BELIEVE SEASON 2: Episode 21 – 30

[you’re my heart’s crown?]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
settings; Nigerian-drama?


i feel so shocked,nervous,
confused and surprised as he pressed into my b0dy so slowly.

After kssing me,Lotanna unlocked from my l!ps,I got cr@zily shy and swallowed into nothing as I look down.
He smiled and looked quietly in my face,I really can’t explain how i feel,
every part of my b0dy was scenting “lotanna”..

I feel like the moon was between us,
it was the only thing that light up the dark midnight,
he touched my hair,
I managed to look at him.

“my prince” I said.
he smiled…he found plea$ure in looking in my face like in movies,
so real and slow.

“my prince” I said.
“my queen” he said and took my hand with the hand he wore me bracelet,I couldn’t talk anymore.

“someone might be watching,I really do not want to get in trouble”
I shake my head,
he looked at me quietly.

“loving you is like breathing,
how would I stop?
sorry if I put you in a confused state, guess am fond of that,only you make me loose desire of my controls; will you be there when I need you the most?”
he said with the most sweetest voice,
I smiled and hide my face,
he really know how to use pleasant words..At times I wonder if it is really me he is talking to.

“sir…hmm sorry.
“Lotanna” I corrected….

“sir we need to go” a voice said,
he smiler out dimples and turned in full surprise.

“don’t you have respect at all?”
“can’t that wait a little bit”
he mouthed to the guards.

“can you just give me few–
“the queen is worried sick,your other cars already arrived in the palace…
she asked why you haven’t arrived, she got so scared” a man said.

“fine,I know she will” lotan rolled…

he left my have and one of the guards picked my phone for me.
They rushed out in front,Lotanna followed them.
I also turned to enter ngozi’s compound in full,Lotanna hastily ran back to me.

“your highness, they are-
he brushed both hands down there on my wa!st and kssed me starting from my neck again!

…..fireworks and butterflies alongside with symphonies shoot out in my tommy.
I smiled,he reached for my l!ps again.
I enjoyed it,
I didn’t want him to stop.

he changed the pattern of kssing, I got so nervous to touch him back,
I opened up to him and kssed him back…

Lotanna did it so perfectly well unlike me; this was more than a kss.
I carefully touch his hands on my h!ps until I wrapped my hands holding him to myself,my finger brushed into his hand where he was touching me again..

the kss got strong!.

“your highness” we heard.
I opened my eyes,the guards were actually facing back at a far distance and I felt lotanna unlock.
I got shy as he left my h!ps for me,
he presses so much?.
I know,no one touches me that way but am glad it was him,
my first kss too.

“I will send Amarachi to you” he said.
I nodded.
“or better still,I will be calling you”.
he said.
I nodded,he still peck my forehead?

I watched out after him,
the guards opened the door for him, be entered.
my nervousness disappeared.

I touched my neck and lips…
I kssed him back.
how on earth did I do that?
have never been so int!mate,and I gave him access to my b0dy.

I moved to ngozi side of the window and knocked,I knocked and knocked and knocked with a stone.
“Ife” someone called.
“Ngozi” I turned.
I got puzzled; was she outside.

chineke eeeeh(oh my god) did she see me and lotanna?.
“hmmm” I starmmered.

“waaaaat prince lotanna kissed you..
waiiiit is it him or is it a dream…
no I can’t be dreaming!
You mean that lotanna?” she shouted
I stayed quiet.

“I actually came out to urinate but I spotted some guards dropping lots of package at the backyard,don’t tell me they are all for you!” she said.

“I want to spend the night in your place; I really can’t go with him for some reasons” I said.
she hugged me tight and I smiled.
I followed her in and later followed her to the backyard,we both packed everything he sent Aunty Teresa to buy for me in her room.

we were done,I locked the door.
“thanks” I said.
“really… you traveled with that rich star,tell me where did he take you to? what type of hair did you plait in the city,it’s really pretty”
she says and turn on the lights.

I didn’t even know which one to answer first.
“soooo did you kss him back like real?” she asked,
I nodded.
“I trust you,chaiii” she laughed.

“how does it feels?” she asked.
I scratched my neck as I kept my phone in a safe place then I took off my top, I was now left in a singlet and the black designer leggings I wore, I went to one of those packages.

“did you hold him the way I saw him romancing your–
she paused and clapped her hands.

I smiled.”was I high; I was scared to touch him until the moment caught me”.
“he asked you out right?” he asked.

“yes,since….I don’t even know it was in that first paper.. It was Amarachi who read it for me” I said and tied one of her wrappers.

“don’t tell me you didn’t say yes.We might fight this night” she said.
“I will tell him tomorrow” I said.
“why are you so stupid….you mean you kept him waiting?.
gosh,you disappoint me,
what every other maiden would dream of” she blurts out..
I smiled,she hugged me.
“Ife you’re lucky but sometimes it is good to keep him waiting.Like that you won’t look cheap in his eyes”
she said and hugged me tight.

“promise to always gist me everything if not we might fight” she said.
I smiled as I took off my clothes,
she followed me to the backyard,
I quickly bath in a corner and we both rushed in.

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I felt so refreshed.
I opened one of the shopping bags and brought out a transparent parcel
“I like your earring” she said.
“ummm” I took it off and hand it to her as I remembered how she used to lend me cloth in the past,
I suddenly felt like crying.

“do you like this?” I showed her two new nighties; white and red.
“the white one for sure” she says.
I handed it to her and went for the red one.

I changed and used a white sleeping cap on my head.
then I fell beside her on the bed,she took my phone,I showed her the things lotanna taught me,
she got more excited.

soon,I slept off.

I cried in sleep as my mom appeared,
she is always using a white veil and each time I tried touching her,onome always appear and dragged me to a pit.

Again,I was almost touching her hand,Onome appeared behind her was olamma in her best dev!lish look

“mom,take me away!!!!!!???
“she is dangerous than demon??
“mom,here hurts me!!!!!???
I screamed,
she turned back too.

“Purity” she called my names.

I still shouted,Onome approached with seven burning yellow candle.


?my daughter,I don’t want you to go through this.But you’re my baby!

? you need to face it sooner or later, I don’t want to see when time comes.

? you’re incapable of protecting yourself and I always look on you from wherever my creator is.

? Remember, Purity.No matter how hard life is,you need to stay strong and survive for you’re mine last hope

? Am sorry I couldn’t get to you,
? only in that way,
? can you have a future….

she stretched her hand forward for me to take…
“mother!!???” I smiled out tears and tried reaching her.

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