BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 33, 34 & 35

BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1


What… where…” he was saying confused when Tonia threw her arms around him and enveloped him in a hug he knew too well.
Just then, the door opened and Tony entered. He stood poised at the door when he saw the
person standing with Richard and looked like he was about to pee in his trousers.
“Ghost” he yelled
Tonia smiled,
“No, I am not a ghost Tony”, she said.
After a few minutes of trying to convince Tony, he finally entered and shut the door. They all sat down as Tonia opened a chapter of talk about how she had opened her eyes to a new
hospital in another country. Her father, who had never supported her relationship with Richard was the one who flew her abroad, orchestrating the story that she was dead.
Richard sighed in total relief and said,
“I have not had a day of sleep without nightmares ever since you departed. I never got over the fact that I had called you
over to my place when you got involved in that accident”
“I told you then that it was not your fault. Now, I am back; my dad saw that he could not hold
me any longer cos my heart is here with you so he let me go” she said.
The only problem was that Richard no longer had feelings for her; his entire heart was with the beauty on the sick bed.
Richard found it hard to say anything as he watched Tonia talk endlessly. Richard
remembered his promise to her and his lifestyle of always keeping his promises but did not give a d–n anymore so he decided to take the bull by the horn.
“Tonia, please listen to me. Sitting here beside you after years of thinking that you are dead is still so strange to me. I cherish you so much cos you know that I loved you so much but I can’t deceive you or myself anymore. I am in love with someone else.
I know you would think that I am not a man of my words but when you think about our time
together, you would see that I always keep my promises. I have kept your promises thus far but now, I have come across a lady that refused to leave my head and she does not even know it.
I am sorry”, Richard said. He had recited everything not looking directly into her eyes but when he finished, he saw her smiling
slightly. He saw the pain behind the smile but the smile was still a surprise, he had expected something far worse.
“You are smiling?” he asked puzzled and uncomfortable.
“Yes I am Richard I half expected it when I was coming back but I still had to try it first. You are the best person that anyone can ever have Richard but I understand. Is this woman of yours a certain young Psychologist?” she asked taking Richard and Tony by surprise.
“How did you know that?”
She smiled slightly, “I heard you talking to Tony last night. After you locked me out, I could not just leave like that so I decided to pass the night at your door step but when I heard someone coming, I hid myself and Tony went in. I went back to your door and was intent on hearing what you were saying cos I was worried that you were a little over the edge, maybe my visit was more bad than I had imagined but instead, I heard a
whole chapter of confession of love from your mouth, only that it was not love for me”
Richard was speechless and could not say anything so Tonia continued,
“I know that I still love you but it is so obvious that you don’t love me anymore and it is
alright, fine, erm coughs can I see the girl you love?” she asked.
Richard was elated and since he had been looking for a way to escape to Belina’s room, they all stood up and went there together.

I woke up and the first thing I perceived was the strong smell of medicine washing over my face. I knew that I was in a hospital. Why? I thought and just then, a doctor walked in and I
recognized him instantly as Doctor Deolu. He smiled when he found me awake.
“How are you feeling miss?” he asked.
I opened my stiff mouth to talk but was immediately interrupted by the door and when I looked in that direction, I saw Richard, Tony and a lady. Who is this lady?
I wondered and when I saw her hold Richard’s hand tenderly as they moved closer, jealousy sprang up in me and I scolded myself immediately. Richard got to me and a happy smile replaced his earlier on worrisome gaze. I
looked around for Doctor Deolu but he was nowhere to be found.
“What am I dong here?” I asked.
“You just had a minor fall; you hit your head and was brought here. You just need to rest dear”
The word ‘dear’ stuck in my head and I didn’t know why. I need to get a hold of myself, I thought. Everything that happened to me
some hours ago came back to me like a mighty river and I became edgy. Richard must have seen it cos he placed his hands on my shoulders soothingly. I tried to sit up but I was pushed back by Richard gently. I noticed the jealousy in the eyes of the lady with the side of my eyes and smiled internally.
Richard apologized for his manner after some minutes and said, “Tonia, meet Belina the
psychologist and Belina meet Tonia, my friend”
I noticed the little wince from Tonia before she said ‘hi’ and I knew that there was more to this
than the eye meets. Richard looked at Tony in conspiracy which did not escape my notice and within seconds, I was alone with this disturbing guy.

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