THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 31-40

? The fallen Angel ????

? Chapter 31 ?

? Jun pyo’s pov ?

I ran into the strange room,only to find pumpkin chained to a chair..

“Pumpkin! Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” I worriedly asked,touching her face..

“Am okay jun pyo but you shouldn’t have come here”

“What do you mean by that? I’m here to save you”

“But you might end up getting hurt instead” she said as tears swelled up in her eyes..

“As long as you’re with me,nothing will happen to me” I said wiping her tears..


“Shhhh..Don’t you trust me?”I asked,staring into her eyes..

“I do but..

“No more but,just believe in your bestie” I said,touching her cheeks..

“Enough of your love play” bong soo said,as he entered the room with his mother..

“You bastard! Both of you murdered my parents. As if that wasn’t enough,you even went ahead to kidnap pumpkin..How could you?” I yelled,grabbing him by his collar..

“Easy bro,don’t forget that your Pumpkin’s life is in my hands if I were you,I would be careful” He said pouting his lips..

I loosened my grip on him,as tears flow freely from my eyes..

“Why..why did you drag my innocent mum into this” I cried..

“Innocent my want to know why I also killed your mom right? Fine,I will tell you” Mrs sun hye said

“Your father met me first before your mother..we were happy together and he even promised to get married to me..But everything changed when your mother came into the picture.she snatched kim away from me and I was left alone to die in misery and heartbreak.” She continued as she tried to stop her tears from dropping..

“Later I found out that I was pregnant..I happily ran to Kim’s house to break the goodnews to him..To my chagrin,I was told that he traveled to New York for his honey moon..once again,I was heart broken..

“I decided to leave the country after telling him about the pregnancy through a text message.. Everyday,I hoped and prayed that he will come looking for me,that he will come begging for forgiveness..But hell No,that didn’t happen and it’s all because of your mother” she yelled..

I know she has gone through a lot but that’s not a good reason for her to make me an orphan..

“Was that the reason why you made me an orphan”

“Yes and so will i do to anyone that stands on my way,including your pumpkin” she replied

“No..No..please don’t hurt her,I will do anything you ask” I begged..

“Good boy,quickly sign the transfer papers now ” she commanded..

“No jun pyo,pls don’t do it ” pumpkin suddenly said..

“But they will hurt you” I replied

“It doesn’t matter,I will be fine..just don’t do it” she begged..

“No! You’ve been saving me ,now its my turn to save you too.”

“Can you guys stop this nonsense? Am getting pissed off already” bong soo suddenly interrupted..

I quickly signed the papers and hand it over to Mrs sun hye..

“We’re now rich,I can’t believe it bong soo..we finally became rich” mrs sun hye happily said waving the papers at her son..

“I’ve done what you asked,can you release her now?” I said

“Uhm..I don’t think so” bong soo replied.

“What! What do you mean by that” I asked

“I said I want everything that belongs to you,and that includes PUMPKIN” he said with a smirk..


Bong soo has crossed all his limit..

I will rather die than watch him take pumpkin away from me..

“How dare you mention her name with that filthy mouth of yours” I yelled..

I angrily ran towards him but was held back by his men..

“Let me go” I yelled trying to set myself free from their grip..But they we’re too strong for me..

“I can’t wait to have a taste of your pumpkin” he said stroking Pumpkin’s hair as she struggled to remove his hand..

“Don’t you dare touch her” I screamed,still struggling to set myself free..

I have never felt this helpless before..

I couldn’t even protect pumpkin,maybe am really a bad person..

“Looks like she is really close to you,so I won’t take her without your permission” bong soo said

“That will never happen,over my dead body” I replied as I spat on his face..

He angrily grabbed the gun of one of his men and point it to me..

” Before counting of three if you don’t agree,I will fire this bu.llets into your dumb sk.ull” he threatened.

“Am not scared of you” I replied..

“Okay! Let’s see how long you”

? Pumpkin’s pov ????

” No don’t shoot him,I will do anything you ask” I begged..

“So sweet..but It’s your hubby’s permission that I need.TWO” bong so replied and cracked the gun..

“Mrs sun hye,pls stop your son” I cried

“Don’t you dare call my name,both of you deserve it” she rebuked..

“Just say yes jun pyo” i said still crying my eyes out..

“What are you saying to me? I will never do that” he stubbornly replied.

“Father please energize me for this last time,I have to save jun pyo but am too weak to do that..I need strength dad” I cried with my eyes closed..

“Three” bong soo shouted and fired the gun..

“NO !!!!!!!!!!” I screamed in rage.I didn’t know when the chains broke but I remembered pushing jun pyo as the bullet came in contact with my heart..

What a tragedy?
Does of you saying that pumpkin still have powers ,are you following us at all..she is an angel but she is now powerless because she has used her powers thrice..

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