WHEN I FALL: Episode 41 – The End




Standing in front of the room Ymir and Kathleen walked in, I didn’t know what to say, or do or even think.
Kathleen water just broke and I don’t even know how to think, Ymir has quickly rushed her room, leaving me outside, is Ymir going to give birth to the child?
I was confused, Kathleen can’t even go to the hospital, I was so confused.
I could hear Kathleen’s groaning from inside and I moved my hair back in frustration and devastation.

Ymir walked out of the room with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t know what to do.” she cried.
Of course she wouldn’t know, she’s just a siren who doesn’t have human knowledge correctly needless to say a nurse.

“Damn it!” I gritted my teeth together. Lives comes first, I grabbed my phone and called doctor Liam immediately.

“Oh, hello Jospeh, how nice of you to call me on a Sunday” He sounded cheerful.
But I didn’t. “Liam I need your help.”
“Is… Is there something wrong.” you could detect how worried he suddenly became from the sound of his voice.
“Kathleen” I breathed out tiredly.
“Yeah, miss Kathleen, is there something wrong with her, or… Her baby?” he was really worried.
“She’s… She’s about to give birth” the word coming out of my mouth shocked him, he didn’t speak for a while.

“So… Early?” Doctor Liam was shocked.
“Can you please… Get help and get over here as soon as possible, please” I sighed.
“Sure, I’ll do that” Liam said and hung up.
I dropped my phone and barged into Kathleen’s room as I heard her groan again.
Kathleen was lying tiredly on the bed, sweats all over her body, and her eyes wet with tears.
She saw me and reached for me immediately.
I held her hand and starts to cry.
“It hurts” she cried.
“It’s going to be okay, just hang in there okay!” I tell and she nodded.
Kathleen seemed weak and and tired again as she turned her sideways taking in the pain that was coming in.
I think she was having contractions.
Doctor Liam should be here any minute.
As Kathleen turned to the other side and let’s out a little groan. I found some scales at her nape.
What in the name…

She’s…. She’s not going to transform is she?
Ymir walked in and she walked up to Kathleen and I.
“It’s going to be okay, okay!” Ymir smiled at Kathleen, but Kathleen was too busy enduring the pains. I suddenly wished we could switch bodies.
It was hard watching her go through things.
Well every woman goes through this, but hers looked like it was more than every other woman.

Ymir found the scales lying at the back of her neck and sighed.

“Ymir,” I called and she turned to me.
“I know your mom died because of this, but did she ever like, did the baby ever came out.?” I asked.
Ymir shooked her head Negatively. “The baby actually killed her.” ymir sniffed.
My heart skipped a beat. “The baby killed her?” I repeated.
“She was about to give birth, while in siren form and she ended up…” Ymir sniffed drying her tears.
“She ended up exploding, right in front of my eyes.” Ymir eyes has clearly turn red from the amount of tears dropping from her eyes.
I almost broke down until ymir cleaned her tears.

“But Kathleen, I have high hopes for Kathleen, she’s not in her siren form, so there’s a High possibility that she’ll deliver this child, a very high possibility.” Ymir forced a smile at me and I nodded.
I should have hope too.
I walked back up to Kathleen as she called for me with her groan.
“I’m thirsty” she groaned, shutting her eyes very tightly,
I held her hands very tightly.
The pains she was feeling, it was like I could feel them.

“I’ll go get you a glass” I tell her.
“No stay here” she said. “Keep holding me”.
Kathleen opened her eyes again and the amount of tears that crawled out made me almost cry too.
“I’ll go get you water.” Ymir chimed in and left the room immediately.
Immediately ymir walked back in again, I heard a car pulling over in front of the house.
It must be doctor Liam,
I left Kathleen with ymir and went to answer the door immediately.
I opened the door and doctor Liam and three older looking women stood beside him.
“Thank God you’re here.” I breathed out..
I don’t care if he finds out about anything, I just want Kathleen to be okay.
They were each holding a briefcase, and I led them to the room Kathleen was in.
Seeing Kathleen helplessly on the bed, they all dropped their briefcase and brought out hand gloves….
Doctor Liam, ymir and I exit the room.
Ymir took me away from doctor Liam.
“What are you doing, why would you call them, what if they find out our secrets? Didn’t you see the scales suddenly appearing on Kathleen’s neck.” Ymir was right but.
“Kathleen and her baby’s life comes first. They should find out for all I care, we’ll deal with that later, but now we need to save Kathleen and her baby, that’s all that matters now.” I stated and ymir nodded.

