busy with a fashion magazine

”What are you talking about?“ she asked him

”Dont act as if you don’t know what you did, why did you show him the video, and why did you tell him that I’m the one trying to split this family, why are you turning my son against me, when you and I know the truth“ he fired furiously at her.

”This is just the beginning, I’ll make you pay for all you did to me, I’ll make him hate you and forget about you, you think you’re smarter than me, I knew you would tell him the truth one day, so I took the bold step first” she retorted.

“I’ve tolerated your excesses, I’ve tried to love you, but you always end up showing me the kind of person you are, don’t let me spill out the truth because you’ll end up regretting ever marrying me, you shall loose both your children and me?” he warned her

”Bark as much as you want, I promise you, your children will soon hate you”

“For many years, I’ve pretended everything is ok with us, remember we had an agreement before this marriage, and we’ve been keeping to it, I dont know why you suddenly want to turn my kids against me” he said storming out of the room

“Agreement indeed,” she muttered to herself.

She heard her husband drove out, her phone rang and she picked it immediately, after seeing the caller id.
“Mum, are you crying?” George asked

“Son, it’s your dad, he has gone out with one of his girlfriends, they’re in a hotel enjoying themselves, a friend of mine called me now to inform me, I’ve been calling him but he’s not picking my calls,”

“Don’t worry mum, I’ll call him right away”

“Pls don’t allow this to distract your studies, I can manage, I’ve tolerated this for years, just face your studies,”

“Ok mum, talk to you later” he furiously cut the call

She heard her husband’s phone ringing after she ended her call with George and she smiled,

“Thank God he forgot his phone, this is just the beginning” she thought to herself.

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