BEAUTIFUL IFEOMA: Episode 11-The End


Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C?


The Messy room?


I got to the upstairs and headed to the Prince room but I couldn’t take my eyes off Princess Ola’s room.

This was a great chance for me. Everyone is downstairs but I don’t have the bracelet with me.

I sighed and went into the Prince room.

It was a total mess up.

The beds cover were removed and almost falling to the floor.
Two pillow were on the floor.
The floor seem slippery and dirty like someone returning from farm entered into the room.

“Why’s a Prince room like this?” I asked.

The books on the shelf were all on the floor.

“Is this wounded sheep trying to get me annoyed by making his room be this messy? Oh….I’m so pissed off.. Where do I start? Do I just go down there and lunch him on his face? No, I don’t wish to…oh where do I start?”

I walked to the bed and that was when I saw the note on the bed. I picked it and read.

?Clean it till no grain of dirt is found.
Arrange all the books according to the Authors ?

I scoffed. “What?”

I squeezed the sheet with my fist, vexed up.

(Hours later)

I dropped on the plastic chair, exhausted.

I was back to the quarters.

“Was the room that messy that you look so tired?” Uju asked.
“That wounded animal is really annoying the hell out of me,” I said.
“How messy was the room?” she asked.
I scoffed. “Tch! As messy as a pig’s pen. He intentionally made the whole place messy…but why?”
“I’m surprised too. I mean he shouldn’t be this way to you. You saved him twice.”

‘Not just twice but thrice’

“I think he want you to apologize to him or something,” she said.
I raised my brow. “Why should I do that? I saved him!”
“Hey bring down your voice, you can’t let others hear you talking ill about the Prince,” she said.
“Tch I’m not talking ill about him..seriously. I’m just getting vexed up about him being overly careless about his room. I mean it’s driving me insane,” I snapped.
“That’s okay. Just calm down”
“Okay I’m calmed.”

“Let’s have breakfast, I’m famished,” she said.
“Why? You should have eaten na” I said.
“No, I was waiting for you,” she said.
“Yes…oya hurry up.. I’m hungry.”
“I’m on it.”


?Writer’s pov?

Rose paced to and fro in her room with a worrisome look on her face.
She held the flare part of her long gown with her left hand and held her phone with the other hand.

The next minute, her phone vibrated and she picked it up immediately, placing it on her ear.

“Mom, he didn’t choose my meal, ” she said in a quiet voice as possible.

“He didn’t choose your meal because your meal didn’t taste the best,” her mom said.

“What do you mean mom…but he is supposed to choose mine, just mine no matter how bad or good it is. Isn’t that the effect of the…the talisman?” Rose asked.

“Listen to me Rose, even if he didn’t pick your meal, he has chosen you. You have his heart now but you have to do your own job too. Note the talisman won’t do everything for you. It would only capture his heart towards you and blind him from noticing anyone else but you, not helping you make him choose your meal or give you the best voice to sing for him. Those you have to do them yourself. What is the next competition?”

“Uhmm there’s none until tomorrow,” Rose said.

“What’s tomorrow’s own then?”

“We’ve not been told yet,” Rose said.

“Don’t worry dear, he’s yours. Trust me. Just do as I say. You see deducting him is a good option in this contest. The Prince had his eyes on you so you have to act. Don’t just sit back and do just the tasks given but do your personal task by having a chance with him. Do whatever he want.”

“ can I se…se.duce…the Prince. That’s going against the rules.”

“Shut up. You must become his bride and to achieve that you have to go extra miles. Do you get me?”

“Yes…yes I get you mom”

“Now end the call and start planning on how to do it”




It was 7:pm thus I had to go to the wounded animals room to dress his bed for the night.
Uju and I went together since she has to tidy the Princess room and the Queen’s too.

“Do you think his room is going to be messy again like in the morning?” Uju asked me.
“I don’t know. He can’t try that twice or I’m going to report him,” I said.
Uju chuckled. “Report him to who?”
“Princess Ola or the Queen,” I said.
She laughed. “I didn’t know you as a hilarious person Ifeoma. How do you think of reporting the crown Prince to the Princess. You must be sick” she said and touched my neck.

“Stop it. I mentioned the queen too,” I snapped.
“Yes you did but a word of advice girl, you dare not report a crown Prince not even to the King if you don’t want to loose your job or even more,” Uju said.

I rolled my eyes, “whatever.”

I knocked on the door three times then slowly opened it, made sure a stayed back few two seconds before going in.

The wounded sheep was with his friend, I remember Uju saying his name was Charles.

Both were sitting on different sofas, discussing and drinking.

The Charles doesn’t look bad. He has this gentle man’s look that made me want to see him smile at me.

They stopped discussing and I curtsied with my head down.

“I’m here to dress the Prince bed” I said.
“Oh…then we should excuse her to do that,” Charles said.
His voice look soothingly sweet.

