BELIEVE SEASON 3: Episode 11-The End

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??episode 11??


The woman whom I presume to be my mother rolled her eyes abruptly from the queen.At that point,I got confused.

seriously will this coronation still take place.It is obvious there is something between the two mothers and mine just called the queen directly by her name “chiamaka” without any title.

everyone excused us,
only me and her were left.
“why did you left me…I was treated badly by papa and onome if not for aunty Tracy I would….
I said as I hugged her.

“am sorry onome caused it all” she said into the hug.
“it’s okay,now am back right?”she said.
I smiled but it came out with tears.

she smiled and felt my skin,she smelt my shoulder as she held me tight.

“what are you eating huni…who took care of you..I never imagined you could be this pretty”she said.
I stayed quiet as she touched me softer.

“you look so healthy…I wonder what I would have been if I hadn’t find you,
you gave me reasons to live,
I feel so special having you as my daughter,
I feel honoured that you didn’t die till I returned,you stayed strong.

now that I have found you,
I won’t allow anyone take you away from me..
I will spoil you for myself with everything I have

you will swim in my attention and get oiled with my wealth,
I won’t stop until the world hears your voice”she said and traced my eyelashes.

I smiled quietly.
Am still finding it difficult to believe that this is my mother,
she smells of wealth.
chai??i was even scared to touch her skin that time we hugged.

she made a call in my presence,telling someone to arrange a quick flight to Dubai for us.
she dropped her call and ask me to start packing my belongings, my jaws dropped down.

lotanna came on my mind,
I was suppose to be his queen today.
I checked time and gosh,20more minutes for him to be crowned.

“you’ve been waiting for me for so long, now that you have seen me don’t you want to leave again”she asked.

the door burst opened,
I turned it was queen chiamaka.

the two mothers look into each others eyes and quietly look away.
there’s really something between them.I think it has to do with why the queen used to call me abomination in the past.

“Adesola”the queen called.
my mother faced her abruptly.

“umm chiamaka I will never be an ingrate and I will like to use this opportunity to thank you and your household for taking my daughter in and not giving her away to the dev!lish onome..

I say a very big thank you for everything and if you want anything in return am really capable of returning it.And besides am leaving with my daughter today.Have heard enough of how bad Adeife was treated in my absence”my mom said.

uhhhhm she knew,
who told her?-I suspect Ngozi.

“Adesola…what else can I do to calm you down?I know you are still angry and whenever you’re angry there’s nothing you can’t say.
please don’t take her away”the queen said.

“why shouldn’t I take her away..why the sudden care umm chiamaka, we were never friends and you never cherish friends”my mother said.

“ummm my son is in love with your daughter….in as much that I want her to stay,I can’t because you are her mother”the queen said.

“says who–
if I had come back poor am very sure you will use your control to hold my daughter down and I won’t allow that—

I watched like a zombie,
my mother picked her bag,she took me by my right hand.
Ready to leave.

“mama…I..I feel pressed”I said.
Although it was a lie.
she left me.and I ran to Lotanna’s suite.

Just 10minutes left and he will be crowned.
i knocked and entered,the projector screen turned off but I caught a little glimpse.I think what happened in the hallway screened.

I closed the suite door quietly,
the guards quickly made way for me, lotanna dismissed them.

“obim(my heart)”I called.
he was standing but his back was turned against me.

“ain’t you going already…isn’t your mom waiting”he asked.

“umm I don’t want to go..She and your mom have issues,they don’t seem to be on good terms..
can you talk to my mom instead” I said,he didn’t reply.

“Baby,you didn’t say something”
I said and went ahead to hug him from the back.
he touched my hand on his waist where I wore the suppose to be queen’s bracelet.

“I don’t want to follow her,use your authority to hold her down.I know you have so much connections”I said

“Ife I have connections but it will be so cruel and inhuman of me to hold you down… she’s your mother don’t you want to be with her”he asked.

I stayed quiet.

“if we are meant to be,
we will be without much stress
although I don’t believe in destiny but I did from the very first day I met you..

that day,you smiled back because you knew we are destined.”
he whispered and kssed my .
he unlocked and look in my face.

he watched me for a while,
I too was lost looking in his eyes
then his lips….
my eyes have no control.

Lotanna suddenly looked me in a different way,
our l!ps got closed,we kssed.

I smiled as I tightened the kss
it got intense…we just feel like eating each other up and we planned to do it this night.

I unlocked and look in his eyes.
how does he cope staying with me without going in between my l.egs..
every guys I passed by always try but—–

He kssed my forehead tightly.
I played with the chain he wore. then he grabbed my h!p and leaned in to kss me again,the door burst open.

Lotanna didn’t leave me,
he didn’t bother leaving my hips as he turned to look who was there.
it was my mother–
Ready to take me away.

“guess she’s here to get you…I will get a replacement for today’s coronation but I don’t think I will be able to love any girl”he whispered.

I nodded with a pained expression then he left me,I went to my mother.

“do you love my daughter like for real and not for her beauty.Am quiet aware of the type of life kings live.
After her,you will still get more wives which means your love for my daughter is punishment” she said.

Lotanna turned in a cute smile.”If I had love her for her beauty,I would have taken her pride and take advantage of her not having a family and if perhaps I want her to stay… there’s nothing you can do, guess you’re lucky am not a wicked king” lotanna replied.

I covered my mouth.
He should have begged instead of speaking to my mother in that manner.

“if you’re planning to take my daughter away…it won’t work” my mother said and placed a call.

“suite yourself”lotanna replied.
why is he speaking to my mom like this and what is he up to.

my mom had placed a call to someone.She ended the call and said “no one can take Ife from me”.

A guard came on with lotanna’s gold laided phone,the phone was ringing.
he picked the phone and looked into it quietly then he looked at my mother.

“Salvador?? isn’t that boss of the person you called” he said and placed his call on a loud speaker.

? Mr Nigeria,there is no motive attached to the Mrs Adesola’s action. I plead with you to pardon her manners—

we heard with our own ears.
Lotanna hung up and threw the phone to one of the couch. He then look in my mom’s face.

“If I want to take her forcefully, I will do that without much stress.
You’re so lucky am not a wicked king” he said.
no words from my mother.

“Your highness you can now come out,it’s time for you to wear the crown and we have gotten someone else to act as the que—” the guard paused.

My mother left me.
“what are you waiting for? go and meet him already….” she said.

Lotanna turned in full surprise.
I ran excitedly to his side so we could walk out together.
A guard opened the door for us until my mom spoke.

“wait”she said and came to us.
she took my right hand and fit it into Lotanna’s hand….

“my daughter mustn’t suffer,I just gave her out with my own hand” she said. I smiled.
“Adesola”the queen had called.
“I’m sorry”she said.
“for which crime? well am still angry with you”my mom smiled.

Lotanna and I walked into the hall where he would be crowned.

Everyone stood up,
All the princes stood up,
Jedinna stood up with shock all over his face.

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