BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 33, 34 & 35

BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1


Richard pulled a chair close to me and sat on it, increasing my tension.
“You should go with them. I am fine here but your girl friend needs you”, I said trying to make him leave even though I wanted otherwise.
He brought his mouth close to my ears and whispered, “Are you jealous?”
My head moved immediately he talked with his breath seeping into me and I said
“Me… Jealous? Of course not. Why should I be? I only feel that it is not proper for-”
“Shhhh”, he said,“ you only need to relax”.
“I should be at work now”, I said trying to sit up, he helped me up after I refused to lay back. As he helped me to sit comfortably, I
became tenser cos he was alarmingly close and for a few split of seconds, we both froze as we gazed into each other’s eyes.
His blue eyes were so captivating that I threw caution into the wind and satisfied the hunger of my eyes. Before I knew what was
happening, we were inches away from each other and my eyes were not on his eyes but on
his lips which was one thing that was a constant distraction whenever he was close. The alarm went off in my head and even though I terribly wanted to explore, I shifted slightly and he got the message.
“I am sorry”, he said
I was furious about what had almost happened and opened my mouth without thinking. “What exactly do you want from me? I now know that you are the owner of this hospital. Is this how you go about seducing your workers cos you are handsome?” I asked
He was stung and I knew it instantly but words once spoken can’t be gathered back. He was
on his feet instantly.
“I am sorry” I said immediately
“No, you are right; I don’t have any right whatsoever to try to kiss you but I don’t go around kissing people if that is what you think I do. I just can’t control myself with you and it is best for you to start knowing the type of
effects you have on men, though I am not just physically attracted to you because I have not been able to get you out of my head ever since I saw you in the concert but it is obvious that you don’t like me. Take care of you” he said and marched out before I could say anything.
I sat down there too stunned to speak. I wanted to cry but water just did not come out of my eyes.
I wished I had not opened my big mouth and I didn’t even think about the hurt in his face cos it was just too much for me to bear. Prisca entered immediately and we talked the way we
usually did intentionally leaving our parents and yesterday’s issue out of it. After some minutes, she asked,
“What did you do to Richard?”
I sighed deeply and narrated the whole episode to her.
“Oh my God Lina, why did you say that now? The poor guy loves you to perdition and you made him feel like trash” Pric said.
Prisca’s words made my misery worse and I sighed again
“I know but the words were out of my mouth before I knew it. I was angry at myself for falling in love with him and I took it out on him”. I said without thinking again.
She gasped, “I knew it; you are in love. Wow… just perfect”, she said grinning widely. I eyed her annoyingly but kept quiet, so she later said,
“you have to apologize to him but give him some time.

I looked around gazing at my best friend who had now become my sister, my new mum
or step mother, my new father and old father or rather, step father. Prisca had spent nothing less than one hour trying to make me forgive her dad. I was about to leave the hospital and I had refused to forgive him but Prisca has a way of making hard and bad situations simple.
I thought about everything and all he did for me when I was nothing but a stranger and had to let my anger dissolve. She had one way or the other united her mum with her dad and everyone with my old dad and I was internally happy; Prisca is an angel when she sets to be one and she can also be the exact opposite when you step on her toes.
Mr Jegas came towards me and bent down beside me. “I am sorry for what I did to your mum and you. I did what I did out of ignorance and fear that I was about to scatter my home with my own hands. I am sorry, pls find a place in your heart to forgive me and your 2nd dad there, please”.
No matter how stubborn a person is, it is always difficult to discard the pleadings of an elder. My anger dissolved and I rose up, wiping the tears that had come to my cheeks as I
hugged everyone.
Tony asked me to stay away for 2days but I was partially at home. I wanted to see Richard to apologize for my actions but my
new parents won’t let me out of their sight. They took care of me as one would a baby.
The real murderer of Olatunji James was
taken to court was sentenced to death by
Dad, who was intent on making up for his mistakes, got a big contract for my dad which transformed his life tremendously and I was very happy about it I got to work after 2days at home being a Friday, everyone welcomed me.
I sat on my seat in the office feeling very lonely and not quite long, my intercom chimed and Joke told me that someone was there to see me and the person prefers to remain anonymous. My hopes were raised as I expected to see my blue eyed love but my
expectations were dampened when I saw the visitor.

To be continued…