AWKWARD NURSE : Episode 41 – Episode 44


By Chidinma Jerry M

Season 1 (Episode 41)

Clara’s p.o.v counts

As he parted the sides of my gown, he brushed his hands through my bare back but the gown still covered my front until he turned my face and kissed me then he gently tried sliping it off totally when someone knocked.

He opened up. It was a female maid so I didn’t bother covering up myself

” sir I told him to wait but he just…..

“, before she could finish her sentence sir Ryan rushed in.

He looked at Liam for a while then he looked at me .I got embarrassed….. tears ran down my face like it was my boyfriend that caught me in a wrong act. He ran his eyes down my back then to my neck and my chest which the gown still partly covered .

He turned to Liam.

“Liam if her body is really part of your criteria to invest then I’m sorry but her pride is not for sale. You can keep your own share of the files. We can’t continue with it

He walked down to me and pulled me up from the bed. He gently slipped my hands back into the gown and zipped it up then he took my hands and dragged me out. I looked at Liam for a while then I faced sir Ryan . We got to the car.

Just then his dad called.

Ryan’s p.o.v
” how are things son? The money is needed urgently right now. Things are moving fine right? Because tomorrow is the final day.
” dad why do you need this money so much? ”
” we can only withdraw to a particular amount from A.G.H.C until you formalize your engagement to Anna .
Unless I will do it myself at the law court tomorrow and Anna will sign while your cousin stands as you and when you return the party will hold.

Oh no this is confusing I am not ready for marriage yet. What do I do? If i tell him I lost the contract he will get angry at me and still formalize the marriage.

I looked at Clara .what do I do?

Just then a maid walked out and handed Clara some files. They were the 3 files. They we’re already signed. Clara smiled. He didnt make any offers.

” dad the contract was a success in two days.”, I said .

” I knew I could trust you my son i am indeed proud of you.
I smiled
” I will send the files
” ok son

I dropped the call and turned to Clara.
a note came with the files. We both read.

?You might not believe me but I signed the file before I made advances at you. Your body was never the price. 20 minutes ago I was just being a man who got attracted to a pretty girl whom he thought wanted him too and I swear Clara if you said no I wouldn’t have moved on, that’s how much I respect and value you. Thanks for saving my life. Thanks for everything. Thanks for teaching me where to throw money. I hope we do this again out of clean mind of friendship
My nurse ?

Clara smiled and looked up at him in his window and she waved at him.

Well! I’m glad he signed all.

Clara’s p. o.v
Am I not the luckiest girl? I meet good guys everywhere I go.

Sir Ryan entered the car and I sat with him as he drove off

” thank you Clara and sorry too”, he said and I smiled.
” oppa you are welcome.
” we have a visitor at home
” who?
” you will meet her”. he said.

Minutes later we arrived home.

We both walked in and there she sat Daniella Grande. I got annoyed.

Daniella’s p.o.v
Oh no! This girl is hotter now. This is not how she was when I sent her here. What the fuck!

” hi Clara “, I said.
She bowed.
I moved over to Ryan .
” is she the urgent meeting you left me for?.
” yes she is.”, he said.
” come let’s go inside I have something for you.”, I said .

He turned to Clara

” Clara go on in, you must be tired.

Clara nodded.

Clara’s p.o.v
No Ryan don’t go with her. Send her out of your room please. I’m jealous I won’t even sleep..

She’s looking so seductive. What If she seduces him into sleeping with her?
I feel bad I am not happy. I walked into my room and laid on my bed. Thank God I already bathed.

Sir Ryan dressing me up made me wish he was the one removing my clothes but right now in the next few minutes he might be removing Daniella’s clothes. She was in a relationship with him before after all.

I forced myself to sleep after I wore my night gown.

Daniella’s p.o.v
” Daniella are you comfy “, I would have lodged you but I didn’t know Clara will come back. He said

” Ryan come on, we spent years living together In a house. Sleeping in the same bed and doing many other things too. “, I said

” well some things has changed”. he said.

He removed his shirt and rushed into his shower.

He came out from the dressing room door. He wore a black t shirt and white shorts.

He laid beside me on the bed and arranged his pillow.
What! No I want him to make love to me. That’s even why I came. I could have lodged but I missed him.

I turned to him and looked at him on the pillow. Where he laid with his eyes closed. I gently removed the jacket of my short singlet and red night gown. I dropped it. My seductive shoulders and attractive hair fell freely down my chest.

I gently moved my hair and it touched him. He opened his eyes and saw me so close to him as I laid my head on my palm and stared at him. He stared at me and closed his eyes…

I slowly slipped my hands into his singlet and brushed it up from his belt line to his chest.

” Daniella stop, this is wrong, Anna is your sister”. He said while trying to control his eyes which kept going to my chest.He was once my mine I know exactly how to get him helpless.

“Ryan you want me too, stop holding yourself. “, I said this

” Daniella please just stop I beg you.”, he said as he forced out my fingers

” but I want you. I whispered into his ears

He finally stood up and moved his hair back .
“I am going out. We can’t stay together”, he said
” so u won’t lose your control ?.
” Daniella I was wrong to think that we can be normal friends but it can’t work because you haven’t gotten over me yet”. he said
” where will you go? ok I will stop. You can’t sleep in the couch you will have cold.
” I will just stay with someone else.
“You prefer stay with her. Is she not a woman? Can’t she do what I just did”. I Said.

” you are my ex. She is just a nurse. And we are both used to sleeping in a room , I know you hate her already and you won’t stay in her room so just stay here and let me be.”, He said

Before I could say one word Ryan rushed out.

Omg! it seems Ryan likes the girl even the way he looks at her is romantic. The way he left me at the park today with only the house address just to go and pick her up is very suspicious.

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