BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 33, 34 & 35



Tony drove like a mad man to the hospital.
They got there safely much to Tony’s relief and ran into the hospital in top speed. They saw
Prisca first but while tony stayed behind to find out what happened, Richard proceeded
into the room Belina was taken to and found her on the bed already being attended to by the 3rd doctor in the hospital.
He noticed the cut on her head and knew that though the cut looked deep, it could not do any damage to her brain and he heaved a sigh of relief.
He touched her neck and discovered that it was very hot and was taken aback. He knew that she definitely could not have developed that degree of temperature by just hitting her head so he thought it best to find out what really happened to her. When Doctor Deolu
discovered that he was a little bit intimate with the new psychologist from his actions, he did not allow him to treat her despite all that Richard said.
Richard waited and monitored the doctor until he was sure that the doctor had done all that
needs to be done so he kissed Belina’s forehead and left the room.
He got to where Tony, Prisca and Prisca’s parents were in the waiting room and started
seeking explanation. Tony, after calming him down, led him towards his office in order to give him the explanation he needs but they hadn’t taken three steps when Richard’s gaze fell on someone and he stopped immediately.
“Is that not Belina’s father?” he asked.
“Yes… No… I mean, you don’t understand” Tony was saying but Richard was beyond hearing as he matched towards Mr Badmus and would have blown the life out of him if Mr Jegas and Tony hadn’t held him back and the hospital workers around the scene were wide eyed but Richard did not give a d–n.
Tony dragged Richard to his office and after they both calmed down, he explained everything that Belina had encountered to him and Richard became bitter.
He thought about what Belina had passed through and his heart ached to kiss her hard
until all the hurt she felt had seeped out of her.
They both sat down silently for some minutes and was joined by Prisca who was very tired. Tony saw the strain in her eyes and begged her to sleep but she refused. Richard also supported Tony and with two formidable forces like they were, she had to succumb. She slept on the long couch in the office while tony
stayed there watching at her sleep like a baby.
Richard left the office for Belina’s room to check on her. He sat beside her and buried his hands in her rich black hair; the hair he had so wished to feel against his fingers for close to 2weeks now. He had tactfully warded off the people in the waiting room in order to be
alone with her and also for her to have enough time to herself before seeing those people heart breaking people. His eyes started closing after some minutes and he opened them
reluctantly but when it became evident that he needed a good sleep, he made for his office
where he slept with one eye closed.

Prisca opened her eyes after a very enjoyable sleep and she stretched lazily. Working as a
banker had made her wake up early, no matter the time she slept. It took her a while to remember where she was and why she was there and when she did, she jerked up to leave
the office but a text message which entered Belina’s phone distracted her.
She picked up the phone and since Belina does not hide anything from her, she scrolled through the phone. She left the messages unread for belina to do justice to them herself and saw 43 missed calls. The missed calls came from Tony, Richard, Wole and Brenda. She knew them all; Wole was one of Belina’s friends who had invited her to the concert she went for and Brenda was the girl that Belina
would be mentoring. She saw the amount of times that Richard and tony had called and smiled to herself. She remembered the day
that Tony had proposed to her and her smile grew wider, it was such a glorious day.
She stood up and went out of the office, moving towards Belina’s room but as she went, she saw her mother and father sitting separately so she decided to play her card as the peace maker.

Richard jumped up from the couch with a start and discovered it was already 6:30am. He hurried off to the bathroom in his office there to wash his face before going to check on Belina.
Immediately he stepped out of the bathroom, he heard a knock and was startled cos Tony does not knock before entering.
He asked whoever it was to come in and in came Tonia. He stood rock still but instead of
being afraid, he was prepared to bind her with the Holy Ghost fire if she would not leave him alone.
His talk with Tony had made him realize that he would be losing the love of his life if he did not get over Tonia.
“Tonia, please leave me alone. My life has been miserable enough with you enveloping my senses.
Please go back to the land of the dead“, he pleaded.
Tonia moved closer, “Richard, I
am not dead. I did not die then, please understand me. Feel my hands, my legs, everything so that you would know that I am
real”, she said.
Richard said a silent prayer in his heart and reached out to touch her and was very surprised that his hands held real flesh and not just air.

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