HIDING STAR: Episode 21-30

Hiding ?
?(she’s a crazy cook)?

?Waleeyat olajide?

?Episode 21?

Christabel, washing car is not part of your duty, i protested.

I don’t care, i just want you to wash it she said and i scoffed what are you doing for me after this, are you giving me the number? I asked.

Of course but it’s only one digit she said laughing.

You don’t mean it i said of course she retorted.

Get to work now before i change my mind, she added.

I carried the bucket and add soap, i took the sponge and started washing and whistling, I’ve done all this before before meeting Gaby and signed me to the industry.

I’m a rich here before and my sister not until we had a fatal accident with my parents they break loose and they were also stabbed by the man I’m looking for, he even has the gut to carry her away.

Mr Charles who has been my father best friend take over the company and promised to hand it over to us when we are of age.

The day he’s to hand it to me, i met gaby, ever since I’ve been busy that I can’t even meet him once in a year he’s been taking good care of the company.

But it’s still mine whenever I want it what I’m buried in now is finding my little sis, we have a lot of memories together, I missed her.

Suddenly I felt a water splashed on my face, I wipe it off and saw christabel smirking with water hose in her hand.

What the h*ll are you thinking?? She yelled and continue splashing it and I took the second one immediately.

I splashed it alsoOn her, you little….. She yelled.

We started laughing as the water touched us.

Brandy, I heard Tony’s voice, I dropped the hose and glance at him, there he stood with gaby who is glaring at me crazily.

He turned angrily and headed inside.

Tony covered his mouth from laughing out loud.

After he cannot be sighted again, Tony came closer seems someone’s boyfriend is jealous he mocked christabel, he’s not my boyfriend she replied bluntly.

What a good reunion, Tony said again.

Thanks, I replied casually.

Bring your newly found friend to the studio we have a meeting he said.

Okay, I said surprised.

And don’t forget to go and tell your lover it’s nothing, Tony said and ran off.

20 minutes later

What?!!! I yelled and sprang up, wanna sign me in I said.

Yes!! You join the GTB band, the first music band in Los Angeles Tony replied happily.

Oh my! I’m so happy I replied.

What the h*ll are you talking about here?? Brandy cut in.

Is she a singer? he added.

Actually she’s the secret superstar Tony answered him.

You don’t mean it, he said with and hint of happiness in his voice.

Wow! So I’ve been splashing water on my crush since morning he said again.

Don’t you dare gaby said for the first time, what! Lover boy tony yelled and they all bursted into laughter.

You are making your first release in two weeks time with gaby, they dropped the bombshell.

With gaby as in gaby.

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