(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

?? Episode Eleven??
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“Camila”he called again when I tried to walk away he stop me and pull my wrist then drag me into the school.

Everyone is staring at me and I felt like punching Andrew wrist already but I can’t do it.
Did he know am his ex-girlfriend?.

He finally let go of me at the hallway and it obvious he wants everyone to see what he is about to do to me.

Or probably tell everyone I’m Camila Gomez they all know but instead I felt a cold water run through my hair and down to my neck.

Andrew emptied his water bottle on me!!.
“What the h.ell”I yelled.
“Don’t pretend like you didn’t know you sl@pped me last night”he yelled and some students flinched.

“I was drunk and I wanted to apologise”I fired back.
“You still have the gut to say something”he hit me and I fell on my b.utt.

Wait! pause! rewind….. Something like this have happened before right?.

I stood up and dust my b.utt. “Am sorry”I was now fighting the tears from coming. I did everything for you Andrew!, why do you hate me so much and why are you revenging when I only did that to take my anger and tears away.

I should have listened to father. “This isn’t the end”he pointed finger at me.

“I already said am sorry”but he motion to slap me again and I close my eyes and use my hand to dodge a little but instead of a sound of a sl@p I heard someone groaned.

I opened my eye and saw someone have never met.
“Omg!!! he is hot”the student muttered to each other.
“Mason Conway!!!”

I definitely know him but he doesn’t know me because I’m in disguise.

We already work as an ambulance together for T-Trip Organization and he turn out to even be my male model that day and we got along so well.

How can I forget him so easily when I was drooling all day over him.
What is he doing in a school like this?.

“Arrrrrrrrrgh”Andrew groaned and I watch him squeeze Andrew hand tightly.
“You don’t treat a girl like this especially the special ones”he let go of Andrew who ran off the hallway immediately.

Did he just call special or I mis-heard him.
“Shall we”he held out his hand for me with a smile on his face. Am lost!!!.

I just kept staring at his hand still trying to get what is really happening before he swept me off my feet and the student gasped.

I didn’t do anything stupid, I just watch him carry me to the car park probably his car.

it was the same model with Zeke just that Mason love red.

He put me down beside his car and stare at me for a while before he sigh in frustration and sit on the car.
“Like seriously Camila, you let that shit bully you”he scold me like I’m a kid.

“Wha…..t do y….ou me…”I stuttered.
“Hey don’t even start with that, are you stupid”he fired at me.

“Why would you turn down Havard just be here and even let a low-life guy bully you in the front everyone. Where is the Camila I know”he sputtered and my eye widened.

“How do you know all this”I asked curiously.
“Is it something I shouldn’t know? when you stop picking your Dad call”he shrug and I groaned in frustration.

“Dad sent you here?”I asked and he nod.
“Like seriously, I told him I would be fine on my own”I frown at him.
“Just like what I saw there”he replied and I raise my brow suggestively.

“You came here for Andrew”his eye widened a bit.
“Yeah but after what you saw there I regret everything”the tears had been holding back roll down my cheek and Mason pulled me into a hug immediately and pat my back.

“It okay, I’m here now”he said and I cried like a baby in his arm.
Instead of Mason cologne why do I smell Zeke around? Is he here?.

I pulled out of Mason arm and look around but I didn’t see him.
“My shirt are ruined and your dress are ruined what do you think about skipping school”he gave me a mischievous smile and I pouted.

“Let go”he smile and kss my pouted lips before going to driver sit and I just stood there like someone who just got a shocking news.

“Are you coming”he screamed and I came back to my send and enter his car.
Where he comes from do friends kss?.

The smell of Zeke is really strong on my nose and I kept looking around but still can’t find him.
I Shrugged maybe it one of my imagination.
“Where are we going”I asks but he lean close to me and I gasped.

What wrong with this guy? Did dad send him here to come all romantic with me.
He stared at me for a while before reaching for the seat belt and fasten it for me.
“Thank you”I muttered and he sit back before igniting the car and drive off to somewhere I don’t even know.

“Where are we going”I asked for the second time.
“My house”he replied and I gasped before wrapping my hand around my body and he laugh.

“Nothing like that is never happening but someone might recognize you if we go to a boutique or somewhere your makeup already smashed”he replied and I used his front mirror and almost yelled.

The water Andrew pour on me already wash a side of my face thank God my shoulder fake length hair is covering it.

“Thank you”he took a turn before he finally drove into his apartment I guess.
“Are you the only one staying here?”I asked staring around admiring the interior design of his living room.

“Yeah, a gift from your Dad”he replied and slam into the couch and I sit too.
“J.erk”I threw him a small pillow on the couch.
“What”he yelled.
“You aren’t offering me anything”I replied.

“The way to the kitchen is there”he pointed at a direction and I scoff before standing up from the couch and went to get myself a water.

“Where can I change”I asked as I walk back to the living room with Bottle water in my hand.
“You can change right at my front you know”he smirked and I frown my face.

“Are you crazy”I yelled.
“For You”he smiled and I pout my lips.

“Stop making that cute face or I would kiss you again”he smile.
“Am calling Dad immediately to send you back from wherever you came from”I yelled at him.
“Don’t pretend like you don’t like me here”he smirked and that it.

I pick up the couch pillow and threw it at him but he dodge it so I kept throwing it and everything was in futile because non of it hit him.

“You can change upstairs, I brought some of your clothes with him in case you decide to move here when those arrogant guys provoke you”he walk pass me and left me panting heavily after using all my strength to throw an ordinary pillow.

D@mn it!!! Dad just made it worst ?. Why would he send Mason here to complicate things?.
Zeke!! I must be in school back before school closes or I’m dead.

I ran upstairs immediately to get my messed close off.

?? Authoress Ricky ??

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