Liam walked up to me later and told me everything will be alright,
I went to pick Mary from the living room and standing in front of the door Kathleen was, I could hear the nurses telling Kathleen to Breathe.

“Two minutes until contraction” I heard one of the nurse yell from inside.
Mary played with my hair as my head was filled with worry, if only she knew what was going on.
Liam gave me a small smile of comfort and I nodded in return.

“Now push miss Kathleen, just breathe and push.” I heard the loud voice coming from inside and I breathed out.
It’s going to be okay. I consoled myself.

And just like that the nurses went on for minutes. It’s been almost twenty minutes and still yet I could still hear the nurses telling Kathleen to push.
I was worried.
Mary was now roaming about in the living room, sometimes practicing to walk on her own, but fail at every attempt.
I sighed and got closer to the door.

“I have to go in.” I tell Liam.
“You can’t, they’ll handle it.” Liam said.
“But i can’t just stand here and listen to her groan in pain, I have to go in” I said opening the door and walking in before Liam could say another word.
I mean I was with Suzanne while she gave birth to Mary, so this is no big deal.
The nurses didn’t seem to mind as I walked, they just told me to put on a hair bonnet so as not to get my in any thing.
I did as I was told and walked up to Kathleen whose face was now swollen and sweaty, her eyes still had tears in it.
She turned to me and let’s out a sigh.
“I’m so tired.” she cried.
“It’s okay to be tired miss Kathleen, but don’t worry we’ll get your baby out in no time.” one of the nurses said.

“Three minutes until contraction” one of the nurses announced.

Kathleen grabbed my hand and I held her very tightly in return.
“it won’t come out” she cried.
“Don’t worry miss Kathleen, now just take in deep breaths.” the nurse who seemed likely to be the one who’s going to deliver the baby said, but Kathleen didn’t listen to her.
“Kathleen.” I called. Her eyes darts to me.
“Take in a deep breath okay!” I said and took in a deep breath letting her imitate me.
She did the same and I smiled… “Good. You’re going great, now breathe out” I said and she did the same.
She kept going until her contraction began and she let’s out a groan and a scream afterwards.
“Come on miss Kathleen push” the nurse announced and Kathleen with her eyes shut and her teeth slammed against each other, Kathleen let’s out a groan and with her face you could tell how hard she was pushing. My hand was almost crushed by her hand, she was holding me so tightly I could barely breathe.

“the baby’s coming out, we’re getting there, come on we can do this miss Kathleen” the nurse announced and I nodded happily.
“Keep going Kath, I’m here, you’re doing it” I smiled down at her and she nodded and kept going.

“Almost there miss Kathleen” the nurse announced.
I made sure Kathleen was now holding both of my hands as she pushed hard.
The baby’s head was now out and Kathleen relaxed to catch her breath, she was so tired, and you could see it.
“I don’t want to do this anymore.” Kathleen cried.
“You can do it Kath, it’s going to be okay.” I stated.
“I’m so tired!” she closed her eyes breathing in and out slowly, tears fell from the corners of her eyes and she sniffed as the nurse announced when the next contraction will be.

In one minute time Kathleen started to push again, with my words of encouragement, she gave it all her best and by the nurse’s expression I could tell the baby was out.
“Good job miss Kathleen” the nurse smiled. Delivering the placenta was easy and immediately the baby became detached from the placenta.
Kathleen Hand released from mine and I breathed out a sigh.

“It’s a boy” the nurse smiled taking the boy up and showing his bloody body and his skinny legs. His loud cry covered the whole room and I couldn’t contain my relief.
“Kathleen it’s a boy” I smiled and looked down at her.
Kathleen eyes were closed as it seems like she was asleep.
How could she fall asleep so quickly.
“Kathleen” I smiled and looked down at her more closely, I released our hands and immediately hers fell to her side.
“Kath?” I called and noticed she wasn’t breathing.

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