“No way” The wounded animal said and turned to me. “Do you want me to excuse you so you could dress the bed, are you going to be uncomfortable if I’m around? Are you scared that I would make you uncomfortable?” he asked.

I so much wanted to roll my eyes but there was no way I could since he was looking at me. His friend was too.

‘Who’s going to be uncomfortable? Tch!’

“Answer me” he said.

I exhaled.

“No my Prince, I would dress the bed without minding your presence,” I said.

“Good..Now do your job,” he said.

I inhaled and walked to the bed.

“Man, I don’t think we can continue the discussion with her around. I’ll return later,” Charles said to him.
“No, I’m sure she’s good with secrets,” The wounded sheep said.

‘I’m good with secrets?’

“Even at that I gotta go check something in my room. I’ll be back,” Charles said.
“Alright. I’ll be waiting.”

In a moment Charles was gone and I tried my best to focus on the bed, never wanting to look back or even make a noise.

‘In a minute I would be done and get out of here. I just have to focus…’

“You know…you aren’t doing your job well enough,” he said.

I sighed.

“Look over there at the shelf. You missed the right place that book should be,” he said.

I looked over the shelf and saw a book apart from the rest.

“I checked the books after you arranged them and found that one was in the wrong place, why?” he asked.

I bit my lips, restraining my anger which was building up.

“Aren’t you gonna answer me?”

I exhaled. “That was the only book by the author there so I dong think I arranged the books wrongly.”
“You did. The book isn’t supposed to be in the center of books but the last,” he said.

“Tch” I scoffed. “My Prince, really you must have a bunch of time to check a hundred and twenty books just to see if I put one in the wrong place,” I said.

My back still on him.

“How dare you talk to the crown Prince with your back on him, turn around this minute,” he said.

I heaved a sigh, then slowly I turned and faced him.
He had a smirk on his face which annoyed me the more.

“Apologize right now,” he said. “It’s an order”

I chuckled within. ‘This is becoming something else’

“Aren’t you going to apologize?” he asked.

I breathed out then bowed my head. “I will. My apologies my Prince.”

“You still have the bandage on. Why did you caught the knife for me? Did you by any chance knew I was the Prince?” he asked.

I chuckled within.

“How would I by any chance know that? I’m not a magician,” I said.

“What about the table too?” he asked.

I looked at him. “What table?”

He smiled and sipped from his glass of wine.
“This table, aren’t you going clean it up too?” he asked, referring to the table on front of him.

“I will” I said.

“Then do it,” he said.

“Yes… Prince”

I walked back to the bed and continued with arranging the bed and thirty seconds I was done so I returned to the table, squatted down and began clearing the things on it.

“But My prince, I thought you and your friend still have to drink more?” I asked.

“No, he’s got light head. I’m sure he’s sleeping right now.”
he said.


“Have he had dinner yet?” I asked.

“He eats dinner by 5pm… Wait, why are you asking about his dinner and why are we even having this conversation?”

“That’s right. We were never in good terms my Prince. My apologies,” I said.

“Are you trying to be in good terms with me now because I’m the Prince?” he asked.

‘Tch! What?’

I stood up. “No one would want to be on a bad terms with the crown Prince of his or her kingdom,” I said.

“You are right. But you have to work hard to get on the good side with me. You have to work hard to get it,” he said.

I breathed out..

“The table is cleared and the bed has been dressed. I shall leave now, my Prince,” I said.

“Leave then,” he said.

I curtsied, walked to the door, opened it and left.

‘Work hard my foot!’

?Crown Prince?

I smiled as the door closed.

“Let’s see how you work hard to get on the good terms with me. I don’t think an apology would be enough tho..”

I exhaled.

‘I feel like I’m being selfish and unfair. Like she saved me twice but I feel happy seeing her annoyed.
I want to see her annoyed instead of happy.
I can’t stop myself.

Maybe because she’s just a maid’

I stood up and walked to the window, drew the curtains and looked up at the star filled sky which reminded me of Rose.

‘I crave to see her and be with her. How do I do that? I’m definitely going to make her my Queen.’



The Princess was in her white nightwear reaching down her ankle.
Her hair fallen over her shoulders.
Her eyes were dark..

In her hand was a knife and the bracelet was on her wrist.

She wore nothing on her feet.

She was heading to the Prince room and I was following behind her, hiding behind walls so she don’t see me.

She finally got to the door, grabbed the doorknob, opened the door and went in but didn’t close it.

Without a drop of sound, I got beside the door and peeped in.

She had raised the knife and was about to stab him. I gasped, showed up at the door and screamed.

“No oooooooo!!!”

“Ifeoma, Ifeoma…”

My eyes opened and Uju was staring at me with worried eyes.

“Another dream?” she asked.

“Yes….” I answered, my heart pounding with sweats all over me.

“Do you want to share it?” she asked.

I sat up.

“I will tell you the truth Uju and I need your help” I said.



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